Case Study: TrophySmack’s Many Custom Requirements and Our Successful Design Tool Implementation

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TrophySmack is a US-based company specializing in all types of fantasy sports trophies. It includes fantasy football trophies, baseball trophies, basketball trophies, belts, draft boards, and more. Our client aspired to have a distinguished company and attract more customers.


Shopify, Magento 2, Angular, Node, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • The client purchased a premium version of our Shopify design tool with a lock feature add-on
  • After initial installation, we assisted the client in setting up their products with the design tool
  • During product setup, we figured that a few additional add-ons could be beneficial to our client. The client agreed to our suggestions and purchased add-ons like Name & Number with CSV.
  • After making our tool live for their users, our client shared some new custom requirements to make the design tool flow easier for end-users. So, based on their specific requirements, we customized our tool.
  • To provide users with some additional fonts, they went on to purchase our custom font manager.
  • Currently, their customers are using our tool seamlessly to buy personalized products.


Our client was selling fantasy sports trophies without the element of personalization. To offer an exceptional shopping experience, they wanted their customers to personalize these items. They took the trial of our product and then decided to purchase a plan.

Project Requirement

To enable product customization, the client wanted a design tool integrated with their Shopify store. They wanted a tool that can be completely customized as per their business logic. For instance, they wanted to include additional fonts, remove certain functionalities, and so on.


  • We assisted the client in configuring their existing products with our design tool.
  • Our team guided them on how to create ready-made templates for their products.
  • Installed a font manager add-on for the client to add additional fonts apart from the tool’s default font library.
  • We enhanced our arc, template, and text features for a better customer experience based on the client's requirements.
  • Customized the default clipart feature to directly add cliparts on the product with their required size.
  • Disabled some default functionalities of our tool as per the client’s requirement.
  • Added a Facebook live chat option on our tool page for the company to help any customer promptly.
  • The client wanted a seamless designing experience for end customers. Hence, we enhanced some buttons (Undo, Redo & Reset) to highlight them in web and mobile view.
  • Customized clipart tab for admin to get complete control over what end users can choose. Admin can now allow or deny particular clipart categories for each product.


Because of the above customizations, our client got a design tool on their store as per their business logic. For end customers, our tool made the process of customization easy.


Our designer tool has enabled TrophySmack to sell customized fantasy sports trophies, which was not possible previously. Introducing our user-friendly and feature-rich design tool helped TrophySmack deliver a better shopping experience and increase profit margin.

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