What is Mobile-to-Print App?

Our Mobile2Print Designer App is a native app with in-built designer tool to let your customers design and order products from their mobile devices. Provide the best shopping experience with a feature-packed, fast, and versatile app.

A Mobile-to-Print Designer App gives your customers the luxury to upload clip-art and images right from their devices onto the product. While you already have an eCommerce store, having an app with a touch of designer tool would increase your brand value and loyal customer base.

Why Use Mobile-to-Print App?

Branded Solution

A mobile app with your custom logo, layouts, color combinations, and whatnot to build your brand name in the market.

Easy to Design Flow

A user friendly flow to design products easily using compelling visuals, text features, editing functions, and more!

Live Synchronization

When you make any changes to your live website, it will directly reflect in your app. No extra efforts required.

Native App

We provide you a native app for Android as well as iOS with customer-centric features. Now, deliver a tailored experience to your customers.

Theme Selection

You get to choose your theme along with the brand color combinations to complement your e-store.

Voice & Barcode Search

Tedious product search process made easy with voice & barcode search. No more wasted time. A perfect app for next-gen brands.

How Does Mobile-to-Print Apps Work?

Product Selection

Your customer browses through your mobile store and selects the product they wish to design.

Product Customization

The customer applies customizations using images, clipart, effects, text to customize the product.

You Receive Orders

Once they place an order, you get print-ready output files with our designer tool for printing.

Print and Ship Orders

You get it printed from your vendors and send the final product out for shipping.

Ready to Get Started with Mobile-to-Print?

Frequently Asked Question

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  • Pricing

General FAQs


Which Payment Gateways do you provide?

Currently the solution is equipped with Magento's default gateways including Paypal, COD, Bankwire, Cheque/Money Order. However, you can add other payment gateway options as required. We will help you configure that with additional hours.

What is the basic purpose of the App?

The basic purpose of the App is to give your customers a mobile experience to customize products and place orders from anywhere and at anytime.

Can I purchase only Mobile App?

No. To have the working app, the Magento product designer tool is required. You can have a tour of our product designer tool here.

Is it a Native or Hybrid app?

It is a native app, tailor-made in order to achieve best performance for mobile2print solutions.

Will you assist me in releasing it on Play store and App store?

Yes, we do provide Play store and App store release support.

Product Design Tool


What details will be required for the installation?

For magento, we'll require Admin, FTP and SSH details.

Do you provide Clipart?

Yes, we provide 2000+ cliparts with essential package and to access 10,000+ customizable clipart, you can purchase our Addon for the same.

Is flash required to run this product?

No, it is not required. Web-to-print designer tool is HTML5 based.

With which Magento versions is this software compatible?

Product designer is compatible with all the latest Magento 2.3* versions.

What would be the downloadable and saved design file type?

Customers will be able to download and save the designs in .jpg or .png file format.

What would be the output file type?

The printable output file format will be in .pdf, .jpg, png and .svg. Moreover, it will be visible in the order information tab in your admin panel.

What are the supported image formats for image upload by customers?

Customer can upload custom images in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and .svg file formats.

Are there any restrictions on the resolution of the product image?

Yes, to get high-quality output, you will have to upload a high-resolution product base image.

How to set the configuration so the customers upload high-resolution images?

You can set the minimum image size from the admin panel under the configurations tab.

How to create design templates?

Go to “Make the Design” option in the product grid. You can access your all designed templates from Manage Design Templates menu, and Design Template Categories.

Could we set DPI for Output files?

Yes you could set the DPI for Output files from Admin Backend -> Configurations Panel.

Do we need to add a separate catalog for designer products or will it work with the existing catalog?

No, there is no need to create a separate catalog for designer products. You just need to enable our designer tool for the designer products in your existing catalog.

Which image library is used in this extension?

This tool uses GD libraries default for PHP.

How will grouping of all objects work into the canvas?

Based on the user inputs, all the selected objects will be considered as a single object and user will be able to edit and manage that grouped object using the tool.

How the object alignment will work?

For single object, alignment will work according to the design area canvas, but for group of selected objects, will align them according to objects

How Name & Number feature will work?

It will only work with Configurable products. You have to enable Name & Number from product level attrubute. Also you need to select Name & Number tab from Store->Configuration(If you have selected custom tabs from catalog product, you need to select Name & Number there too).

Will this App conflict with any of my existing Third-Party Extensions?

This may conflict with other Third-party software. But you can always contact our support team for these issues. Just drop an email to support@brushyourideas.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How should I set up the design area for variant (configurable) products?

To configure the variant product with the designer tool upload the images and define the Design Area for the Main Configurable Product after setting up the sides. Thereafter, upload the Images for variant products and select their sides, respectively.

What should I do if I am unable to see ‘Design button’ for Simple / Configurable products?

Please ensure that the product has been configured as per the steps mentioned in our User Manual. Otherwise we are always available to help. Drop us an email at support@brushyourideas.com

What is cache lifetime?

For angular, cache lifetime is of 15 minutes. For Magento, admin need to set cache lifetime from configurations.

How to create masking images?

Please refer to this video link for a clear idea on how to create masking images.

What kind of sample output files do we provide?

Kindly checkout this URL for the niche idea for sample output files.

Pricing FAQs


Do you offer Product Upgrades? If Yes, how do you manage charges?

Yes, we do offer product upgrades. The charges depends on the size of Upgrade.

Does your Product include support?

Yes, our product includes a free support for 3 months. It is recommended to get in touch with our team to know more.

Which payment options are available?

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit / Debit Cards and Bank transfer.