• Customization will remain same as discussed, excluding any further changes or additional changes. Any such changes will be considered as a new project and will be quoted separately.
  • All types of customization support will be available for one month only, which starts from the date of delivery of the project. For further support you must extend the support period, which will attract additional cost.
  • Customization cost will not include any existing extension installation or exchange of the extension (if it’s not quoted in the project cost).
  • During project customization it is suggested not to edit or change any of the files and keep the backup with you in case you make any changes in the files / folder / database / setting and do inform us (if we’re working on the project or if your support period has not lapsed).
  • If during /after the customization you change the template and if things go wrong we will not be responsible for this.
  • All the communication will take place through email . We can discuss on skype once in week or month (we don’t encourage screen sharing and remote desktop) if need be.
  • Customization cost will not include any free consulting outside the scope of the project.
  • In case you make any changes by yourself or by your team and it goes then we will not be responsible for that even during support period of the module or project.

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