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Just Sign is a company based in Netherlands. It sells unique gift items that can be customized using Brush Your Ideas tool. These include ceramic glasses, dishes & pots, slippers, t-shirts, sweat shirts, baby products etc. Brush Your Ideas tool help the customers to design complete product by adding images, different text fonts, formats and designs. Just Sign has received great feedback from customers and they love how our tool turns them into artists.
The Edge Systems is a leading manufacturer of Id cards and Accessories based in UK. It is a 25 year old company which has collaborated with Brush Your Ideas to provide its client base with customization of id cards. Through our tool, the company authorities can design id cards by adding their logo, employee information and other details. The company is quite satisfied with the professional edge that Brush Your Ideas adds to its products.
Cherish is a company that provides designer phone cases for all the latest mobile phone devices. It encourages the creative streak of customers and invites them to craft unique artwork out of their favourite phone case. Since the company wanted plenty of design options, it integrated Brush Your Ideas tool to their website. The customers of Cherish can use the tool to upload images of their choice, add their favourite design and different text sizes.
Hi Viz Workwear is a United States based online store that specializes in providing customized workwear attires including vests, jackets, trousers, polo t-shirts, hoodies and more. The company also provides customized apparels for kids. Brush Your Ideas’ product designer tool helps customers to design workwear attires by adding templates, quotes and designs on both sides. After designing, customers can have a preview of it. Designs can be uploaded from the computer or browsed on the internet.
Say It With A Condom is a US based online store which was launched in the year 2012 at Florida, with the intent to promote safe sex. The company provides customized condoms for collegiate organizations, events, parties, safe sex awareness campaigns and more. Brush Your Ideas’ product designer tool is integrated with the website so that the customers can add funny quotes, text, designs and make a statement on condom wrappers, wallets, foils and match books.
Red Celebration is an ecommerce business that makes American cups, shot cups and beer pongs for parties. These cups are available in variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The company has incorporated Brush Your Ideas product designer tool for the party lovers to add name and numbers, designs, clip art and text to make the cups look creative. Not only that, party groups can also save and share designed cups amongst their groups on social media.
InstaPrint is an online design print studio based in Pakistan. It offers designing and customization facility for several products including phone cases, t-shirts, bags, mugs, musical instruments, name plates, caps and cards for different occasions. Brush Your Ideas tool enables their customers to add texts, quotes, templates, design and add different layers to products of their choice. If they change their mind about a particular product, they can use the same design on a different product.
Photo Pendant is an online store based in Paignton, England. Since the year 2006, it has been providing personalized photo jewellery gifts for its customer base. This includes pendants, pendant accessories, photo gifts etc. Using Brush Your Ideas tool, customers can upload a photo, add it to the pendant and position it on the pendant. They can add image in the front and write a personalized message at the back for their loved ones.
Stick On is an ecommerce store based in India. It provides customized skin covers and accessories for gadgets like mobile phones, tablets etc. Stick On incorporated Brush Your Ideas tool on their website for their customers to create the artwork they want and design skin covers to suit their personality. They can select from plenty of artworks, colours, templates and add effects like masking and designing. Stick On has become quite popular amongst its clientele after installing Brush Your Ideas.
Rafasshop is an online store selling apparel from brand Roly – a leading advertising textile sector in Spain. It provides 7000+ collections of t-shirts, vests, parkas, sports clothes, work clothes, polos, sweatshirts etc at huge discounts. They got Brush Your Ideas web-to-print software extensively customized from us and use it to help their customers to personalize apparels using different colours, add texts with effects like shadow and edge, insert cliparts and templates.

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