Digital Textile Printing + Web-to-Print: A Perfect Blend for your Printing Business

Digital Textile Printing + Web-to-Print: A Perfect Blend for your Printing Business

Fashion is one of the ever-changing and growing industries. Customers need something different everyday and that’s how we see something as a trend new every now and then.

Product customization is one of the popular trends which is here to stay. Because it is a win-win solution not only for customers but for businesses too. Without worrying about inventory, anyone can get started by offering custom prints in the market.

Customization has changed a lot in the fashion industry and helped businesses to explore this new vertical. Today customers prefer custom t-shirts over ready-made ones because it is a doorway to express their individuality. For example; many label records, artists, IT companies, release custom t-shirts. And people even buy them because it offers something different.

So when we say how Digital Textile Printing + Web-to-Print is a perfect blend, it is not limited to just customization. As a print business, you get the opportunity to merge the power of web-to-print that enables you to offer customized offerings and the textile industry. Web-to-Print software enables you to host your online print shop where you can offer customizable textile products.

What is Digital Textile Printing?

The digital textile printing industry has certain similarities with conventional textiles; like the print owners select the fabrics, preheats, and sends for printing which is further steamed, washed, and dried.

But, here digital textile printers use printable images of a graphical data file. It reads the right color information and uses LAB or RGB system and to print with the desired color on the fabric using the minimum ink droplets. The digital method of printing makes it easy to carry out complex printing methods and use multiple colors easily.

Digital textile printing has changed the way businesses carry out printing. Today, most of the print shop owners prefer it due to the ease and flexibility it provides. Furthermore, let’s see some of the major benefits of digital dynamic fabric printing.

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Benefits of Digital Textile Printing:

Less Turnaround Time:

Most of the designs are created digitally using software and sent further for printing. This entire process from creating designs to printing takes a very less amount of time. Thanks to software and clarity in designs, print owners can avoid unnecessary back and forth and last minute changes. This makes the entire printing process easy and faster. Additionally, with the help of software, a few clicks make it easier for print shop owners to create custom printed fabric.

Print on Demand:

Many times customers want their fabrics to be designed, printed, and delivered in a short time. With the help of digital textile printing, this has become easy. Now, businesses have opened a new vertical of print on demand business. This let customers create their own designs on the go and get it delivered timely. Additionally, it has also helped businesses from saving the unnecessary stocks in the inventory which in turn helps in saving money and providing better customer service.

High Resolution and Flexibility:

Digital textile printing overcomes the issue of using less color combinations. It uses less space compared to conventional rotary screen printing. When it comes to accuracy, nothing can beat digital textile printing. The custom printed fabric if done using dynamic fabric prints, will be accurate in terms of colors and are very tidy. You don’t need to worry about the final print as it will be the same as the graphic image.

Low Cost:

This is one of the major advantages of using digital textile print. It doesn’t need to use water for sublimation digital textile prints which lowers the cost. Additionally, it also uses less power and ink which results in less investment. Moreover, the lack of need for screen engraving and color separation too helps in reducing the costs. Less investment helps business owners to research and invest in other verticals if needed. Overall, it helps businesses to invest in the right direction, provide good quality products, and provide customer service.

Supports Multiple Color Combinations:

In dynamic fabric printing the prints are done using inkjet prints which use ink droplets to do printing. This technology helps print owners to carry out complex designs easily and high quality prints. No matter the number of colors used or how complex the design is, printing jobs become easy and automatic. In turn, this has helped customers to create complex designs and businesses using this method are already seeing rise in their sales.

Next up, let’s see a web-to-print software and how integrating it with dynamic fabric printing is helping companies.

Web-to-Print Software Solution:

Web-to-print solutions help businesses to provide better service by giving their customers a platform to create their own designs. You need a great web-to-print tool, integrate, and configure it with your website. Furthermore, you customers can use it easily. Additionally, they can even place an order directly from the website; it reduces unnecessary communication and last minute changes.

There are numerous solutions available in the market like VistaPrint, GotPrint, CanvasPop, Product Designer tool from Brush your Ideas, and more. Amongst these, our Product Designer Tool is definitely a winner when it comes to software solutions because of the ease it provides to understand and create designs.

Web-to-print solutions will help your business a lot in increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. As all designing and customization facilities go online, the printing process becomes easy.

Let’s see some of the features which a web-to-print solution must have.

Feature Rich Library:

Your web-to-print software should have all the necessary features which are needed for creating various designs. It must have things like different font-types, colors, supports various images, clip arts, object handling, and more. Additionally, it also should have a wide range of products like mugs, t-shirts, hats, pin badges, etc. These basic features are a must have for your software solution and to make the designing process fun.

3D Preview:

3D preview is a very useful feature as it helps customers to the final designs before giving it for printing. Once the customers check the entire design in 3D form and if any changes are needed, they can do it right there. It reduces last minute changes in designs, unnecessary back and forth, and time wastage of businesses. Having 3D preview gives customers a detailed overview of how their prints will look and make changes if needed.

Design Templates:

Many times customers struggle with creating various types of designs. To overcome this difficulty and make sure that customers can easily create designs, your tool must have design templates. With the help of design templates, customers can easily create designs. Additionally, with the help of design templates the design process is faster and customers get multiple options to choose from depending on their needs. So, if your customers are in a hurry and need little to no customization then design templates are a go to solution for them.

Social Media Sharing:

When it comes to fashion then sharing on social media platforms is a must. You need to make sure that software is having social media sharing options. You can encourage customers to share the designs directly on the social media handles and showcase their creativity. Apart from that, they can also share it in their social circle to take a second opinion if they need. This sharing makes it possible for you to serve better and also market your brand name.

Supporting Multiple Technologies:

Your website might have developed in any programming language like; Magento, Shopify, wooCommerce, etc. so you need to make sure that the third party tool is supported. You cannot reach out to companies and ask them to develop and tool exclusively for you. It will become a costly solution for you. So, make sure that third party tool which you purchase is supporting all these technologies. Additionally, our Product Designer Tool supports multiple technologies like Magento, Shopify, wooCommerce, API support, and more.

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Mobile App:

Mobile first approach has become the need of an hour for companies. Make sure that the third-party tool supports creating designs on the go. With this, customers can easily create designs anywhere, anytime and send in their print orders. It can help your business set a world-class customer experience.

Wrapping Up:

The combination of dynamic fabric printing and web-to-print solution makes it easy for print owners to carry out printing processes. Additionally, it will even help customers to create their own custom designs from the large library of features. Our experts have helped businesses to start their own eStore and increase their sales. We have even helped them to expand their organization and get more sales. So, if you are looking for a software solution which can help you to provide better customer service, you can reach out to us and our experts will be happy to help you.

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