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Is Your Web-to-Print Software Customer Friendly?

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November 11 2018

There are customers. Then there are loyal customers. And then, there are raving fans! The journey from the first category to the third one tough. But the solution is just one – Experience. The experience you render to your customers through your brand is of utmost significance. Isn't it great to have customers who would go out and about telling others that they had a fantastic experience shopping with you? Of course, it is!

But to make such wishes come true, you will have to treat your customers like your best friend. Listen to what they want to say, be their shoulder to lean on and know how can you help to make things alright. Today, our focus is to address people belonging to the web to print arena. If you are an ecommerce store owner and offer the feature of personalization through a web to print software, you need to figure out whether or not your software is customer friendly. Even if you are willing to invest into one, there are some questions that you need to mull over from the aspect of user-friendliness.

So, let's find out what all can you do make your web to print design tool customer friendly.

Launch a Customer Adoption Program

Knowing the consequences before you act is important. In other words, you must look before you leap. It must be enticing to think about the profits you would earn after integrating a web to print software to your website. However, you must understand the customer psyche before doing so. Especially, when you have been a traditional web store like many others in the field.

Through a customer adoption program, you can know about the ongoing trends in ecommerce and figure out the possibilities of customers utilizing your software. During the process, you also might have to conduct surveys, acquaint customers with the user-friendliness of your software and provide them with some tangible outputs through your system. If you design your customer adoption program well, your web to print venture is sure to be successful.

Let Them Know About the Launch

If you think your web to print design tool has the potential to win customers, don't be hush-hush about its launch. Conduct careful scrutiny of the adoption program, analyze the responses, and launch your software with a bang! Your audience can entail a number of customers including corporate professionals, fashion freaks, gift lovers and more. Ensure that you get in touch with all of them.

Once you discuss the launch with your customers, you will get an idea as to whether or not they are looking for a web to print solution. Your sales team can let your customers know about the launch date of the web to print design tool and discuss the benefits of online print ordering solution. Knowing about the working of your software will help you win more customers after you have integrated it with your website.

Ask for Feedbacks

During the initial days of working around your software, there is a likelihood of your customers finding it difficult to work around your tool. And to help them get over these issues, you must ask for feedbacks. Consider conducting a survey, sending a small set of questionnaires through emails etc. Ensure that you do not ask too many questions and expect detailed answers from your customers as it might portray skepticism.

Send multiple choice questionnaire that is brief and isn't time-consuming. Once you get the feedback, you will have a clearer idea as to what changes you need to make on the UX and UI level. Thereafter, you can ask the product designer tool providers to implement the needed changes.

Final Words...

Customer friendliness is the first aspect that any software needs to address. However, it is also important for the backend of the software to be up to the mark. A superior quality backend will help the admin or website owner to easily make changes in the frontend. Search online and you will find several tools that are compatible with the platform of your website and are easily integrable.

Try Brush Your Ideas – A platform independent web to print tool and let your customers create innovative and personalized products for themselves with ease. Get in touch with us for a demo and check out the customer-friendly features of our software!

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