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The Powerful Duo of Configuration + 3D =
How Our Shoe Configurator Solves Your Problems

Your customer could have the most unique idea to style their shoe. But the uncertainty of how it will look in reality might dissuade them. Our 3D Shoe Configurator brings the best of both worlds. It lets you offer unlimited configuration options to shoppers. Further, enabling them to self-configure, and view in 3D.

  • 3D Visual Models with a Live Preview

    Since shoppers get a close-up view of all the details, they become more confident in their purchase. The 3D models give them an immersive experience, thus leading to enhanced satisfaction, and fun shopping experience.

  • 3D Shoe Configurator as a Safeguard

    Ever lost a potential sale to communication error, or complex custom requirement? The Shoe Configurator guards you from promising something that might not be feasible. On the contrary, your customers get thousands of options to choose from; which they can further self-configure.

  • Dynamic & Live Pricing

    Your buyers are always looking for the best price when buying. With Shoe Configurator Tool, offer full price transparency to them. Define pricing rules, and display costs that change based on different configurations and customizations made by a user.

Some Cool Features of Our Shoe Configurator

Ever looked at stores like Nike and thought of replicating the shoe buying experience on your store? Now make that possible with our Shoe Configurator Tool. Explore features that make shopping not just fun but also convince your customer to click the Buy button!

  • Infinite Configuration Options

    Our Sneaker Configurator lets you offer unlimited options, be it colors, texture, or patterns of a product. Imagine the opportunities you get with it!

  • 360 Degree Visualization

    Your customers will feel as if the shoe is right in front of them. The realistic 3D view helps enable confident purchases, and reduce returns.

  • Mobile First Shoe Configurator

    Provide end-users a clutter free experience irrespective of the device they use. Our mobile-first approach in building the configurator helps deliver seamless navigation.

  • Customize Any Part of the Shoe

    Base, heel, lases, outsole – users can apply customizations to different parts. Change colors, or style, add patterns, and let them create a custom shoe.

Some Cool Features of Our Shoe Configurator
  • Pricing Based on Configuration Options

    Set rule-based pricing based on quantity, color, cost, printing method, etc. using the Shoe Configurator. As a user configures, prices get automatically updated.

  • In-built Designer Options

    Why stop at modifying patterns or color! Involve users with co-creation. Let them design their shoes by adding text, clipart, uploading a picture, and more.

  • Light-weight Experience

    You need not worry about complex 3D models hampering the load time. Users can hop from one configuration to another smoothly.

  • Easy CSV File Import

    Save time by removing unnecessary communication between you and your clients. With Shoe Configurator Tool, get ready files to send directly for printing.

Shoe Configurator Software for Every Type & Style

Whatever kind of shoes you might be selling, offer an immersive shopping experience with our Sneaker Configurator.

Sports Shoes

Safety Shoes

Formal Shoes

Canvas Shoes


Let’s Talk One-on-one to Get Started with Shoe Configurator

Every business is unique with different requirements, and different problems to solve. Let’s help you fully understand our Shoe Configurator Software, and how you can best drive results as per your business logic.

On-demand Integrations: Connect Anything to Your Ecosystem

We understand the benefits of integrating different applications for improved productivity, and robust growth. Hence, with us you can seamlessly connect different systems to your website. Below are a few:

eCommerce Integration

Once you centralize different eCommerce operations, every goal becomes possible to achieve. With everything optimized, you not just save time but also improve customer satisfaction. Tools like CRM, accounting, marketing, and the likes – easily integrate them with your store.

Print ERP

Fully integrate Print ERP software with your online store. Boost productivity as well as profitability by automating different processes of after-order operations. Get in touch with us for a seamless integration of ERP with your store.

Third-party Integrations

Connect as many other applications as possible with our integration services. Operate more efficiently by integrations with inventory suppliers, shipping providers, design libraries, print providers, and so on. Ultimately, unlock more.

Already Have an eStore or Just Starting Out? Either Way We Can Help!

If you already have a store up and running then our 3D Configurator tool is the way to go. However, if you want to start an online business from scratch, Web to Print Solution is the perfect starting point!

Level Up Your Store with 3D Configuration Tool

Level Up Your Store with 3D Configuration Tool

Level up your print store with 3D product configuration. Get started by integrating our ready tool with your eCommerce platform. Further, you can customize the tool to match your brand identity, and business logic. Request a quote to check for pricing that best fits your needs.

Get Online with Web to Print Solution

Get Online with Web to Print Solution

Whether you want to make an online shift, or are considering venturing into the printing industry – get started with our Web to Print Solution. Store integrated with a Designer Tool, Print ERP, third-party tools integration, and more. Request a quote for the end-to-end solution today!

Hear Directly From Businesses Like Yours

Real businesses, real problems, and how Brush Your Ideas helped them. See what our clients have to say.

Shop Online For Him

Graham Dewhirst - Shop Online For Him

We selected Biztech because they had the right solution at the right price for us and their dedication, service and support have been wonderful. We are an entry level ecommerce business and while at the scoping stage we were contacting many possible vendors but the outreach and encouragement from...

PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH

Andreas Wolframm - PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH

Thanks again for the great service and we will be back for more! We have been working with Biztech since January 2019. During the time we purchased the Brush your Ideas extension and used the customization service several times. Biztech is always so helpful, patient and professional by answering our...


André Cedermarker - Flexbox

When we started our business 15 years ago we developed our own product designer, but when upgrading to Magento 2 we started looking for other tools already available. Our choice was Brush your Ideas and we have no regrets at all. The customer service is top-notch and every question or issue we have...


Oliver Helmstädter - Mittwaldserver

I installed this extension and as I had some issues first with the connect install (that it does not work properly) and second with the site getting live after the timer expiration I contacted the developer and I should say that I'm completely pleased with support and product I recieved.

Arsenikos Stathis

Arsenikos Stathis - Stampaland

Thank you very much for everything. You were there when I really need you. I tried a lot of customizations but none as good as brushyourideas. Perfect Value for money. It is very strong tool that helps a lot of our orders to grow. I recommend BrushYourIdeas because they know what they do. Perfect...


Patrick - Mijnkadokraam

Met wat aanpassingen een goede productdesigner productdesigner onlangs aangeschaft en er vooralsnog erg tevreden over. Om hem helemaal naar ons zin te maken waren wel wat aanpassingen met bijbehorende kosten nodig maar alle lof voor deze ontwikkelaar. Ze denken fijn mee, reageren snel op mail en...

Improved Customer Engagement, Increased Sales: Success Stories

Get an in-depth view of how our team helped businesses succeed with Web to Print. Read some of the major case studies.

Printed Memories
Helping Preserve a Lifetime of Memories with our Product Designer Tool

Printed Memories is a UK-based company that deals with digital photo book creation. The aim of the company is for people to visit the site and create mesmerizing digital photobooks, that will enhance their regular photo book experience.

Matthews Cremation Division
Matthews Cremation Division

Matthews Cremation Division is a part of the Matthews Family of Companies (MATW). Matthews Cremation Division is a popular and renowned company known for human and animal cremation and emission abatement systems. Matthews has brought about a revolution in the cremation industry. It provides customers with the highest quality and services in the cremation industry.

casestudy Matthews-Cremation-Division
TrophySmack’s Many Custom Requirements and Our Successful Design Tool Implementation

TrophySmack is a US-based company specializing in all types of fantasy sports trophies. It includes fantasy football trophies, baseball trophies, basketball trophies, belts, draft boards, and more. Our client aspired to have a distinguished company and attract more customers.

casestudy trophysmack
Scribes Digital Print Ltd
How Our Designer Tool Helped Print Industry Leader Scribes Digital

Scribes Digital started its journey in 1992. They have now become a leading provider of print solutions in the UK. They provide printing services on various products like mugs, calendars, t-shirts, and more. The company is even acclaimed for quick delivery and eco-friendly initiatives. Their services are most helpful to businesses of all sizes, from startups to corporates.

casestudy Scribes Digital print ltd
Masken Druckerei
Masken Druckerei Saw a Boost in Face Mask Sales Using BYI's Designer Tool

Masken Druckerei is a mask-printing company based in Germany. Its product offering includes masks for children, adults, washable masks, masks with motifs, and more. Using our product designer tool, they have now extended their capabilities to offering customized masks.

casestudy masken druckerei
Tabca Group
Aiding Tabca Group to Sell Personalized Wine Boxes

Tabca Group offers amazing wine boxes for both private and corporate events. In fact, what they have is not just another wine box. The company came up with a unique and eco-responsible concept of upcycled packaging that helps in extending the lifespan of packaging. Meaning, customers can re-use a wine box in different ways. To further provide value to customers, Tabca decided to let its customers customize their wine boxes.

casestudy tabca group