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Make Mothers Day Special for Your Customers!

Make Mothers Day Special for Your Customers!
May 7 2020

As the saying goes ‘Mother is greater than heavens’, everyone out there is eager to shower their immense love and respect upon their mothers. As Mother's Day is just around the corner!

However, this Mother’s Day is going to be quite different. With home quarantine and lockdown enforced in various regions across the globe, nobody can go out for dining, a casual drive, or a picnic.

Though social distancing has become a new norm, people can still remain emotionally attached. If you are a print store owner, it is time you respected and helped your customers express their feelings this Mother’s Day by offering them a range of personalized products.

Before we proceed with the list, read on a few crucial points to consider.

- It may not be practically possible or easy to fulfill all deliveries - especially the far ones. Therefore, focusing more on the orders from the vicinity would be beneficial and practical.

- Enlist the regions where you have stopped accepting orders from for now on your website, social media, and other channels. Also mention regions where you can accept orders from but their deliveries could take more time than usual in the wake of the lockdown situation.

- Otherwise, you can also ask customers to enter the zip codes of their regions to check whether they can place orders from there or not. Customers will then be able to decide whether to proceed with placing orders or not. At the same time, it can save your reduced support staff the hassle of answering a huge volume of enquiries over calls or emails. Further, chances of a delivery failure leading to a decline in your brand repo also reduce to a minimum.

- Keep your customer updated about their order statuses continuously to retain their trust. Notify them of the delivery statuses via emails and messages, especially when there are chances of delivery delays along with proper reasons.

Read on the products you can offer.

Greeting Cards

Offer greeting cards? Seems too run-of-the-mill, doesn’t it!!?? Well, it actually ain’t. If only you have a magic wand to turn this run-of-the-mill idea into an out-of-the-box idea! Any guesses how?

By offering customization - through a Magento 2 product designer or any other design software as per your platform.

When customers get to showcase their creativity by adding their own designs and beautiful one-liners, quotes or small poems, etc. on cards, they surely would love buying such custom cards. And your sales will eventually escalate.

Custom T-Shirts

Just like greeting cards, you can also offer personalized t-shirts. You can let your customers write personalized messages, print clipart images, or upload custom images - selfies with mothers or hand-made mother portraits from phone galleries and what not!

Offering this level of personalization through t-shirt design software can certainly help engage your customers. And inspire them to order t-shirts out of the unfathomable love for their mothers.

Personalized Pillows/Cushions

Pillows are just not things to rest your heads on and sleep. They are more than meets the eyes. They are like your companions who you can share your bliss or grief. How can they then stay behind when it comes to cheering up wonderful moms!? 

Be it a mom’s favorite poem, quote, movie scene, childhood pic, or even her own hand-made painting, you can let customers personalize pillows/cushions with it and gift them to their mothers. This way, you can become the reason for those mothers’ happiness. And bring smiles on their faces every time they go to their beds.

Photo Albums and Photo Calendars

Just picture this. You and your mother are conversing and out of nowhere, your mother gets nostalgic and starts sharing funny moments of your childhood. Like how you would hide under the bed, how you would jump from the bed, how she would cross-dress you for fun, and more! And you notice that feeling of missing your childhood days in her eyes. 

What if you managed to compile all such uncompiled snaps in a beautiful photo album and surprise your mom with that? Her joy would know no bounds! 

Your customers’ mothers will experience the same joy when you offer them personalization of photo albums with photo album design software. A compilation of nostalgic pics in a photo album with custom page layouts, cover options, occasion-based categorization of photos, etc. will undeniably be an idea customers would welcome with open arms. And place orders for custom albums in large numbers.

Offering custom photo calendars - especially for working mothers can also be a good idea. You can also offer custom photo calendars where they can print 12 of their mothers’ favorite photos and gift them. All you need is photo calendar design software. These photo calendars won’t only help stick to their working schedule while working from home but also rejoice and motivate them every time they look at the pics.


A custom mug can be a good product to offer for mothers who love beverages or like spending more time in the kitchen. Let your customers use customizable clipart images, upload custom images from phone galleries or add personalized messages in custom fonts of their choice to make stand out mugs. Mothers will emotionally connect with these mugs and enjoy every time they use them.

All Set for Mother’s Day?

This Mother’s Day, you can spread love amid the tensed environment due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. It is time you offered above-mentioned products and even more innovative ones you can think of. And took your customers’ experience a step further by offering your customers the freedom of personalization.


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