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Business Plan

$159 /month

Mobile-First Product Designer

Lifetime Free Support

  • One-Time Setup Cost : $349 only
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited orders / month

Inclusive services

  • Free Installation

On the go Features

  • Product Explorer
  • Industry wise UI layout manager
  • Multiple Design Areas
  • Multiple Design Sides
  • Product Image Selection for Tool
  • Save and Reuse Designs
  • Live and Dynamic Pricing
  • User Interactive tour
  • Preloaded Fonts
  • Multilingual Support

Management Operations

  • Artwork Manager
  • Template Manager
  • Cliparts Manager (10000+ built-in)
  • Color Management for Printing
  • Customizable Text and Messages
  • Design Control Features
  • Features On / Off
  • Editable Vector Pdf
  • CMYK Color Support with RGB
  • Theme Layout (Dark/Light)
  • DPI based Output
  • Custom Output size
  • RTL Coming Soon
  • Ruler & Gridlines

Designer Core Features

  • Rich Text Editor
  • Curved Text
  • Advanced Text editing Options
  • Personalized Image Upload
  • SVG Support
  • Image Editor with Effects
  • Advanced Image Effects
  • Opacity and Blur Capability
  • Drag and Drop Images
  • Background Color and Images

Further More to Designer

  • Object/Image Resoultion Manager
  • Object Explorer and Management
  • Autoload Masking on Objects
  • Design Preview, Watermarking, Download
  • Social Media Sharing

Ready Add-Ons

Balance out your industry offerings

Printing Special Add-ons

  • Manage Printing Methods

  • Hot Folder

  • Print Job Manager

    Coming Soon

Audience Grabber Add-ons

  • Advanced Image/Background Manager

  • Name and Number

  • Lock Feature

    Coming Soon

Gifting Special Add-ons

  • Social Media Image Import

  • Custom Fonts Manager


Wide Format Add-ons

  • Photo Album

  • Photo Collage


Card and Paper Industry Add-ons

  • Canvas Resize

    Coming Soon
  • Cut, Safe, Bleed Manager

    Coming Soon

Mobile Interface

  • Native Mobile App

    Coming Soon

Custom Business Extensions

Value Boosters expanding businesses

On-demand Solutions

  • B2C Marketplace

  • Artist C2C Marketplace

  • B2B Marketplace

  • B2B W2P Print Store

  • Mockup GeneratorComing Soon

  • 3D Preview

  • Photo CalendarComing Soon


  • PrintXpand (ERP) Integration

  • Print Inventory Integrations

  • Complete end-to-end solution

Supplier Integrations

  • Essent Corporation

  • Facilisgroup

  • Geiger

  • Halo Branded Solutions

  • Hit Promotional Products

  • PCNA

  • SanMar Corp.

  • Koozie Group

  • Staples, Inc

  • Starline USA, Inc

  • Alphaorder

Additional services

  • Web Store Development

  • Artwork Development

  • Product Portfolio Migration

  • No Revenue Sharing

  • Live Training

  • Secure & Stable Product

  • Lifetime Free Support

  • Lifetime Free Updates


Shop Online For Him

Graham Dewhirst - Shop Online For Him

We selected Biztech because they had the right solution at the right price for us and their dedication, service and support have been wonderful. We are an entry level ecommerce business and while at the scoping stage we were contacting many possible vendors but the outreach and encouragement from...

PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH

Andreas Wolframm - PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH

Thanks again for the great service and we will be back for more! We have been working with Biztech since January 2019. During the time we purchased the Brush your Ideas extension and used the customization service several times. Biztech is always so helpful, patient and professional by answering our...


André Cedermarker - Flexbox

When we started our business 15 years ago we developed our own product designer, but when upgrading to Magento 2 we started looking for other tools already available. Our choice was Brush your Ideas and we have no regrets at all. The customer service is top-notch and every question or issue we have...


Oliver Helmstädter - Mittwaldserver

I installed this extension and as I had some issues first with the connect install (that it does not work properly) and second with the site getting live after the timer expiration I contacted the developer and I should say that I'm completely pleased with support and product I recieved.

Arsenikos Stathis

Arsenikos Stathis - Stampaland

Thank you very much for everything. You were there when I really need you. I tried a lot of customizations but none as good as brushyourideas. Perfect Value for money. It is very strong tool that helps a lot of our orders to grow. I recommend BrushYourIdeas because they know what they do. Perfect...


Patrick - Mijnkadokraam

Met wat aanpassingen een goede productdesigner productdesigner onlangs aangeschaft en er vooralsnog erg tevreden over. Om hem helemaal naar ons zin te maken waren wel wat aanpassingen met bijbehorende kosten nodig maar alle lof voor deze ontwikkelaar. Ze denken fijn mee, reageren snel op mail en...

  • Points to Note
  • Release Note
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • General
    • Custom API
    • Product Design Tool
    • Pricing

Points to Note

  • API Authorization from OAuth 1.0
  • It is mandatory to have a website with live domain on HTTPS to make sure that the social media import feature (Get Images from Facebook/Instagram) works properly. To get Facebook app ID, the customer needs to submit business Idea with Facebook and get approval as per their new algorithm.
  • SVG file needs to be uploaded for artwork and design templates. Rest Vector files are yet not supported.
  • Once templates are created using an artwork, it will take 3-5 minutes to reflect in the grid (This time is for generation using the Cron process).
  • Output generation in the admin module will take 3-5 Minutes.
  • Name Number will work for simple as well as configurable products.
  • Supported file format PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, EPS, AI.
  • Editable PDF does not support OTF fonts.
  • Object Lock
    • Will work if design template features in purchased
  • Cache
    • Cache will be stored for 15 minutes in browser side.
    • For Magento caching, the admin needs to set the cache lifetime.
  • Editable PDF
    • This feature doesn’t support OTF fonts.
    • The background of the canvas will work as an image in the PDF and will not be editable.
  • Cut, Safe, Bleed Manager
    • Cut, Safe, Bleed Manager with custom shape masking is required and path should be there in making SVG image.
  • API Supported Option Types:
    • Text:
      • Field
      • Area
    • Select:
      • Drop_down
      • Radio
      • Checkbox
      • Multiple
    • File/Date:
      • Date
      • Date_time
      • Time
  • Custom options only compatible with our Product API. Not compatible with the source system (PHP)

Release Note

Version: 3.0.0 : August 11, 2021
  • Enhanced UI
  • Enhanced UX
  • Industry Specific Layouts
  • Enhanced Collections for artworks, cliparts, fonts, background images
  • Complete Code Restructure
  • Background Manager
  • Artwork Manager
  • Ready to Sell Template Manager
  • Admin Backend Revamp
  • Enhancement in other Addons like Name Number, Printing Methods
  • Enhanced Add to Cart Popup
  • Import Operations (Multiple design area, sides & Other Modules)
  • Layers Manager
  • Multiple Other File Format Support Like - Raster (JPG, PNG), Vector Images (PDF, EPS, AI, SVG)
  • Enhanced Dynamic Live Pricing
  • Google Drive for Social Media Fetching
  • Enhancement in Output Module.
Version: 2.0.5 : February 17, 2021
  • Compatible product API with custom options
  • Autofit resize/Adjustment for Layers & Lock feature Enhancement
  • Background removal
  • CSV upload for name number
  • Dynamic Canvas size - Width Dynamic
  • Auto-zoom according to Screen
  • Canvas Resize, Bleed/Cut/Safe Margin, Ruler and Grid Lines, RTL
  • Mobile UI - Tabs management, Revised Desktop Layout
  • Improving the tool's loading speed and output generation using Node
  • Product Configurator with SVG
  • 3D Preview for Customers
Version: 2.0.4 : April 15, 2020
  • Manage stages with color, time specification.
  • Manage workflow for products.
  • Order ticket generation.
  • Job Management
    • List of all the jobs in list/calendar view.
    • Update the job date and status from the job list as well as from the calendar.
    • Update the status of the specific job using the barcode of status displayed in ticket.
  • Get the order information as well as job product information using the barcode displayed in the order ticket.
Version: 2.0.3 : March 25, 2020
  • Photo Album
  • Drag an image from the system or from the clipart/upload section to the canvas area.
  • Add/Remove new slide
  • Apply Different Layouts and Design Ideas from layout tab and Design Ideas tab.
  • Output Type: Coffee and Lay flat
Version: 2.0.2 : March 24, 2020
  • Smoother, faster and secure end to end solution
  • Technical enhancement and bug fixing
Version: 1.0.1 : February 19, 2020
  • Arc/Curve for text
  • Editable Vector PDF
  • CMYK Color Support
  • Quote Management
  • Minor Enhancement and Bug Fixing
Version: 1.0.0 : November 21, 2019
  • Product Designer Tool API Solution is Released.

General FAQs


Do you provide a live demo (on Skype)?

Yes, you can get a personalized live demonstration from our experts in your time zone and according to your convenience. Click here for a free guided demo. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can I use the single product designer tool for the personalization of any range of products I offer on my web store?

Yes, our web-to-print product designer tool works for any range of simple and configurable products showcased on your web store. You will need to enable the product designer tool for each product.

Do you have a refund policy?

No, we do not provide refunds as this is a Hosted solution. The payment will keep recurring as per the plan you select (monthly/yearly). If at any given point you want to discontinue the service, you will have to approach us and we'll cancel the order for you.

What are the support Options comes along with the Purchase?

For one time licensed product, 3 months Free support will be available. For, Recurring/SaaS products, Lifetime Support (until your profile is active) will be available. If you need any specific items to be included, please feel free to reach to our support team.

Can I upgrade to a different plan after the subscription starts?

Yes, you can upgrade to a different plan. As our features are devided into addons, you can visit our website to purchase any addons you want. Once you complete your payment for that particular addon, you can download the zip file from your My Account section.

Can I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it? If yes, are there any charges for the transfer?

Yes, you can transfer the license. We provide it free for "Four" times a year.

Does product designer tool fit my industry?

We have developed “Brush Your Ideas” product designer tool keeping a wide range of industries in mind. We are sure there is a very promising and prominent role of our product designer tool in your industry. For any further details, connect with our Product experts on a Skype call and they can suggest the best possible use of our product designer tool on the basis of your industry.

Does it require any customization to be used for my industry?

No, it doesn’t require any customization on your website. Your users can easily design the products minutes after you have installed the same on your web store. It will seamlessly work with your products.

What if I want to install on more than one domain or development server?

On single domain purchase, we allow one live and one complimentary development domain. But if you would like to use the extension on other than these two domains with a single installation, then you need to pay extra for additional domains.

Does it facilitate to load already designed products’ templates?

Yes, of course. The product designer tool provides the feature in which admin can design templates for products on the store and showcase the same on their website to get their customers started with designing.

Is your product designer tool compatible with iPad and iPhone?

Yeah, the “Brush Your Ideas” product designer tool is fully responsive. It will work on every smartphone and tablet.

Which Browsers does this Magento tool support?

Our Magento Designer Tool supports the following browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

What Server Specification do you use for this?

A Private cloud server instance with 8 GB RAM, 160 GB Storage, 4 Core CPU and 20 TB Traffic Capacity. If you need higher specifications, do contact our support team at support@brushyourideas.com

Do you provide Product Training?

Yes, we provide product training after the product installation.



What this API is about in the tool?

We've added REST APIs built on modern, standards-based technologies such as OAuth and JSON.

What programming languages does Brushyourideas support?

This tool supports all the type of languages.

What is REST APIs?

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. Most of the Brush Your Ideas Web Services use "REST-Like" RPC-style operations over HTTP GET or POST requests with parameters URL encoded into the request.

From where to get print-ready files?

You can get output-ready files once the order is placed. You can download it from orders section.

How to migrate data on tolls page?

You can send JSON data provided by us in a fixed defined format with a valid credential for a specific URL.

Which modules needs to be migrated for tools?

We need some data list to work with tools like customer, category, products, order, etc.

How many ways to migrate data?

There are two ways to migrate data. 1) Migration the same time 2) Cron based migration

Can you describe ways to migrate data?

It totally depends upon your business needs.

How to change basic settings of tool's page and basic settings of the product design area?

We provide admin details to you, so that you can manage all the kinds of stuff.

Can we update Image of products?

No, we don’t have an image update facility of products in the API call. You will need to upload it manually on website and tool’s server.

Product Design Tool FAQs


What is the DPI of design output?

Please checkout the URL to have niche idea.

What would be the downloadable and saved design file type?

Customers will be able to download and save the designs in .jpg or .png file format.

What would be the output file type?

The printable output file format will be in .pdf, .jpg and .svg. Moreover, it will be visible in the order information tab in your admin panel.

What are the image formats uploaded by the customer?

Customer can upload custom images in .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .svg file formats.

Is flash required to run this product designer tool?

No, it is not required. Web-to-print product designer tool is HTML5 based.

Are there any restrictions on the resolution of the product image?

Yes, to get high-quality output, you will have to upload a high-resolution product base image.

How to set the configuration so the customers upload high-resolution images?

Yes, you can set the minimum image size from the admin panel under the configurations tab.

How to create design templates?

Go to “Make the Design” option in the product grid. You can access your all designed templates from Manage Design Templates menu, and Design Template Categories.

Do we need to add a separate catalog for designer products or will it work with the existing catalog?

No, there is no need to create a separate catalog for designer products. You just need to enable our designer tool for the designer products in your existing catalog.

Which image library is used in this extension?

This tool uses GD libraries default for PHP.

How will grouping of all objects work into the canvas?

Based on the user inputs, all the selected objects will be considered as a single object and user will be able to edit and manage that grouped object using the tool.

How the object alignment will work?

For single object, alignment will work according to the design area canvas, but for group of selected objects, will align them according to objects

How Name & Number feature will work?

You have to enable Name & Number from product configurations. It will only work with Configurable products.

What is cache lifetime?

For angular, cache lifetime is of 15 minutes. For Magento, admin need to set cache lifetime from configurations.

How to create masking images?

Please refer to this video link for a clear idea on how to create masking images.

Pricing FAQs


What are the payment plans?

You can refer the Product Designer Tool payment plans from here.

Is the upgrade chargeable?

Yes, upgrades is chargeable. You will have to pay as per your upgraded package. It includes lifetime free update and support period. For further information let's talk

Which payment options are available?

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit / Debit Cards and Bank transfer.