We selected Biztech (Brush Your Ideas) for this project because of the unique software that they offered for customers to create their own products using their own photos. We have then customized this with them to work specifically for our website. Working with Biztech has been a very smooth process and I have developed a great relationship with team members who are available way above and beyond the times expected and will do what they can to work within my hours on the other side of the World!

This was a worry originally but we have managed to make this work almost perfectly, I would 100% recommend them because of this factor alone. Communication is done well through email, skype messages and skype calls, screensharing and documents.

I am very impressed with this company from start to finish and I cannot praise the team enough. They are experienced developers who taught me many things with Magento 1x, 2x and on servers. They are always willing to share the information on how to do something ourselves so we don't always have to go back for help, that is the sort of support we like and will keep a business coming back. We plan to do many future projects with this company and hope we can work again with the same team.

Sam Topley, Product and Website Development Manager Trend Setters Ltd

The Brush Your Idea’s staff is very helpful and professional especially my point of contact. It was a bit difficult at the beginning as I am not good with computers but I was put through with the help of the wonderful staff.

Lookman, CEO E&J Prints

I am the owner and head of website development for Upparel, Inc. based in the USA. We hired Biztech (Brush Your Ideas) to develop a functioning eCommerce site and design tool for our business that allows users to design their own apparel from scratch. Biztech team and I worked very closely together through continuous skype calls and messages to provide my company with a detailed website. The team consisted of myself and several team members with a unique expert field.

Although the development/updates are still ongoing we are very pleased with the progress so far. The business side of Biztech (Brush Your Ideas) works closely with the development team to ensure quality turnaround times. We are very happy with their work and are getting ready to start bigger projects with them. I love the fact that Biztech works personally with each company. They are willing to sit down with the individual and select the preferences that he/she has.

Carson Hunt, UPPAREL

I really enjoyed working with team Brush Your Ideas. They were able to understand my requirements and to fully customize their product. They are working in a very serious and professional manner with great commitment. I particularly appreciated their effective communication and prompt answers to any messages (even late in the night or in the weekend). I think weekly updates about the project and well-defined schedule were part of the success of the project. I would definitely recommend working with Brush Your Ideas to every e-commerce entrepreneur.

Ulysse Armengaud, CEO School Phenomenon

From day one of working with the Brush Your Ideas (BiztechCS) team, they have been extremely helpful and professional. They worked with me from the start to ensure all my needs were met and they did a great job answering all my questions and concerns. Team Brush Your Ideas has been a constant support through the whole process of getting my website set up through to completion. I have worked with them on my training and follow up support. They have been so helpful and extremely patient. I had a lot of questions and it took me a while to get my head around the system but the team guided me via Skype and made the learning a lot easier and more enjoyable. I would highly recommend working with this team. They definitely go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

Rob van Westrop, Justsign

In the last few years we have worked with a lot of external developers to improve our magento store, and Biztech is the best company which we have worked with.

We chose Biztech to work on our last project, an online t-shirt designer in html5. They have developed an extension that had what we needed. But we also got a long and complex list of custom features incorporated in the t-shirt designer tool, with totally new skin and very complex calculations. Biztech has a special team with magento certified developers, so they have the required know-how, and can develop any feature or fix any bug/issue very fast.

What we also liked about Biztech is that their support team is very professional and friendly, with huge patience. One surprising thing for me was that one time when we had to contact the developer directly, we found that he was very friendly, and understood our requirements fast. This is something not commonly found in developers of other companies and and we normally have to put in extra efforts to get our point across to developers.

Biztech accomplished everything that was promised to us. We are very happy with them, and actually are in the process of starting bigger projects with them.

We can recommend Biztech 100%. KEEP IT UP

Sergio Alfaro, Rafasshop™

Met wat aanpassingen een goede productdesigner productdesigner onlangs aangeschaft en er vooralsnog erg tevreden over. Om hem helemaal naar ons zin te maken waren wel wat aanpassingen met bijbehorende kosten nodig maar alle lof voor deze ontwikkelaar. Ze denken fijn mee, reageren snel op mail en zijn duidelijk wat wel en niet kan. De klant kan nu kiezen uit afbeelding, tekst kleur enz.

Patrick, Mijnkadokraam

Thank you very much for everything. You were there when I really need you. I tried a lot of customizations but none as good as brushyourideas. Perfect Value for money. It is very strong tool that helps a lot of our orders to grow. I recommend BrushYourIdeas because they know what they do. Perfect customization as exactly I ask from them.

Very good and very quick response to everything that I asked from the support team. You were there not only on my purchase but when I needed you the most to make this tool custom to my site demands. Thank you again.

Arsenikos Stathis, Stampaland

I installed this extension and as I had some issues first with the connect install (that it does not work properly) and second with the site getting live after the timer expiration I contacted the developer and I should say that I'm completely pleased with support and product I recieved.

Oliver Helmstädter, Mittwaldserver

When we started our business 15 years ago we developed our own product designer, but when upgrading to Magento 2 we started looking for other tools already available. Our choice was Brush your Ideas and we have no regrets at all. The customer service is top-notch and every question or issue we have they respond very quickly and happily assist in solving it. We have made some extra development on the tool and they always do it at a reasonable price and time range. It is a very good product designer tool with a lot of features that suit our needs perfectly.

André Cedermarker, Owner Flexbox

Thanks again for the great service and we will be back for more! We have been working with Biztech since January 2019. During the time we purchased the Brush your Ideas extension and used the customization service several times. Biztech is always so helpful, patient and professional by answering our questions. Wonderful to have a service company that you know you can trust!

Andreas Wolframm, CEO PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH

We selected Biztech because they had the right solution at the right price for us and their dedication, service and support have been wonderful. We are an entry level ecommerce business and while at the scoping stage we were contacting many possible vendors but the outreach and encouragement from Biztech made them the overwhelming favorite from very early in the process. Our growth and development haven’t been straight forward and I'm sure we have tested Biztech's strengths of determination and understanding as we have needed to learn so much both technically and business-wise while going through implementation and training supported by Biztech. To any future businesses looking to develop their online business channels, presence and abilities I would absolutely recommend BizTech as they have the best all-round ability to see the project through to your very highest expectations.

Graham Dewhirst, Sales and Marketing Shop Online For Him