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Custom Product Design Tool For Effortless Customization

Custom Product Design Tool For Effortless Customization

Do you know what two major things users seek for in an online product designer? One is an easy and a clutter free way of using a product design tool, and second is a personalized shopping experience. Our Custom Product Design Tool brings both of these for your users.

The flawless and intuitive UI of the Online Product Designer gives your customers the ease to customize irrespective of the device they use. Features like ready-templates, artwork, helps them get started instead of having to design from scratch.

Yes, we understand your needs too! And hence, our Online Product Designer leaves no stone unturned to give you the control at your fingertips. Understanding your business feasibility, we provide you with a customizable UI. You can set custom pricing, restrict editing, manage printing, and a lot more with Online Product Design Tool.

When it comes to having an Online Product Designer that offers a perfect balance between dynamic features and ease of use, your search ends here.

Cater to Customers’ Unique Needs With Product Design Tool’s Suite of Features

Different customers, different needs and a comprehensive Product Designer Tool to cater to all. Somebody might want to upload a custom pic, someone would want to add their company tagline; they can do it with ease. Discover features that give shoppers the freedom to customize the way they want.

Easy Customization with Dynamic Text Features

  • Upload Different Font Styles with Custom Font Manager

    Let customers add more appeal to text by choosing fonts they like. Apart from the built-in library, you can even upload custom fonts with our Online Product Designer.

  • Add Quotes and Categorize Them Using Quote Manager

    Daily affirmation, popular dialogues, or taglines - get an entire section in the Product Design Software to add quotes. You can even bifurcate them into multiple categories for users’ ease-of-use.

  • Customizable Text and Messages For an Added Charm

    Whether it’s simple quotes or messages, enable users to customize them. Using Online Product Design Software, they can change text size, color, add effects, and more.

  • Name and Number Import Feature

    Customizing products in bulk was never this easy. With the name and number import feature, your customers can directly upload the bunch of name & number quickly.

Easy Customization with Dynamic Text Features

Cool Image Features for Both Admin and End Users

  • Add a Personal Touch with Custom Image Upload

    Text and clipart are not enough. Users want a more personalized experience. Using the Product Design Tool, your customers can upload images from their device to give a personal touch.

  • Image Editing Filters, Effects, and Such

    Once a user uploads a pic, they would want to edit it to make it more charming! Give them the ability to crop, resize, skew, etc., and even apply effects like Grayscale, Sepia, etc.

  • Protect Designs Using Design Watermarking

    Set and add watermarks in the form of images or text on the product files. When customers are finished with designing, it will be added to ready-to-download files.

  • Avoid Errors with Image Resolution Warnings

    Set image resolution warnings to notify your users about the maximum image size when uploading images using the Product Design Tool. That significantly reduces potential errors.

Cool Image Features for Both Admin and End Users

Clipart, Artwork, and Such to Create Dynamic Designs

  • Pre-loaded Library of 2,000+ Clipart

    Give customers access to a clipart library of 2,000+ SVG graphics. The Product Design Software also enables admins to add and manage clipart easily from the backend.

  • Clipart Customization with SVG Support

    Add your own Clipart and categorize them underneath multiple heads in our Custom Product Designer. Moreover, the SVG support enables your customers to modify the colors of the SVG image.

  • Offer Ready Artwork to Quicken Customization

    Create and import artwork or other design ideas using the designer tool. You can even assign these artwork to single or multiple products and thus create ready-to-sell products.

  • Background Manager to Edit or Remove Background

    If your customers want to add patterns, images, or colors to the background of any product they are designing, they can conveniently do so using this feature.

Clipart, Artwork, and Such to Create Dynamic Designs

Features to Manage Layers & Design Objects

  • Object Handlers to Resize or Re-position Elements

    Be it changing the position of a clipart, or reducing the size of text, object handlers make that possible. Our Online Product Customizer ensures all of this happens without any hassle.

  • Clear All Design Elements in One Go

    Will users have to delete each element individually? No! Customers can delete all design objects from a template in one click using the ‘Clear All’ button.

  • Hide, Lock, Delete Objects with Layer Management

    Your customers can manage the layers of the product they’re designing. It is possible to manage the position of the objects with regard to other elements.

  • Group & Edit Design Elements with Object Grouping & Positioning

    With the object grouping function of our Custom Product Designer Tool, your customers can group all the design elements of the design area. They can also modify positions of individual elements.

Features to Manage Layers & Design Objects

Some Outstanding Features of Product Design Tool

  • Industry-specialized Layouts to Deliver a Tailored Experience

    Every industry (apparel, cards, etc.) needs a different design layout. If your store deals with different industries then this feature can help manage layout. Plus assign product categories within an industry.

  • Decide Pricing Based on Customization with Dynamic Live Pricing System

    Pricing is a crucial factor affecting purchasing decisions. With dynamic live pricing, give your customers a clear idea as per the alterations they make when designing your products.

  • Form-Based Customization & Lock Feature

    With form-based customization, shoppers can modify product template data directly from the form that is available without going to the canvas. The lock feature enables them to lock an object when designing.

  • Canvas Resize for Customers to Set the Size of Products

    Once you integrate this ad-on, your customers can select desired height & width of canvas, along with the available default templates for that unit and design their products accordingly.

  • Give Warnings with Bleed Cut Safe Line Manager

    Especially for businesses in the paper industry, this feature is beneficial. You can have a bleed, cut, safety line on the canvas for shoppers to avoid trimmed off text or image.

  • Social Media Import & Sharing

    Let your customers import their favorite images directly from their social media platforms. Additionally, social sharing makes it easier for them to share with others the designs they have created.

Some Outstanding Features of Product Design Tool


Curious about the pricing?

Let our industry experts explain how it will work with your web-to-print business. Get in touch to know more about our offerings today!

Online Product Design Tool Works Seamlessly with Any Platform. What’s Your Website Built On?

No matter what your online store is built on, you can integrate our Online Product Designer Tool. Additionally, we also provide custom API services that will enable you to easily integrate our Online Product Design Tool with your eCommerce store.

  • Magento

  • WooCommerce

  • Shopify

  • BigCommerce

  • PHP

  • Prestashop

  • OpenCart

  • API

Looking for a comprehensive Online Product Customizer for your Magento store? Our tool works with any product with a printable surface including apparel, glass, cards, etc. Let shoppers use their imagination to design their favourite products. The intuitive tool ensures they can use it without hurdles. Want to integrate it with your store? Get all details about integrating the Online Product Design Tool.

WooCommerce lacks the functionality to customize products. But that shouldn’t stop you from catering customization on your store. Brush Your Ideas’ Product Design Tool is the right choice to successfully sell customizable products. Customize the tool as per your business logic, and fulfill all your needs. Level up your WooCommerce store with the power of customization. Get started with Online Product Customization Tool.

If you are looking for a Designer tool for your Shopify store, then you are at the right place. Deliver the best customization on your Shopify store with our Product Designer Tool. Offer an array of features to end-customers that help them add a personal touch to your offerings. Click the link below to know more about Product Design Software for Shopify.

BigCommerce store owners can now easily get started with enabling product customization. Our BigCommerce Product Design works seamlessly with a variety of customizable products including apparel, accessories, gifts, packaging, etc. End-customers can easily complete the customization with the help of features like design templates, text editor, QR codes, clipart, and a lot more. To learn how you can integrate the tool with BigCommerce’s admin panel, check out the link below.

Enable PHP product customization with feature-rich and easy to use Product Designer Tool. Our tool gives you the freedom to customize any kind of product. So, no matter what industry you cater to, our tool works seamlessly with all. See for yourself how the tool works, and how it can benefit your business. Get more details about how the Online Product Design Tool works with PHP here.

Enable Prestashop product customization easily with us. Offer customers a wide range of features like text, text effects, image upload, artwork, name and number, object management, and a lot more. They can customize various products like tees, hoodies, mugs, trophies, uniforms, etc. wondering how you can integrate the tool? Click the link below to know all the details about Custom Product Designer Tool.

Let customers customize any kind of product with our Product Designer Tool. Your shoppers can add text, upload custom images, use amazing artwork, share their designs on social media, and more. All you have to do is integrate the tool, apply and save configurations, and done! Click the link below to read all information about using the Product Designer Tool with OpenCart.

With our custom API, integration with Online Product Designer Tool becomes smooth and fast. The first step is to connect your CMS with our standard API. Then sync your store data into our tool. Then configure the tool, and then go live! Want to know more? Click the link below to know all details about how our API works.

Limitless Possibilities With Online Product Design Software

Tees, pants, gifts, cards—it doesn’t matter what products you sell. Deliver a seamless customization experience for any product with Online Product Customization Tool.

Improved Customer Engagement, Increased Sales: Success Stories

Get an in depth view of how our team helped businesses succeed with Web to Print. Read some of the major case studies.

Printed Memories
Helping Preserve a Lifetime of Memories with our Product Designer Tool

Printed Memories is a UK-based company that deals with digital photo book creation. The aim of the company is for people to visit the site and create mesmerizing digital photobooks, that will enhance their regular photo book experience.

Matthews Cremation Division
Matthews Cremation Division

Matthews Cremation Division is a part of the Matthews Family of Companies (MATW). Matthews Cremation Division is a popular and renowned company known for human and animal cremation and emission abatement systems. Matthews has brought about a revolution in the cremation industry. It provides customers with the highest quality and services in the cremation industry.

casestudy Matthews-Cremation-Division
TrophySmack’s Many Custom Requirements and Our Successful Design Tool Implementation

TrophySmack is a US-based company specializing in all types of fantasy sports trophies. It includes fantasy football trophies, baseball trophies, basketball trophies, belts, draft boards, and more. Our client aspired to have a distinguished company and attract more customers.

casestudy trophysmack
Scribes Digital Print Ltd
How Our Designer Tool Helped Print Industry Leader Scribes Digital

Scribes Digital started its journey in 1992. They have now become a leading provider of print solutions in the UK. They provide printing services on various products like mugs, calendars, t-shirts, and more. The company is even acclaimed for quick delivery and eco-friendly initiatives. Their services are most helpful to businesses of all sizes, from startups to corporates.

casestudy Scribes Digital print ltd
Masken Druckerei
Masken Druckerei Saw a Boost in Face Mask Sales Using BYI's Designer Tool

Masken Druckerei is a mask-printing company based in Germany. Its product offering includes masks for children, adults, washable masks, masks with motifs, and more. Using our product designer tool, they have now extended their capabilities to offering customized masks.

casestudy masken druckerei
Tabca Group
Aiding Tabca Group to Sell Personalized Wine Boxes

Tabca Group offers amazing wine boxes for both private and corporate events. In fact, what they have is not just another wine box. The company came up with a unique and eco-responsible concept of upcycled packaging that helps in extending the lifespan of packaging. Meaning, customers can re-use a wine box in different ways. To further provide value to customers, Tabca decided to let its customers customize their wine boxes.

casestudy tabca group

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Shop Online For Him

Graham Dewhirst - Shop Online For Him

We selected Biztech because they had the right solution at the right price for us and their dedication, service and support have been wonderful. We are an entry level ecommerce business and while at the scoping stage we were contacting many possible vendors but the outreach and encouragement from...

PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH

Andreas Wolframm - PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH

Thanks again for the great service and we will be back for more! We have been working with Biztech since January 2019. During the time we purchased the Brush your Ideas extension and used the customization service several times. Biztech is always so helpful, patient and professional by answering our...


André Cedermarker - Flexbox

When we started our business 15 years ago we developed our own product designer, but when upgrading to Magento 2 we started looking for other tools already available. Our choice was Brush your Ideas and we have no regrets at all. The customer service is top-notch and every question or issue we have...


Oliver Helmstädter - Mittwaldserver

I installed this extension and as I had some issues first with the connect install (that it does not work properly) and second with the site getting live after the timer expiration I contacted the developer and I should say that I'm completely pleased with support and product I recieved.

Arsenikos Stathis

Arsenikos Stathis - Stampaland

Thank you very much for everything. You were there when I really need you. I tried a lot of customizations but none as good as brushyourideas. Perfect Value for money. It is very strong tool that helps a lot of our orders to grow. I recommend BrushYourIdeas because they know what they do. Perfect...


Patrick - Mijnkadokraam

Met wat aanpassingen een goede productdesigner productdesigner onlangs aangeschaft en er vooralsnog erg tevreden over. Om hem helemaal naar ons zin te maken waren wel wat aanpassingen met bijbehorende kosten nodig maar alle lof voor deze ontwikkelaar. Ze denken fijn mee, reageren snel op mail en...

Frequently Asked Question

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General FAQs


Do you provide a live demo of Magento Product Designer Extension (on Skype)?

Yes, you can get a personalized live demonstration from our experts in your time zone and according to your convenience. Click here for a free guided demo. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can I use the single magento custom product builder for the personalization of any range of products I offer on my web store?

Yes, our magento web-to-print custom product builder works for any range of simple and configurable products showcased on your web store. You will need to enable the product designer tool for each product.

Will Magento Product Designer Extension support multilingual websites?

Yes, our magento product designer tool supports multiple-language websites.

Can I have a free trial of your magento product designer extension?

As per our company policy, we can’t provide our magento2 product design tool on a trial basis. But you can have a personalized demo from our product representative to get a better understanding of our product before investing in it. To get the demo, please send your demo request from here or just check out and go ahead with the buying process as we have a refund policy intact especially put together for these instances.

Product Design Tool FAQs


What details will be required for the installation?

You will require Admin, FTP and SSH details with Root Access of your Magento 2 instance. Also, composer must be installed for Magento 2 instances.

Do you provide Clipart?

Yes, we provide 2000+ cliparts with essential and to access 10,000+ customizable clipart, you can purchase our Addon for the same.

Is flash required to run this magento 2 extension?

No, it is not required. Web-to-print designer tool is HTML5 based.

With which Magento versions is this software compatible?

Product designer is compatible with all the latest Magento 2.3.* versions.

What would be the downloadable and saved design file type on the tool?

Customers will be able to download and save the designs in .jpg or .png file format.

Pricing FAQs


Do you offer Product Upgrades? If Yes, how do you manage charges?

Yes, we do offer product upgrades. The charges depends on the size of Upgrade.

Does your Product include support?

Yes, our product includes a free support for 3 months. It is recommended to get in touch with our team to know more.

Which payment options are available?

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit / Debit Cards and Bank transfer.