Designing Marketing Materials Made Easy for Your Print Shop!

Designing Marketing Materials Made Easy for Your Print Shop!

Jul 11th, 2022

While marketing any product, the most confusing process is short-listing the marketing materials one wants for their business. The ultimate goal of using them is to attract their potential customers and increase their brand awareness.

As a printing business owner, you can help your customers to choose the right marketing material by offering them an array of various options. This will help them to choose the best from all by comparing the potential of each. You can also increase your revenue by selling customizable marketing materials. This is a unique approach in the market.

Here, you let your customers indulge in designing marketing materials of their own with the product design tool. This tool has helpful editing features like text, fonts, colors, clip art, artwork, templates, etc.

In this blog, we will share all the information you require as a print business owner about marketing materials and their types.

A Brief You Should Not Miss

Marketing materials are basically content designed to market your company’s products and services to potential customers. These materials can be in various forms like brochures, samples, digital QR Codes, etc. Here, you can target the pain point of end customers that your customer’s company’s products or services can solve. Make it creative and relevant.

Marketing Material Types

1. Business Cards

Business Cards-2

Business cards are a never-getting-old way to promote the business. It has everything one needs to market their business, including name, logo, contact number, address, types of products or services the company provides, etc. Business cards reflect a professional impression to the holder. By keeping business cards handy at all times, your customers can hand convenient marketing material to their potential clients. They are classy with catchy graphics and content and, more of all – convenient.


2. Brochures

Brochures include a single sheet of paper usually folded into three sections. Here, you can create six areas to fill the information by printing on both sides of the brochure.


These are perfect as handouts at events and are top-notch information packets for visitors. For example, a game arena may use a brochure including a map on one side and advertisement of some of the premium features available for guests on the other. This way your customers can provide necessary information with a side of smooth marketing.

3. Billboards

Billboards are used as a traditional form of advertising which is still highly effective. One can increase the benefit of their billboard campaign by placing the ad in right places like high-traffic areas or near some famous building where customers can notice it. You, as a print owner, can suggest the customers to design their own billboards in the most creative and unique way possible.


You can advise them to follow the current trend of making a series of billboards and putting them up at some distance from each other to build more interest. With the Product Design Tool, you can easily provide customization for wide prints. With features like bleed-cut safe lines, you can guide your customers to design appropriately.

With the Brush Your Ideas Product Design Tool, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your print.


4. Advertising Cards


Advertising cards are basically postcard-sized flyers. They are usually printed on cardstock. Your customers can use advertising cards as part of their mailing campaign or hand out these cards at events. They can feature key advantages of their product or service on the cards.

5. Giveaway Boxes

Even you know that offering people the chance to win something for free is the most effective way to earn business. Here, giveaway boxes are the marketing material you need to offer to the customers. These are used when they are having a giveaway campaign where they choose a lucky winner at every appropriate interval and ship them the giveaway boxes. These boxes may contain some of the most selling or the newest launched items of the brand or any other products that can interest the customer.

Giveaway Boxes

Your customers can design their packaging boxes through a box design tool, and you can simply print and ship the boxes with desired designs.

6. Flyer

Flyers are the most inexpensive way of marketing your business. You can create flyers to hang in areas occupied with frequent pedestrians. Flyers have appealing graphics to encourage passers to stop and do a quick read of easy-to-understand content.


Brush Your Ideas makes customizing flyers easy for you and your customers.


How to Design Marketing Materials

Now that you are aware of the materials you can offer to your customers, you might be wondering how to design marketing materials effectively. Well, I have an answer to that:

  • Keep the market trends in mind
  • Keep their audience and their geographical details in center
  • Provide customization services with the Product Design Tool
  • Keep branding as the ultimate purpose
  • Use fonts and colors correctly
  • Never compromise on quality
  • Keep the contact details, company name, and logo always visible

Help your customers build communication and engagement through designing marketing materials and easy customization services with Brush Your Ideas.

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Shruti Bhatt

Shruti Bhatt

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