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Bulk Order Quotation Management Simplified

Must have automated quotation management system for web-to-print stores dealing in bulk orders from corporate clients.

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Quotation Manager?

Wondering how to sell online without publicizing prices? Want to save time from maintaining sheets and email chains for customers and prices? Looking for a solution to convert customers easily?
The answer to all these questions is “Quotation Manager”. A simple easy to install extension for your Magento store which allows your customers to ask for a quote, provide a proposed quote and place order with agreed quote; all within your Magento store.

How It

Works ?

Here is a flow diagram of how the quotation manager makes it easy for managing bulk order quotations online.

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Quotation Manager


Quotation Manager is fully equipped with robust features to handle all back and forth communication that is typical in quotation finalization.

  • Hassle-Free Quote Submission

    Provide customers with simple interface to submit quote for products on your store. They can enter comments for each product or the entire quote and suggest their price.

  • Immediate Notifications by Email

    You and your customers receive emails for every action undertaken in the quotation process. Hence, not a single step or comment will be missed by the either party.

  • Complete Quotation Management

    You can manage all your quotes received, communication with client, acceptance and rejection of quotes received from your store’s admin panel.

  • Threshold Limits for Quantity & Price

    It is possible to set the threshold limits for quantity and price of the products. If this threshold is not fulfilled then the quote can’t be submitted.

  • Auto Generated Discount Coupons

    On final approval by the admin, the coupon code generates automatically based on the discount and is sent in email to the customer.

  • One Click Conversion to Order

    When the customer clicks on “Add to Cart” the quoted products are added to cart and the customer simply needs to apply the discount code.


Frontend & Backend

A visual preview of how Quotation Manager works both in the frontend and backend

Points to Note
  • You need to add the extension folder to the custom Magento theme. Follow this path: app/design/frontend/custom_package/custom_theme/template/extension folder.
  • Customer needs to register/sign in to submit the quote.
  • Customer cannot submit the quote with proposed total greater than the actual total.
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  • Very Helpful

    Quotation Manager is a perfect extension to get rid of the prolonged process of submitting and accepting quotes. My communication with clients has become much easier and rapid now.

    Justin (Posted on August 13, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
  • Instant Collaborator

    If you have to deal with bulk orders for your web to print store, Quotation Manager will help you to propose and approve quotes within no time! It is an extension worth investing into!

    Miller (Posted on June 7, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension

Release Notes :


Get Your Doubts Cleared Now!

  • Can the quotation module be purchased separately?

    Yes, you can buy this module separately for your Magento website.

  • How this module work?

    You can refer the page @ which explains the work flow in the form of graphics.

  • Will I be notified when a customer submits the quote?

    Yes, an email will be received on the recepient email address entered in the configuration.

  • Is it possible to allow quote submission only for higher product quantities?

    Yes, the admin can set product quantity threshold so if the customer enter's quantity less than the threshold, then the quote would not be submitted.

  • Can the customer provide their own price in the quotation?

    Yes, we have given provison in the "Add to Quote" page to specify their own price.

  • Is it possible to negotiate with the customer before finalizing the quote?

    Yes, there is an option called "Message" where you can communicate with your customer and finalize the quote.

  • How can the customer view the status and detail of their quote?

    There is a provsion in customer's account where he/she can refer the quote details. The customer just needs to login on your store.

  • Is it mandatory for the customer to be registered on our website prior to submission of the quote?

    Yes. If the customer is not registered/logged in while quote submission, then a pop up will open to register/login.

  • The quote has approval from both customer and admin. What next?

    After approval from both the sides, a coupon code will be auto-generated and sent to respective client. The client can use the coupon code while checkout and place order.

  • What if customer agrees for the quote, but admin has not yet approved? Will the coupoun code still generate?

    No, the coupon code will be generated only after final approval from admin.

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