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    Print ERP Software Solutions for Your Needs

    Now deliver orders on time with our complete ERP software solution for the Printing Industry. Our Printing ERP Software provides price estimating, quotation, order confirmation to the automated generation of job cards for production, and the final delivery.

    Print ERP Software Solution from Brush Your Ideas is an ideal solution to optimize your daily print operations. Right from collecting Print Ready files to shipping final orders, our Odoo based ERP for Printing and Packaging industry ensures that every stage of your workflow remains glitch free! Integrate our Printing ERP Solution to establish a perfect flow between your customers’ art, print and stock departments.

    Our Print ERP Software Solution is an asset for fast-paced print businesses. It strikes a balance between accelerating customer demands and extensive print processes. Just define the work order stages in our Odoo backend and you’ll receive real-time data of orders, stock consumption and manufacturing process.

    Printing ERP Features

    Our ERP Software Solution has everything that you would require to maintain a glitch-free print production cycle. Compatible with every system and integrable with all the platforms, it fulfills all your print requirements.


    Print ERP Software Modules

    Inventory Management

    Inventory Manager

    Now no more running out of stock, no unwanted order cancellations with Brush Your Ideas’ Print ERP Software. Streamline print operations like multi-channel eCommerce, warehouse management and keep your inventory up-to-date, and cost minimized.

    • Warehouse Management
    • Multi-Channel Management
    • Barcode Management
    • Customer Management
    Print Job Manager

    Print Job Manager

    Say goodbye to manual job creations with BYI’s Print ERP Software and achieve 20X faster efficiency in your print workflow. Achieve increased deliveries, productions, profitability on short-run jobs, and decreased idle machine times, print waste, and human errors.

    • Custom Work Stages
    • Customizable Workflows
    • Create Order Tickets
    • Schedule Jobs
    Quotation Manager

    Quotation Manager

    Be more accessible to your customers with an automatic quote generation process. With our Print ERP Software, you can accept quote requests, process and mail them to your clients in real-time. With an easy to use send accurate print estimates to win more conversions!

    • Simplified Quote Generation
    • Customer Information Database
    • Custom Quote Templates
    • Standard Price Rules
    Order Manager

    Order Manager

    Now it is possible to centrally manage all order channels efficiently, offer your customers options to order online, or manage those orders from the back-end for reduced duplicate and manual tasks. Resolve order errors orders, easily reorder, and overall streamline your order process

    • Customer Management
    • Manufacturing Order Management
    • Work Process Routing
    • Custom Job Status for Submitted Print Jobs
    QR Code Scanning

    QR Code Scanning

    You can now track and be up to date with your print stages with QR code scanning. Define different print stages, Print job tickers with QR code and easily execute orders on time and efficiently.

    • Printable Job Tickets with QR
    • Sale Order Info with QR
    • Manufacturing Order info with QR
    • Job Stages Management using QR
    Progress Reports

    Progress Reports

    Stay on top of your print management cycle with five different types of progress reports in our Print ERP Software Solution. With micro details, it becomes easier for you to track your print progress, avoid redundant tasks, and deliver efficiently.

    • Stage wise Job Reports
    • Status wise Job Reports
    • User Worked Details Report
    • Deliverables Order Report
    Order Management

    Advanced Dashboard

    Get a quick glimpse of how things are going on in the backend with a quick dashboard view. With visual charts, and reports, you can also customize your dashboard as per your requirements!

    • Intuitive Counters
    • Graph Summary
    • Activity Notifications
    • Alerts/Reminder Notifications
    Theme Settings

    Theme Settings

    With theme settings, you can set the overall theme, color-combinations of your ERP software the way your want! Just like our Product Designer lets your customers customize the products 😉

    • Theme Management
    • Theme Customization

    How Does Brush Your Ideas ERP Work?

    Generate Sales Orders

    Generate Sales orders for your store manually or automatically from your ecommerce store.

    Generate Print Ready Files

    To Print your customers’ orders, get Print Ready output files directly with our Web-to-print tool.

    Print Job Files

    Get print job files based on your sales orders and manage BOM for orders.

    Manage Work Orders

    Based on Print Jobs, generate work orders and get your printing done with ease.

    Generate Shipments

    Once the order process is completed, ship orders to customers with the use of various shipping methods.