Fuzzypickletshirts, founded in 1962 is a well established US based online store that sells custom printed t-shirts for all age groups. They used Brush Your Ideas t-shirt designer solution to provide personalized elements such as arc text, effects, rotations of images, object move & control etc. for their customers. With Brush Your Ideas t-shirt designer solution, customers of Fuzzypickletshirts are much more satisfied now as they have got various custom design options to choose from.


Sign FX, based in California, US, is one of the leading providers of vinyl stickers and decals for Schaefer Ambulance Service. The company is known for offering quality banner design solutions. Brush Your Ideas banner designer solution from Biztech helped them have diverse customization features for designing banners online. Their customers can easily customize size and width of banners as per their needs and create posters and banners as per their liking.


Mijnkadokraam.nl is a Dutch online giftshop selling a variety of gifting items. They used Brush Your Ideas solution to give their customers a responsive product design tool. Customers can explore a wide variety of accessories for kids, babies and other gifting items and customize them by adding creative effects like “masking”, “designing” and many others. Thus, customers can give a personal touch to their gifts and make them a prized possession for their loved ones.


iReflect, a leading fashion online store based in Dubai offers products such as, jeans, t-shirts, denim, shoes, gift articles, photos and décor. They used Brush Your Ideas product design solution to offer a unique online shopping experience to their buyers. Our development team also helped them with various custom features wherein admin can specify the price per clip art and design area for particular products.


New Zealand based Look Sharp Store, founded in 2008 offers more than 3000 gift products and sells across the globe. The store owner wanted to have creative product design solutions that can help their customers customize items in a unique way. With Brush Your Ideas, it is easy for their customers to view products and personalize their gifts the way they want. They can use features like zoom in & zoom out.


Grab-N-Ad is an online store based in Illinois, United States. It helps empower merchants to market themselves professionally on social media. The store provides Ad designing solutions for all business sectors. They used Brush Your Ideas to offer customers with various banner Ads, so that they can post them to social media platforms. Customers can design and customize their ads and use them to promote their brand online.


Yafaline is a US based online store and has been selling promotional product for distributors since last 37 years. The company is dedicated to offering their customers a unique, personalized, and easy online shopping experience. Brush Your Ideas helped them have custom design solutions for products like pens, luxury pens, syringe pens, etc. Gifting distributors can modify the products with any creative elements they like.


Trendmart, a store located in Tallinn, Estonia offers a huge collection of products such as t-shirt, mug, photo frame, pendant, lighters, etc. to its customers. They used Brush Your Ideas to provide custom gifting items to their customers, so that they can have better products in terms of quality. Their buyers can create unique printable designs and use it for various products like t-shirts, mugs, wrist watches, trophies etc.

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