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Short-Term Revenue Strategies to Boost Online Sales During COVID -19

Short-Term Revenue Strategies to Boost Online Sales During COVID -19
May 6 2020

A quick marketing checklist for crisis management:

- Revisit the total spend

- Improve virtual connections

- Transform your website

- Change the experience of your physical store

- Stay social

- Enable Paid marketing

However, this is not enough to ramp up your online sales during a major crisis like COVID -19. So, here we are sharing some strategies you can apply to your web-to-print store for increased sales.

Tell people about new offerings

Once you’ve your offerings online according to current essential products, it’s time to tell your customers. Because right now, retail shops are not able to fulfill the requirements, and customers are looking for product options all over the internet.

- The first place where you can display these offerings is your home page. Make a banner using eye-catching colors to let customers know that you are shipping. It should include products that you are currently offering.

- Send out an email with all of your new offerings. Make a list. It is time when you let them know that you care for them and are available to help.

- Viral your offerings on social media.

- Reach out to your highest grossing customers. While your cold email is likely to get ignored, a personalized message from someone they know will get their attention. You can even ask them to share this on their social media letting their friends know.

Adapt the new Communication language

This is the time when brands need to be sensitive when it comes to speaking to customers via their copy. You need to think THRICE before writing any copy for your campaigns. Revisit your campaigns and speak with empathy. For example, this time you would not want to advertise travel campaigns. At the same time, it is important to notice that you are not going far and sticking to your core message.

For example, Esty is communicating their message in a way that is not too direct, but also letting people know how they can make the most of their products while being at home.

image 1

Create “social experiences” on social media

A guide for a printing business to navigate during this time.

And most of the registrations we received are from Linkedin. The point here is customers are looking for value. Hence, it is important how you leverage your social presence.

Just like our free webinar, you could offer live-streamed yoga classes, a free e-book, etc. The key to remember is to be creative by tapping into customers’ way of thinking.

For example, Esty is hosting Art sessions so that they can keep their customers busy and engaged with them simultaneously.

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Offer free shipping or local pickup and delivery

If you can, consider offering free shipping. Because shipping charges could be the barrier for shoppers. There are chances that some of them would be doing online shopping for the first time. Hence, if you did offer free shipping, it could give you new customers. You can also offer local pick up, which means your customers can shop products online, and pick it up from your store.

For example, Retro Express offering its customers online shopping, and free shipping locally.

Extend your return and exchange policy

People don’t want to be stuck with a product they don’t like. Also during times, where stores are offering untouched packing and deliveries, exchange certainly can not be the option.

In acknowledgment of the current climate, changing your exchange and return policies could alleviate buyers’ willingness to buy and increase online sales.

Revisit your paid marketing

Digital Marketing is a space where you can reach customers out of your boundaries. And now when most of the businesses are marketing less, revisit your campaigns. Whichever campaign is delivering or delivered the most value, ramp up its budget to see maximum results. 

- Facebook advertising can give you new customers through the targeted audiences that you choose. You can also upload a list to Facebook’s Ads Manager and use that to engage with your loyal customers.

- Invest some money in the search advertising to help you reach customers who are searching for your products. Through Google shopping app, shoppers can find your brands across Youtube, Google, Gmail.

Offer online gift cards

Giftcards means getting the cash. Because customers know that they can use funds even later. This would work well especially with your regular customers because they know they are going to spend money with you.

You can quickly set up gift cards from sites, they let you set up eGift cards in a few minutes. For example, GiftFly offers exclusively eGift cards, whereas Gift Up! allows you to set up either online gift cards or have them shipped to your customers.

Set up a  web to print store

Another way to keep customers engaged and make sure they support you is to set up a web-to-print store. From where customers can design items on their own such as t-shirts, pillows, phone cases, posters.

And at present, where photobooks, signage, posters are high in demand, it could be the best opportunity for you to add extra value to your store and start accepting printing orders.

For more, you can see how it works by going on this demo.


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