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Web-to-Print ERP for Your Printing Needs

Brush Your Ideas Web-to-Print ERP Solution is an ideal way to optimize daily print operations. Right from executing Print Ready files to shipping final orders, our Odoo based software ensures that every stage of your workflow remains glitch free! Integrate our print automation solution to establish a perfect flow between your art, print and stock departments.

Our Web-to-Print Automation services are an asset for fast-paced print industries. It helps to strike a balance between accelerating customer demands and extensive print processes. Just define the work order stages in our Odoo backend and you’ll receive real-time data for orders, stock consumption and manufacturing process.

W2P industry has its variables and incorporating them in online sales operations asks for a well-structured Web-to-Print automation solution. If you want achieve accurate deliveries, you’ve come to the right place!

Customized Web-to-Print ERP Solutions

If you need an ERP exclusive to your business needs; we can do it for you. Just tell us your requirements and we’ll build a robust Web-to-Print ERP Solution for you.

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Web-to-Print ERP Features

Brush Your Ideas Web-to-Print ERP has everything that you would need to maintain a glitch free print production cycle. Compatible with every kind of system and integrable with all the platforms, it is sure to fulfill all your print requirements.


One Click Inventory Management

The Inventory Management feature keeps all of your inventory and vendor information in a single, centralized location. So employees can easily locate the right vendor, generate a purchase order, and email it to the vendor from within the tool. This eliminates manual efforts, ensuring that you’re efficient, your deadlines are met and customers are satisfied.


Inventory Management for Stockable Products

Admin can maintain stock level for stockable products and keep a track of stocks. Once the Sales Order is generated, the inventory will be reduced to the defined level. As the threshold level is reached, the product is shown as “out of stock” and it won’t be possible to place orders any further.


Inventory Management for Ready to Sell Products

Once the sales order is generated for ready to sell products, a Purchase Order for that product is placed. For these kind of products, no physical stock is maintained at seller’s end. Once the order is placed, the seller gets in touch with the supplier and delivers the product once it is received from the supplier.


Manage Store Stocks Efficiently

Enhance your warehouse inventory management with our most efficient stocking method. Track every stock transferred in your system. Be it via purchase order or warehouse transaction to sales order. You can also trace bulk and individual orders from anywhere in your supply chain. Use hierarchical locations to structure your multi warehouse system based on zones, rows, shelves, etc.

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Connect with any System

With our Web-to-Print ERP, you can sync and get orders from front-end ecommerce systems like Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop etc. We create specific connectors with each system. And they help you to synchronize ecommerce systems with the Odoo ERP. You can also sync your products, categories and order statuses from frontend system to Odoo System.


Price Quotation

The Order Management feature of our web-to-print ERP solution helps you to keep a track of your online and offline orders. Website orders are synced automatically with the Odoo ERP system. And for direct orders, you can generate sales orders in your ERP System. These Sales Orders provide a detailed list of ‘Bill of Materials’ so that you can give exact quotation to the customers.


Customize Order Status

Using our Web-to-Print Automation solution, you can track your orders statuses easily as each order is assigned to an order stage. A predefined list of order stages include - new, processing, payment review, complete etc. These represent the order processing workflow which can be sent to the customers keeping them informed about their order statuses.


Print-Ready File Delivery

The print-ready PDF files can be compressed without any loss of quality. They can also be downloaded from Admin Tools as a ZIP file or direct via a FTP account whenever you want. Each of your orders are stored in the folder by their order numbers and files are listed by order item number or order date.

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Print Ready Files Generation

Our Web-to-Print ERP solution provides print ready files which can be directly used for printing. The tool provides high resolution prints in the PDF, SVG & JPG formats. These files are compatible with all kind of printers and the designs can be easily printed on different products with printable surfaces.


Print Ready File Download

The print-ready PDF files are compressed without loss of quality and downloaded from Admin Tools as a ZIP file or direct via a FTP account. Thereafter, each order can be stored in the folder by giving it an order number. These files are then listed by order item number.



Pre-flighting is one of the most important aspects for generating final output on products. With preflight, admin can self-check the uploaded user designs and make corrections to it if required. One can also send back the output files to customers for further scrutiny. Admin can manage the status of the processes and send order status update to the customers.


Print Material Details

With Brush Your Ideas Web-to-Print automation tool, get the details of materials that should be used for the order. These details are then saved in BOM (Bill of Material). The BOM includes details about all the materials along with their quantities which can be used in order processing - from raw product to shipping box.

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Customer Management

The customer account dashboard provides details about all the information related to the customers. This includes orders, customer projects, customer albums, images, customer roles etc. It also provides admin with an access to this information and enables them to make changes to any user account; all in one place.


Manufacturing Order Management

You can effortlessly generate sales orders with Web-to-Print ERP tool. This helps in creating Manufacturing Order for a particular Sales Order. The Manufacturing Order has details about the workstation associated with every work process. Every work process will have its individual work cut out along with the product material for that process.


Work Process Routing

Once the manufacturing orders are generated, admin has the list of processes along with their work stations. This list will be counted as a work order. With the work orders, the Web-to-Print ERP system is able to manage routes for all the work processes. Once the route is defined, the execution of those work orders takes place.


Custom Job Status for Submitted Print Jobs

Web-to-Print job order statuses have a standard built-in order status list which can be used with the submitted print jobs. With the tool, your customers can obtain order statuses that are specialized to your business, your workflow or to your product.

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Multiple Shipping Connections

With Odoo Shipping module for Web-to-Print tool, get support for various shipping tools like DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx and many more. Also get support for your existing shipping account for these service providers.


Create Shipping Rules

Define rules to calculate the costs of delivery based on weight and other criteria. As an Admin, you can create various shipping rules based on your products and delivery types you support. Based on these rules, the shipping price for the shipments is counted.

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How Does Brush Your Ideas ERP Work?


Generate Sales Orders

Generate Sales orders for your store manually or automatically from your ecommerce store.


Generate Print Ready Files

To Print your customer orders, get Print Ready output files directly with Web-to-print tool.


Print Job Files

Get print job files based on your sales orders and manage BOM for orders.


Manage Work Orders

Based on Print Jobs, generate work orders and get your printing done with ease.


Generate Shipments

Once order process is completed, ship order to customers with use of various shipping methods.

What Can be Customized?

Right from T-shirts and Mugs to the most unconventional objects, Brush Your Ideas Web-to-Print software can be used to craft designs on an diverse products having printable surfaces.

Compatible Platforms

Brush Your Ideas can be integrated with various types of premium ecommerce platforms. Choose the platform of your choice and find out more:


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André Cedermarker
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Andreas Wolframm
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Graham Dewhirst
Graham Dewhirst
Shop Online For Him
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