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Brush Your Ideas Storefront Solutions
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July 29 2018

Having a website featuring online shopping is far too common nowadays. As a startup, there are a number of aspects you must pay attention to while launching your website. How well you would do at the end of the first 1 to 2 quarters depends on how you launch!

You are probably in the zone where you are not in the position to leverage any data based decisions. However, there is learning available as to how to go about your business to manage the launch. So, too much building up to the end game and let's get into the details.

Not Just a Pretty Site, You Need More:

You need a concept – a business model – to approach this new business that you're about to begin. You are about to enter an already proliferated segment into retail ecommerce. Why would anyone buy from your website and not some other website they already know of? How do you plan to build traffic on your site? Would your current reach (if you have?) from Google+ and Instagram make up for the effort to achieve the initial traffic on to your site?

Yes, you need your marketing strategy. Something you already know, right. You might go about this with popular means, such as – discounts, coupons, social media posts, etc. But again, doesn't everybody do that? Could Web-to-Print features be that missing trick in your hat? Our analysts believe it is an extremely effective feature to marketing your brand, and create that buzz to start your online business.

Web to Print Storefront for Startups:

At Brush Your Ideas, we have addressed this requirement and re-arranged the scope of our solution. We already offer 3 different plans for our Magento Product Design Tool. We have added another solution for our Web2Print Storefront: B2C Standard solution for W2P. We have taken care of site development, W2P integration, and the marketing aspect of the website. Let's look at these features:

  • Basic Components of Your Web to Print Storefront

    We will build this solution using Magento Community Edition to ensure your solution is secure and it manages high traffic. If you are wondering that Magento could be a bit tricky to manage Magento, we offer hosted web to print solutions. Therefore, your basic requirements to manage the admin and generic maintenance are taken care of. We will provide a ready-to-go-live storefront with an ecommerce theme.

  • Magento Product Design Tool

    We offer three plans for our Design Tool. As a store owner, you have a vertical choice to select the best plan that meets all your requirements and fits your budget. Based on the plan you choose, the difference you pay is only in the fraction of $100 a month. Compare the plans, the features, and do check with our expert about the difference in features during the personalized demo.

  • Marketing Tools

    Our solution will include regular Google Analytics setup and site-integration. Additionally, our hosted web to print solutions include the in-built features for to manage discounts, showcase product reviews, analytical reports, brand management, group pricing, integrated search across the site, deal of the day, and multi-lingual support. Explore all the features with brief description with scope for each of these from storefront pricing page.

  • Optional Integrations

    We have a range of the products that supports marketing and store enhancement. Some of these features include QuickBooks Integration, Survey Rocket Integration, Gift Promotion on Cart Total, and CRM Integration. Express your interest in any of these (or others) during your personalized demo with our expert.

How Does the Pricing Work?

There is a fixed installation cost of $299 for Hosted Web to Print Storefront – Standard B2C plan. Based on the Magento Product Design Tool you have chosen, the monthly pricing will vary in the range of $99 to $249 per month (or $990 to $2490 per year). There are no hidden costs for these solutions.

Custom Requirements

We have developed the scope of our solution to ensure that the majority of the requirements are met from the full-spec solutions itself. However, there is always a possibility of slight customization, development from scratch, or the need to have on premise solution. Do not hesitate to look at the options we have listed. Kindly share your detailed requirement with us, and we would revert with what we can do for your requirement.

Other Options?

We believe there are two kinds of individuals while entering the W2P business. One's without a website and one's with an existing website. And, not having a website does not mean you are a start-up. Therefore, we have two other options for Enterprise customers. If you already have a website, you would find exploring appropriate solution in our Magento Product Design Tool.

Schedule a demo with our expert, we will ensure that you have detailed analysis of the best options using our arsenal.

Parth Pandya

Having served in various capacities of the marketing profile in diverse industries throughout his career, Parth has an eye for result-oriented marketing strategies. His formidable communication skills, immense interest in the printing industry and its facts, and customer engagement techniques never fail to yield outstanding results.