How Can Print Shops Attract More Customers Online?

How Can Print Shops Attract More Customers Online?

The evolution of “Near Me” search has grown out of proportion. Google’s VP of Marketing for the Americas Lisa Gevelber said that “Near Me” searches are no longer just about the place. It is now more about finding a specific thing, in the specific area during the specific time period. Probably, just by using the Google Business Listing, you can make the presence of your business felt by the customers with ease.

Google Business Listing

However, the billion dollar question is, why just target the local customers? Localization is growing. And at the same time, it is overrated. When you build a website, the goal is to reach wider audiences than just the ones around your business. Localization is something that helps you get customers when they are around your business and need your services. Kind of an amalgamation of POS search algorithms.

As a Print Service Provider, we always recommend our clients to not rely just on the Google Business Listing. As a business, you would want to be in control of your business assets. You would want a wider reach of audience. And, you would desire to serve the audiences when they search with “Near Me”.

Build a Web to Print Store

Nearly as many as the users who search using “Near Me”, there are just as many customers who choose to make a purchase online. You can get custom printed products ranging from apparel, mobile covers, laptop skins, mugs & other gift articles, and even the Passport covers online. You may think it would cost you a fortune – it won’t. You may also think that it will be a challenging task to promote and get an audience – it is manageable. If you believe, your business can now survive without it – it won’t. At least not for a very long time.

The retail commerce market share for the last quarter of the year (festive season) reveals that the consumer is gradually moving towards mobile apps. As per Business Insider, the market share for the above-mentioned duration for mobile apps was at 44% in comparison to that for Desktop and mobile website at 32% and 23%, respectively. This data explains two things:

  1. Consumer Loyalty drives sales
  2. Change in buying habits

Therefore, as a business, the first change you must bring about is, to have an online presence. Utilize the search results. Get your business visible through localization results. And at the same time, choose to be an online solution provider.

Brush Your Ideas Web to Print Store is ready to host solution. You can get a web to print store at a starting price of $299. You will get a fully functional website with Brush Your Ideas web-to-print design tool. Store management could be a part where you would need to apply effort. However, that is indeed part and parcel of running your business. Let’s talk about some of the areas of store marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

It is one of the key aspects while you are gearing up to take your print shop online. What is the point of having a website if there are no customers? Google SEO is not rocket science and first thing website owners should do is embed thought in their psyche. Brush Your Ideas will provide you the basic skeleton for the SEO, all you need to do is fill in the gaps.

When you host your website, you should make sure the meta details and relevant keywords are present. In order to find these details, you can use Google Keywords Planner. The online print shop built by Brush Your Ideas will have all the required fields to add meta details. The keywords rich content will ensure that your store is visible in the relevant searches by the users.

If you may find any challenges in managing this aspect, Brush Your Ideas Consulting team can always guide you in managing your site SEO. Click here to get in touch.

Paid Search Campaigns

SEO activities are like sowing the seed, waiting for the tree to grow, and give you fruits. PPC gives you results in real time. For example, your goal is to fetch leads or get online sales, you can search the relevant keywords using the same link above. Creating a PPC campaign is a step-by-step process. Refer this article to learn how to create your first PPC campaign.

Paid Search Campaigns using your Web to Print store could lead to varied results. Which keywords you are targeting, bids management, mobile targeting, and a few other factors. As you begin, monitor day to day results of your campaign. And you go along, make the adjustments. While setting up your PPC campaigns, you can add geo-location details of your zip code and target users from specific regions.

So, for example, your aim is to target a specific area to search for specific keywords and be visible only to them, you can do so. Similar to the SEO services, you can rely on the Brush Your Ideas consulting team to guide and provide managed services. Click here to share your requirement with us.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram promotions for a Print Shop could be really handy. Something you could already be doing prior to building your Online Print Shop. While you have a website, you would have a perfect landing page to bring these customers to. Here, you will have a more detailed approach to your choice of promotional ideas for a particular page. And you could have the landing page to ensure that the customer performs the required action.

Additionally, with every Brush Your Ideas Web to Print store, we will enable Google Analytics. Therefore, you would have access to day-to-day data of the site visits, entries, bounce rates, and overall view of highest viewed pages, etc.

Building an online print shop is necessary. However, it is a similar effort as setting up a new business vertical. The advantage here is that it is the effort that grows in results over a period of time. Find out more about the features we offer for Brush Your Ideas Web to Print store.

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Parth Pandya

Parth Pandya

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