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Create Value! It's Time for Those Discount Stores to Run Off...

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July 8 2018

What is so unique about your online store?

I recall the first purchase I made online. I do not know, I bought that t-shirt because I just liked what I saw. Or, I was lazy to go out? Or, was that the discount? But, I for sure know why I made my last purchase online. And, it sure wasn't the discount or the price alone.

Can you really earn loyal customers without offering something more? Quite a generalized term it is "something more". So, let me break it down. Every store offers the discount during the Black Friday and a million other festivals during the year. Every other store comes with combo offers, seasonal sale, and themed merchandises. Why should someone come to your online store, and not the below or above their google search results? Why not the super mall across their house?

The competition is stiff. And, you need to be innovative. You must invest in identifying a way to connect with your customers to build brand loyalty. And, provide "something more" than just the products.

Let's look at Marvels. There was time, it was just a comic publication. A legacy store indeed, but a comic publication to be precise. The evolution of technology demanded them to come to the large screen and distribute the comic books stories through Hollywood movies.

If they limited their creativity to the Comic Book, it would still remain a legacy product. But, it would never be good enough to reach the desired masses it has now. They had to resort to the technology available. There are practically no alternatives to identifying the most effective ways to take your product to the masses without relying on the technology.

This article in particular is about the Web-to-Print industry and its future.

Print Warehouses...

Yes, you are doing fairly well lately. You have a number of partners that are providing your bulk print orders and it is keeping your warehouse busy. Outstanding! Ever wondered their source of the orders? Most of these partners are online selling websites. What would happen once their business reaches a saturation point, and they choose to cut the resources?

With the right amount of budget and industry experts, would that really be that complicated for them to set-up their own Print warehouse? Setting up your own Web-to-Print store is your investment for tomorrow. You already have the means to supply for custom printed products. Yes, you must adapt to the technological demands. But, truth be told, there is no alternative to survival without adapting. Find out more about Brush Your Ideas Web-to-Print storefront solutions. We can develop a print ready online store for you. And, we provide all the help you need to market your store.

Ecommerce Startups...

The leadership in the current age of digital goods is thoroughly driven by monopoly. Social media app, video distribution network, search engine, the retail ecommerce, the marketplace, and so on. You are going to be one in a million entering the industry. In an industry where the market share is absolutely thin for even the existing players. On top of that, the competition is so stiff that the margins are thin against the logistics and operational costs.

So, is that really a bad idea to enter the ecommerce arena at present? Absolutely not. It is certainly the future of all means of sales. I understand if I sound contradictory. What's so unique about your website that your competitor does not have. Half a decade ago, an online selling company with decent budget would start with luring vouchers and discount offers. It worked wonders for them initially. Only later to realize that they were more loyal to the discounts than to their brand.

At this age of maturity of the ecommerce industry, you must ensure that there is something unique about your offerings to the customers. It could be something as basic as the design. It could be a unique referral program. It could be the vast product portfolio you have that the cashback becomes a serious factor for the customer to return to your website. Or, you can have a unique product portfolio that others don't.

These are the points you must ponder over and figure out how you wish to go about spending your mullas before you start. We can offer a method that we know, and we can vouch for that to work for your business.

Brush Your Ideas – Web-to-Print Product Design Tool. This one is not so ambiguous or complex to understand. Let your customers personalize the products. Eventually, legacy products are not dependent on the "what" you offer, but "how" you offer.

Running Ecommerce Stores...

There are only two kinds of online stores I know about. One that is facing serious conversion issues and the other is facing saturation. There is no point to be content about your success as the industry itself is still in adolescence. So, the Brush Your Ideas – Product Design Tool could well be the solution for you. Take a leap and move a step forward in your offering to your loyal customers.

Brush Your Ideas – An All-Inclusive Web-to-Print Solutions Store

Web-to-Print Solutions Store

We launched our Magento Product Design Tool over a year & a half back. In the past 18 months, we have successfully developed our extension to a level of maturity to shoulder with some of the leading names in the Web-to-Print industry. More so, we have added the WooCommerce extension recently to our Product Design Tool. And, you can expect upcoming releases for Shopify, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and PHP in this year.

We have recently added a full spectrum of W2P Storefront solutions. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, you would be able to find value in our offerings. Yes, these solutions include a hosted web store with W2P capabilities. Additionally, we also offer integration of specific features such as the Quotation Manager, CRM, Survey Tool, QuickBooks, Google Tag Manager, and more.

For Web-to-Print businesses, process automation is also of paramount importance. When your ultimate goal is to evolve your business to utilize the most offered by the technology, then sky is the limit. Brush Your Ideas also offers Odoo based ERP solution. Find out more about our products, our support standards, and a wide range of customizations.

Parth Pandya

Having served in various capacities of the marketing profile in diverse industries throughout his career, Parth has an eye for result-oriented marketing strategies. His formidable communication skills, immense interest in the printing industry and its facts, and customer engagement techniques never fail to yield outstanding results.