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How Can Your Customers Add Images to T-shirts Using Brush Your Ideas Design Tool?

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October 23 2018

Hello Folks! The last time we talked about Brush Your Ideas and what benefits does it offer with its Text features. This time, we are back to acquaint you with the Image features of Brush Your Ideas Design Tool. Whether your customer base consists of typographer, graphic designer, illustrator or a layman; the idea of adding images is always enticing and appealing.

When it comes to adding images to t-shirts using a t-shirt design software, there are a range of options available. It is possible to add a photograph of a memory that you cherish, a picture of your favorite celebrity or a person you look up to. With Brush Your Ideas t-shirt design tool, your customers can add images to the t-shirt of their choice with ease. So, without further ado, let us understand what are the features you can explore when it comes to the Image Features of Brush Your Ideas:

Insert Image

One of the biggest issues that customers face while inserting image into a t-shirt or any other object is that, the entire image gets embossed on it. What if they want to use just a part of it? Let's say, they are a part of some picture and they want to put only that part of themselves in the t-shirt. So, how would they do it? This is where the Insert Image option comes to the rescue.

Using it your customers can use only that part of the picture they wish to print on the products by cropping it. They can also stretch and resize the image. Here's how they can go about using the image on t-shirt:

  1. Add an image in the t-shirt, go to the images tab and image effects sub tab.
  2. Select the image effect of your choice
  3. Add multiple image effects on the single image.

Manage Height and Width

"I like the image of mountain on my t-shirt but I want to make it look bigger than this." "I wish Leonardo di Caprio on my t-shirt would look taller than what he is." Now, if your customers come up to you with demands like this and you don't know what to do, this option will serve the right purpose. Your customers will be able to change the width and height of the objects they add on the t-shirt. And will that affect the pixels of the image? Definitely not!

Your customers can drag the image and add pixel values in the height and width boxes. All they need to do is set the ‘Enable Ratio Toggle' option which will help them to maintain the aspect ratio whenever they want to resize the objects. Here's how they can do it:

  1. Click on ‘Enable Ratio'
  2. Enter the value of height/width for the image object. Other attributes of the image will manage themselves automatically based on the value of the attribute.
  3. Enter the width of the image in the ‘W' field and Height in the ‘H' field

Image Background

Without a background, the image on the t-shirt might end up looking like a cake without a frosting layer. Brush Your Ideas t-shirt printing software enables your customers to add different background colors for the customized design they have created on the t-shirt. Here's how they can go about it

  1. Go to the ‘Images' tab and select the ‘background' sub tab.
  2. Select the background color they want to apply from the available color options
  3. In case one wants to remove the background, there is an availability of ‘Remove Background' option.

The background option is sure to help your customers enliven the image on the t-shirt.

Clipart Management

Using clipart is one of the best ways to make t-shirts look attractive and funny! Be it a favorite cartoon, character, or a caricature of someone or a one-word expression. Brush Your Ideas comes with a library of 1000+ Clipart put into different categories. They can select the clipart of their choice and emboss it on the t-shirt. Take a look at the method of using clipart on the t-shirts.

  1. Go through the categories of clipart from the selection panel. It is also possible to search for a particular clipart.
  2. In case they want to crop the clipart, they have an access to the crop selection box and cut the part of the clipart they want to use in the design.
  3. Once the clipart is cropped, they can add the edited clipart to the product and conduct image operations on it.

Image Upload

The images your customers want to use might not be available online or in the options available on your website. Also, the fad of uploading pictures on social media platforms like Instagram is on the rise. Using the Social Media Upload feature of BYI, your customers can upload images from Instagram and Facebook. Here's how they can go about it:

  1. Navigate to the images tab and click on the upload sub tab
  2. Check on the "I have the rights to use these images" checkbox
  3. Choose and upload the design from the device (computer, laptop, mobile) as well as Facebook and Instagram.

In case your customers go beyond threshold of uploading custom image, you can display the error message you have set and configured in the backend.

We hope you enjoyed the journey of understanding how the Image feature of Brush Your Ideas works. And just when you thought, this was it; it isn't. Stay tuned as we will continue with this journey in the next blog.

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