Case Study: Aiding Tabca Group to Sell Personalized Wine Boxes

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Tabca Group offers amazing wine boxes for both private and corporate events. In fact, what they have is not just another wine box. The company came up with a unique and eco-responsible concept of upcycled packaging that helps in extending the lifespan of packaging. Meaning, customers can re-use a wine box in different ways. To further provide value to customers, Tabca decided to let its customers customize their wine boxes.


Shopify, PHP, Magento 2, Angular, Node, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Our client purchased our Shopify design tool. After initial setup and training, we assisted them in setting up the products as per their requirement.
  • We did some customization to enable/disable the main tabs (text/image) based on the sides of the specific product.
  • Our team did some smaller enhancements like design button color, zoom feature, all product section logos & more.
  • We have also installed a theme layout (dark/light) add-on to change the design tool’s theme color as per their site's color scheme.
  • We customized some design tool features like redo, undo, reset, etc., to make them more prominent in the mobile view, and customers can seamlessly use them.


Tabca Group provided amazing wine boxes for private and corporate events with its unique and eco-responsible concept of upcycled packaging. They wanted to further provide the designing ability to their customers while purchasing their favorite boxes.

Project Requirement

Our client got in touch with us to enable product customization for their wine boxes. They wanted some customizations in the default features based on their site's theme and business requirements. Secondly, they wished to enhance the default mobile view of the design tool.


  • We helped set up the essential Shopify design tool.
  • Customized our tool to display some main tabs of the design tool based on products' sides.
  • Our team enhanced a few features of the tool to showcase the design tool's theme as per their site's color scheme.
  • Further, we also installed a theme layout add-on to align it with our client’s brand.
  • Customized to enhance some of the design tool's features for a mobile view like zoom, reset, undo, redo.


With our user-friendly and feature-rich tool, customers can easily design a box of their choice. A little customization from our side has enabled them to enjoy the tool’s functionality exactly the way they want.


Using our product designer tool, they can give a value proposition to their client base. They have significantly seen an increase in new visitors and sales.

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