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A Perfect Guide to Help You Sell Phone Cases Online

Guide to Help You Sell Phone Cases Online
May 29 2018

With smartphone usage, arises a need of smartphone cases. Well, not for all, but at least for the people who believe in protecting their phones. And not just that, it is quite common to see phone cases that reflect the personality and choices of user that is carrying it. According to Google reports, the market share for smartphone cases alone has reached to 24 million dollars in USA. Out of these users, 62% of consumers cite "protection" as a reason for buying phone cases and 53% claim "style" as their reason. The style believers like to give their luxurious phones an upgraded look with a unique design cover.

If you are an ecommerce store owner who is into selling smartphones along with their cases/covers, you need to do it differently. You can offer personalized prints, generic designs and crafted wooden cases through a mobile skin design software. But before we talk about that, you need to know how to set up your business of selling gadgets along with stylish cases? We are here with a small guide that can help. Here's how you can go about it:

1. Create an Online Site

We live in the era of buying things online. If you want to venture into the business of selling gadgets along with customized phone cases, the first thing you need to do is – create a website. There are many ecommerce platforms on which you can create your webstore. Conduct a market research as to which ecommerce framework would suit your business needs and can meet up with minimal investment. There are several companies that can help you with setting up your website. Once the website is set up, you can consider integrating a custom phone cases design software. How? Let's talk about it in the next step.

2. Install a Mobile Skin Design Software

We initially talked about selling smartphone cases that are different. And your phone case selling business can be called different if you allow personalizing the cases/covers. Well, you might not be able to provide personalized printing unless you have custom phone cases design software integrated to your website.

The prerequisite for configuring one of these tools is, that it should be compatible with your website platform. There are many companies that can provide you with such software. So, you may conduct a research about them, compare the prices along with the different features and functionalities it includes. Once you finish comparing the prices and features of the software, you will be able to make a wise choice.

3. Chose the Models to Focus On

There is enormous number of smartphone models available in the market. iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Blackberry and many more. So, you need to get clarity about the models you want to support. If you chose to focus on all the models available, it might lead to increasing your overhead expenses. Conduct a research on phone models that are in demand. There are rumours that Apple might launch new iPhones – iPhone 9 and iPhone X2 soon. Once you get to know the size and style of these smartphones, you can also offer your customers with phone cases for these new babies. What do you think?

4. Select the Type of Phone Cases

Once you are done selecting the phone models for which you want to sell cases, decide the case type. Take a look at some of the popular cases available in the market.

  • Slim and Gel cases: These are one of the cheapest phone cases that allow easy customization. They are on the thinner side of the phone and give a grip to it through its flexible rubbery silicone gel material.
  • Folio cases: These have wallet like features. They cover the front screen from dust and scratches as well as the back side from damage in case the phone falls down. They appear more practical to customers and come with higher prices compared to the slim ones.
  • Tough cases: It has great utility for those people who have a habit of dropping their phones. Therefore, prefer to get cases that provide protection to their substantial investment rather than giving it a fancy look.
  • Bumper Cases: These provide protection only to the sides/borders of the phone and come with shock-resistant materials. And thereby prevent dings and scratches.
  • Battery Cases: These not only provide protection but renders extra charge to the phone. It can be ideal for those people whose eyes stay glued to the phones and remain awake.

The good news is, all the above cases can be customized and have a printable surface. Therefore, your customers can create different designs on them using a mobile skin design software.

5. Make a list of Equipment/Materials

Do you have a printing facility for printing the customized phone case designs or you would be giving the print ready files to a print manufacturer? In the first scenario, you might have to invest into materials like a printer, sublimation ink, designing materials, etc. If not, you need not worry about the same.

You also might have to get in touch with a phone case manufacturer so that you can keep receiving regular supply to display on your store. If there is anything else needed specifically for your business, you must enlist your requirements so that it doesn't create hurdles at a later stage.

6. Campaign for Your Business

How would you attract customers on your e-store? As a first step, you need to spread information about your business. You have social media platforms at your rescue as they encircle the professional world too! Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn come of great help to e-marketers. They run marketing campaigns which attract a lot of users to their store. So, you can consider doing the same.

As another option, you can go for inbound marketing strategies like writing blogs, articles, press releases, etc. Executing these strategies costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods. Several online business owners are of the opinion that inbound marketing has helped them to move through their sales funnel. You may also opt for some innovative marketing ways like one-day trial, gifting phone cases, holding online competition etc.


Don't get bogged down with competition. Consider integrating a custom phone cases design software and stand out from your competitors. If you offer unique phone cases, customers are sure to get hooked up to your e-store. And, you can make your business more lucrative one. Wish you all the best!

Maulik Shah

After the huge success of Biztech’s other products, founder Maulik Shah ventured out to make a web-to-print software solution, and thus, Brush Your Ideas was born. His visionary ideas and innovative power have always been the cornerstone of the success of the company at every step. Maulik enjoys bird watching, playing cricket and is an avid reader.