Case Study: Matthews Cremation Division

 casestudy Matthews-Cremation-Division


Matthews Cremation Division is a part of the Matthews Family of Companies (MATW). Matthews Cremation Division is a popular and renowned company known for human and animal cremation and emission abatement systems. Matthews has brought about a revolution in the cremation industry. It provides customers with the highest quality and services in the cremation industry.


Magento2, Angular, Node, HTML5, and CSS3

Project Highlights

  • HotFolder Management
  • Multiple Website Integration
  • Integration of Urns and Emblems
  • Sending of designs to customers
  • Special Pricing Management on Tool Page


The client was looking for a solution that can help them with website management and hot folder addon. Furthermore, they also wanted to integrate an online product designer that is mobile-responsive and offers enough design elements.

They got in touch with various solution providers, tested their solutions, but couldn’t find most of them meeting their expectations. While some offered a good solution for hassle-free site maintenance but the product designer was cumbersome, the others could not provide easy site maintenance services.

Project Requirements

Matthews Cremation Division needed a solution to manage their multiple sites on a single platform easily. They also needed a designer tool to offer customers to design products themselves. Brush Your Ideas had a Magento-based designer tool built with HTML which is mobile-responsive, and easy-to-use across all platforms and domains. They also wanted to streamline the website and hot folder management.


With BYI’s help, the client was able to implement every major thing they required for their system.

  • Multiple Domain Management
  • HotFolder management
  • Easy Website Maintenance
  • Designer Customization
  • Mobile Responsiveness


Since Matthews Cremation Division integrated the product designer tool we offered, they have been able to offer a huge freedom of customization to customers. This way, they have succeeded in levelling up their business and engaging customers more than before. Besides, the ease of website maintenance and pricing management they are now empowered with is also highly profitable. They can now maintain their website, multiple domains, and designer customization, and enhance their store sales.


With a cutting-edge product designer tool integrated, easy website and hot folder management in an appropriate manner, the client has witnessed a great rise in customers’ orders and overall sales. Moreover, their production process also became highly simplified through streamlined Hotfolder management.

In the Pipeline

  • Store setup for different websites
  • Do you have anything else in the pipeline?

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