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Webinar Rewind: Pricing Guide for your Web-to-Print Store: Methods & Examples

September 10 2020

Pricing has always been tricky, no matter what the product is. Keep it too high and you’ll lose a good share of your customers. Keep it too low and you won’t make any money from your business. You need to get it just right to convert the customers as well as maintain your profit margins.

Getting the pricing of your products right has become more important during COVID-19 as many companies have reduced their pricing or even started distributing their products for free to help people in need.

Hence, we decided to conduct a webinar on pricing guide for our web-to-print audience. Needless to say, it was received warmly by all of you with over 150 views of our event.

It came to fruition last night on 09/09/2020 7:30 PM IST. But in case you missed it, here’s a quick sneak peek of what our presenters, Jay and Bhavin, talked about.

✔️From where to start? - Pricing Models

✔️How to manage pricing for your store products?

✔️Methods & Examples

✔️What can be your strategy?


✔️Live Q/A

Here are some of the interesting questions we got from the audience: 

1. Which pricing model should I use to realize a business idea?

2. Should I need to have a high budget to start my online business? To overcome risks?

3. How much should I allocate to marketing?

4. Don't you think further consultation eventually adds more cost to the budget?

To know the answers to these questions and watch the whole webinar, click here.

Our webinar story doesn’t end here. We’ll soon be announcing our next webinar.

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