Overcoming Business Challenges Using a Promotional Product Designer Tool

Overcoming Business Challenges Using a Promotional Product Designer Tool

Aug 24th, 2021

There are a couple of challenges in the promotional products sector that keep business owners on their toes. Getting these products designed and marketing them to recipients involves a lot of work.

Additionally, with recent consumer trends, there is an increase in demand for customization. The process of designing each product separately is time-consuming and requires significant human resources.

Result? Companies in this sector get so occupied with the entire process of finalizing designs and printing that they hardly get any time to market or grow their business.

To tackle these challenges, businesses in the printing industry have started adopting tools like a product designer. How can a customization tool be beneficial for your business? We have covered everything in this post.

For first-time entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, this post reveals a solution to build their website in minimum time and at a reasonable cost.

Here’s what the post covers:

Challenges Faced by Online Promotional Products’ Store and How to Overcome

1. Communication Errors Leading to Loss of Sales

If you sell promotional goods, you know how difficult it is to manage all the operations seamlessly, from product conceptualization to handling manufacturers and suppliers. With more stakeholders involved, there is a higher chance of miscommunication.

For example, there is a constant back and forth between your end-user and the art department before processing an order. This manual process often leads to miscommunication resulting in faulty designs, and ultimately an unsatisfied client will cancel the order and partner with your competitor.

A product design tool, with its many features, can help overcome this problem.

  • Artwork – A designer tool comes with thousands of customizable clipart, ready-made templates that an admin can add from the backend, background, and more. Your end-user can either choose a predefined template or design a product from scratch.

    Artwork-designer tool

    (Users can select predefined templates, artworks and design accordingly)

  • Text, Image Upload, and Editing Features – Features like text, quotes, name, and number, along with a rich text editor, make it easy for your user to add their company name, tagline, messages, etc. Additionally, they can upload custom images from phone galleries or social media accounts using personalized image upload.

personalized image upload

(Upload image, add text, edit designs; all easily)

Using such features, your customers can create a product design exactly the way they want!


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2. Higher Product Returns Due to Lower Quality Print

Product return is a major concern for online businesses. There could be many reasons for an end-user returning a purchase: a product didn’t match its description, the quality of printed designs is not up to the mark, and so on.

Lower Quality Print

(The growing challenge of product returns)

If purchase returns are a challenge for you, giving your customers a way to create their designs is the best way to solve the issue. As shoppers get a real-time preview of their designs, they are more likely to be satisfied.

Features like design preview

(Features like design preview gives your customers a clear idea of what they design)

Give product design tool a try to see how it can work for your online store


The tool also enables business owners to take care of printing and image resolution. For example, an admin can add low resolution or print area warning messages which will appear on the front end. This notifies customers about the resolution limit in real-time.

Shoppers get real-time notifications

(Shoppers get real-time notifications about resolution limit)

Options like bleed cut safe margin are important, especially for business cards, greeting cards, notebooks, etc. Printers are not capable of printing all the way to the outer edges. So, if there is a logo or text on the edge of a template, it is likely to appear slightly cut off in the final product.

To avoid such errors, Web-to-Print software comes with a safety margin that warns an end-user not to add designs outside the line.

Bleed Cut lines

(Bleed Cut lines: a warning to not design beyond a certain area for better print outcome)

Share what capabilities and features you want, and our product experts will give you a complete product tour.


3. Rendering Mobile Experiences

Mobile commerce sales are likely to reach $3.56 trillion in 2021—22.3 percent more than 2020. Statistics on mobile shopping are promising enough to nudge businesses to think in a proper direction.

Your end customers expect you to deliver a seamless experience on mobile when designing their products. To enable your customers to create designs on the go, you need a web to print software that works seamlessly on all devices.

Brush Your Ideas designer tool doesn’t just have a mobile-friendly interface but also a mobile-friendly backend. You can now manage orders, inventory, and more using the tool.

Secondly, forward-thinking businesses are building mobile apps to increase brand recognition and enhance shopping experiences. However, building an app is not an easy task. It can be costly and time-consuming based on your business requirements.

Luckily, using native mobile apps, printing businesses can have a fully configurable and feature-packed app that is tailor-made.

4. Challenge of Acquiring and Retaining Customers

Shoppers today have a lot of options to choose from. They switch brands for free shipping, better quality, better experiences, etc. Having a customization tool in your store will enable you to provide an engaging experience. And as end-users get products tailored to their needs, they value your products highly.

Secondly, such a tool makes social sharing easy. You can let your customers share their designs on different social media channels. That way more people get to know about your company.


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5. More Resources and Less Productivity

As your business grows, manual ways of conducting operations no longer remain feasible. You have to hire additional professionals to design a product, communicate with your clients, handle shipping, etc.

Using the web to print software, you can automate most repetitive processes to speed up the production process. The tool is a blessing not just for your design team but also for sales reps.

Let’s take pricing, for example. Manual management of price estimation requires sales reps to initiate the quote process, keep updating if there are add-ons, etc. This delays the work and is vulnerable to human error.

With a product design tool, an admin can set the pricing of elements, and the final price will be calculated in real-time, including additional charges.

Automation further improves productivity, and your employees can spend more time on other activities that help your business grow. With the help of solutions like print ERP software, you can optimize your daily print operations.

Packed with features like inventory management, print job manager, quotation manager, order management, warehouse management, and more, this solution is compatible with every system and integrable with all the platforms.

To know more, request consultation today!


How First-time Entrepreneurs Can Get Started with Promotional Products Business

Custom Swag Box

(Custom Swag Box by Swag.com is a Good Product Idea)

Starting a promotional products business online requires you to understand your target market and choose a niche. There are two ways you can sell promotional products. You either choose a B2B model or a B2C model.

Once you decide on a model, the next step is to find products to sell. Analyzing your competitors, searching on marketplaces like Amazon will help you find trending product ideas.

Consider products that are evergreen. The most popular promotional items include face masks, tote bags, outerwear, tech accessories, drinkware, etc. You can even sell swag boxes just the way Swag.com does.

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Launch Your Website with Web-to-print Storefront

There are a lot of ways you can start selling online. You can sell on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook using their shop features or sell on marketplaces like Amazon.

But at the end of the day, your end customers look for a brand that they can trust. And a website allows you to establish that credibility and ultimately build a brand with a growing and loyal customer base.

We understand that building a website from scratch is a long process and requires much investment. Hence, we offer an alternative; a ready-to-use web-to-print storefront.

Our web-to-print store fulfills all your print requirements, streamlines business operations, and helps achieve marketing goals. Plus, it has a fully functional product design tool.

Launch your website in less than two days—partner with a reliable tech team that is by your side at every stage.


Additional Strategies to Get More Customers

This section covers a few tips to help you attract and convert more customers to your online store.

1. Promote Positive Customer Reviews

According to BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The same survey found that 57% of customers visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews.

This means, to get visitors to your site, you need to share positive reviews of happy customers.

Now comes how to get more reviews. First, make all your social media platforms accessible so customers can reach out with comments. Google my Business is another place where your potential customers search for your products. Encourage your loyal customers to leave reviews using Google by offering incentives.

Highlight ratings and reviews

(Highlight ratings and reviews on your website)

As far as showcasing reviews on your website is concerned, build a testimonial page or feature reviews on your product pages.

2. Start a Reward Program

Loyal customers often convert and spend more money with brands they like. Moreover, 78% of loyal customers are willing to spread the word to their friends and family.

In short, loyal customers are your biggest brand ambassadors, and it is crucial to retain them.

A loyalty program will help push customer loyalty by providing rewards to such loyal customers. You can reward for actions like registration, referrals, social shares, etc.

For example, you can encourage customers who have already purchased using a designer tool to recommend others to try that tool. That way, more people will get to know about what you do and what you offer.

What rewards you can offer depends entirely on you. Free shipping, percentage off, store credit are some common types of rewards.

3. Use Social Media to The Fullest

On-demand marketplace Zazzle

(On-demand marketplace Zazzle using YouTube to share Q&A, trends, new features, etc.)

As mentioned above, you first need to be more accessible on social media platforms for more customers to reach you. If you already have a business account on Facebook or Instagram, consider adding YouTube to your marketing strategy. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Creating and sharing videos that help your end reader helps in building brand awareness.

You can share videos on industry-related tips, new products that you introduce, etc. If you are planning to have a designer tool, then you can even share a how-to guide. The possibilities are endless.

4. Revamp Your SEO Efforts

With more customers shopping online, SEO has been crucial for businesses throughout 2020, and we expect the coming years to be the same.

SEO is much more than finding and using the most popular search terms. Google algorithm is getting smarter with each passing day and using human input. Prioritize writing content that appeals to humans first and search engines second.

That does not mean you ignore keywords etc. The idea is to revamp your SEO strategy and bring a fresh outlook. Stuffing search phrases will not help. Instead, use keywords in the right places in your copy for better results.

Revamp Your SEO Efforts

(Page experience is now a new ranking factor)

Secondly, do not overlook user experience. Error pages, dead links, etc., keep potential customers away from your website. A seamless experience, on the other hand, will improve rankings and conversion.

Take your marketing strategy ahead with our conversion-focused marketing services.


Grow Your Online Business with a Product Design Tool

Integrating a product design tool increases customer satisfaction and plays a huge role in the overall growth of your business. Our flagship product – product design tool is fully functional and feature-rich that can turn your promotional products business into a design studio.

Our mobile-friendly software is compatible with any eCommerce platform and works on any product that has a printable surface. Plus, as your business grows, you can keep including additional features like quote manager, configurator, 3D preview, and more. You have our complete support right from installation to troubleshooting.

Whether you want to grow your business using a customization tool or need help setting up an online store, we are just a message away. Let us know your requirements, and our team will get in touch with you.

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