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    Web-to-Print ERP for Your Printing Needs

    The W2P industry has its factors and incorporating them in online sales operations asks for a well-structured Web-to-Print automation solution. Now deliver all your orders on time with our complete B2B W2P automation solution.

    Brush Your Ideas Web-to-Print ERP Solution is an ideal way to optimize daily print operations. Right from collecting Print Ready files to shipping final orders, our Odoo based ERP software ensures that every stage of your workflow remains glitch free! Integrate our print automation solution to establish a perfect flow between your customers’ art, print and stock departments.

    Our Web-to-Print Automation services are an asset for fast-paced print businesses. It strikes a balance between accelerating customer demands and extensive print processes. Just define the work order stages in our Odoo backend and you’ll receive real-time data of orders, stock consumption and manufacturing process.

    Customized Web-to-Print ERP Solutions

    If you need an ERP exclusive to your B2B or B2C business needs; we can do it for you. After gathering your requirements, we’ll build a robust Web-to-Print ERP Solution just for you.


    Web-to-Print ERP Features

    Brush Your Ideas Web-to-Print ERP has everything that you would need to maintain a glitch-free print production cycle. Compatible with every system and integrable with all the platforms, it is sure to fulfill all your print requirements.

    Fully -Integrated Modules

    Inventory Manager

    One-Click Inventory Management

    Easily locate the right vendor, generate a purchase order, and email it directly from the tool. A centralized location for efficient inventory management.

    Inventory Management for Stockable Products

    Maintain “In-stock” products from the ERP tool. Admin can define the minimum stock threshold of the products to manage their stock availability status.

    Inventory Management

    Inventory Management for Ready to Sell Products

    For these products, you notify the supplier after getting orders. And after you receive the orders from them, you can deliver the products to your end customers easily.

    Manage Store Stocks Efficiently

    From purchase order or warehouse transaction to the sales order, track every stock added, sold, and transferred in your system for efficient stock management.

    Print Job Manager

    Custom Stages

    Define custom work stages as per your requirements for every product. Based on these stages, make print workflows to line up the products for printing.

    Job Management

    From scheduling printing jobs, to managing their statuses throughout, optimize the print cycle to prepare products on time.

    Print Files Management

    Create Tickets

    Be in touch with your customers throughout and avoid redundant emails. Ensure your flow is on track by updating the latest status..

    Streamlined Workflow

    Manage your print cycle efficiently with a comprehensive view of all the current production jobs. Track your cycles, to deliver on time.

    What else you can include

    Order Management

    Get a complete customized Odoo ERP system, that can be connected to any eCommerce platform. Make sure your orders are on track for a seamless delivery experience.

    • Connect with any System
    • Price Quotation
    • Customize Order Status
    • Print-Ready File Delivery
    Print Files Management

    Get all your print-ready files with supported formats. Soft proof your products, before sending for final print for a streamlined print workflow.

    • Print Ready Files Generation
    • Print Ready File Download
    • Soft Proofing
    • Print Material Details
    Print Order Management

    Make sure your printing job orders are on tracking, ensure a smooth workflow between departments, and get a managed workflow.

    • Customer Management
    • Manufacturing Order Management
    • Work Process Routing
    • Custom Job Status for Submitted Print Jobs
    Shipping & Fulfillment

    Connect your existing or create new shipping accounts with your shipping service provide, and if required customize the flow as per your requirements.

    • Multiple Shipping Connections
    • Create Shipping Rules

    How Does Brush Your Ideas ERP Work?

    Generate Sales Orders

    Generate Sales orders for your store manually or automatically from your ecommerce store.

    Generate Print Ready Files

    To Print your customers’ orders, get Print Ready output files directly with our Web-to-print tool.

    Print Job Files

    Get print job files based on your sales orders and manage BOM for orders.

    Manage Work Orders

    Based on Print Jobs, generate work orders and get your printing done with ease.

    Generate Shipments

    Once the order process is completed, ship orders to customers with the use of various shipping methods.

    Solution for All Service Providers

    The usage of our Web-to-Print Storefront isn’t limited to Ecommerce Store Owners. Its scope is widespread for businesses with B2B and B2C customer base and suitable for the entire Web-to-Print Industry.

    B2B and B2C Ecommerce Store Owners

    83% of print orders in the US were placed online. Brush Your Ideas is a holy grail for Ecommerce Store Owners who offer product customization facilities.

    B2B Print Agents

    The middleman between customers and print manufacturers. Oh yes! Print Brokers can use Brush Your Ideas to deliver customized print solutions to clients.

    Sign & Label Printers

    If you offer Sign & Label Printing Services, use Brush Your Ideas to advertise the products or services of your clients creatively and effectively.

    B2B Print Service Providers

    Print Service Providers, also known as print vendors, can use Brush Your Ideas tool to change their local print shop into a fully-fledged print marketing agency.

    B2B Trade Printers

    Trade Printers who liaise with marketing firms, ad agencies, and print brokers can offer seamless wholesale printing services through Brush Your Ideas.

    Marketing Firms

    Marketing professionals can use Brush Your Ideas to create and modify marketing collateral including brochures, promotional pictures, datasheets, etc.