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Offering Customers the Freedom to Design a Custom Calendar

Offering Customers the Freedom to Design a Custom Calendar
February 29 2020

Buying a paper calendar may sound funny to your ears in today’s digital age. As you must be thinking that your smartphone can do everything that a calendar does and far more. But I am afraid you may be wrong in thinking so! 

Want to know why?  

Let me start explaining with two interesting stats:

  1. As per a study, 62% of consumers own a promotional photo calendar.
  2. And 52% of them keep it for one year or more. 

Surprising yet true!

What do you eventually infer? That a promotional photo calendar holds great potential as a marketing tool for an organization. If you let your end-customers design a photo calendar as per their business requirements, you may easily make it big in the B2B market. 

So, are you ready to understand now how integrating a photo calendar tool with your website to let your customers design a custom calendar can bring you more business? 

Reasons Why a Photo Calendar Is Important

People still need paper calendars.

Though digital calendars are in vogue, physical calendars still hold importance. Several reasons are: 

  • Quick Visual Reminder - For professionals, time management is crucial. Even today, many professionals prefer to place a calendar at their desk. At home, a wall calendar helps you view upcoming holidays or recall past events. You don’t need to log in to your planner apps every time for these things. Just looking at a calendar on a wall or at your desk does it all. 
  • No hacking threats - Unlike a digital calendar, a physical calendar isn’t prone to hacking.
  • More effective and faster at times - A physical calendar saves you the time that you would otherwise spend in switching between multiple planner apps or tabs. You can just jot down everything worth remembering on it and view it easily anytime.

Consumers adore freebies

If your end-consumers want to engage their existing customers, they can distribute calendars to them as freebies. The promotional calendars some banks give away to their consumers form a good example of custom calendars. 

These calendars make their consumers feel valued. Instead of spending everything on ad-stuffing their inboxes and apps, they can safekeep a little budget for promotional calendars. 

To get more such freebies, they may keep coming back to you only to increase your sales. 

By flaunting their calendars to others, they may even get others to notice and associate with their brand. And expand their customer base. 

Calendars become your year-long marketer

Have you ever wondered how many people would keep flyers or pamphlets for even one full day? 

Well, hardly any. 

Several people may not even read them fully. Even if they do, they may end up losing them or throwing them away. And you may end up having less output despite heavy expenses. 

On the contrary, a promotional calendar can play the role of a year-long marketer for a business. As people won’t obviously throw it away due to its high utility. The more they use that calendar, the more they will recall your end customer’s brand. 

Even after a year ends, people will wait for your next-year calendar. It is because humans tend to prefer familiar things to unfamiliar ones. This way, one-time investment will go a long way towards retaining your customers. 

Freedom of customization

Creative calendars are all the rage among consumers today. Your customers can easily customize your photo calendar to represent your brand. 

Wondering how? Let’s take some examples.

If your end customer owns a travel agency, snaps of exotic tourist locations worldwide may work wonders. To titivate your calendar further, you can include a trivia or fun fact about each location. 

Similarly, including the best-selling books of the year may garner high sales for a bookstore owner. 

While this tweak would surely usher in success, they may venture into a few others too. For instance, they may try keeping color and design themes simple to retain a more professional look.

They may go even beyond just customizing calendar look, theme, and pics.

Let’s say, one of your end-customer is an electronics store owner. You can personalize your calendar with the upcoming music concerts in your city. By partnering with one or more concert organizers, they can offer free passes to all those who shop speakers worth a minimum amount, say 2000 or 3000 bucks. This way, music lovers won’t only shop from their store but may also become long-lasting consumers.

Make sure that you include your address contact information in the calendar. It will facilitate contacting you for an individual who has decided to buy your products/services.

Summing Up

So, it’s high time you acknowledged its potential and added it to your current offerings. This will definitely bring in more business for you as well as your end-customers.

Ready to let your customers design a custom calendar? 

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