Case Study: How BrushYourIdeas Upgraded Rafasshop’s Designer Tool?

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Rafasshop is a company specialized in the distribution of textile products for wholesalers, advertising agencies, reclamists, serigraphs, embroiderers and sports stores. Among these services they also provide services like printing of advertising t-shirts with a massive production of 10000 to 15,000 garments a day.


Magento 1, HTML5, Ajax

Project Highlights

  • Flash to HTML5 Migration of Designer Tool
  • Printing Method Customization
  • Price calculation Customization
  • Abandoned Email Template Customization
  • Multiple Cart Integration with Designer tool
  • Customization to display Out of Stock Products

“In the last few years we have worked with a lot of external developers to improve our magento store, and Biztech is the best company which we have worked with. We chose Biztech to work on our last project, an online t-shirt designer in html5. They have developed an extension that had what we needed. But we also got a long and complex list of custom features incorporated in the t-shirt designer tool, with totally new skin and very complex calculations. Biztech has a special team with magento certified developers, so they have the required know-how, and can develop any feature or fix any bug/issue very fast. What we also liked about Biztech is that their support team is very professional and friendly, with huge patience. One surprising thing for me was that one time when we had to contact the developer directly, we found that he was very friendly, and understood our requirements fast. This is something not commonly found in developers of other companies and and we normally have to put in extra efforts to get our point across to developers. Biztech accomplished everything that was promised to us. We are very happy with them, and actually are in the process of starting bigger projects with them. We can recommend Biztech 100%. KEEP IT UP”

Sergio Alfaro, CEO Rafasshop


The client was searching for an advanced t-shirt designer developed in HTML5 that worked on mobile devices in responsive mode. They wanted the responsiveness to be so good that customers can order their designed t-shirts using their mobile devices in easy steps. They even tested 7-8 different product designers before using BrushYourIdeas, and none of them worked as per their expectations. All of the other tools had a lot of issues in functionality or were not responsive enough for mobile or had problems with the design elements.

Project Requirements

Rafasshop website had a flash based designer tool for their Magento 1 powered website. They wanted to upgrade the tool from Flash to HTML. They wanted to enhance the features of the tool to be more robust and feature rich to let their end customers customize products. BrushYourIdeas had a Magento based designer tool built with HTML.

During this period, the BrushYourIdeas designer tool was merely desktop friendly designer tool with limited features as it was during the early stages of the Product development lifecycle. However, the requirements of Rafasshop and the future scope of the Product was much in-line. One of the critically significant requirement was mobile compatibility and some of the out of the box customizations. Such as,

  • Print Color Management
  • PX to CM Converter
  • My Designs
  • High-Resolution Output Files
  • Multi-Language/Stores/Websites Support
  • Printing Method and Price calculation (Based on area size or color counter) Customization
  • Multiple Cart Integration with Designer tool
  • Abandoned Email Template Customization and Integration with Designer Tool
  • Custom Design Templates
  • Save Customer Uploaded Images
  • Sales Order Reorder
  • Multiple Color Purchase with Same Design
  • Reminder for Visitor Designs If Added to the Cart
  • Generated PDF and Output Zip Automatically
  • Set Design Area Based on Centimeter Values from the Back-end
  • Customization to Display Out of Stock Products
  • Automated re-indexing
  • Ongoing Support/Maintenance For Designer Tool and Website


  • Integrated multiple printing methods with the designer tool, Price was calculated on the basis of the printing method. We also added a solution to add custom products to the cart with specific printing method by use of colors that were used to customize the product.
  • Implementation of change product via Ajax to maintain page design.
  • Addition of custom products based on the Name & Numbers field to the specific printing method and calculated the price in accordance to that.
  • Auto-adjustment from Pixels to Centimeters as the Admin would set the design area in pixels and system calculates the centimeters automatically based on the ratio calculation. Moreover, the price would also be calculated on its own based on the centimeters as per the price metrics.


We integrated BrushYourIdeas designer tool with the client’s website and fulfilled all their customization requests. Eventually, what emerged from all the customization is one of the most advanced and responsive t-shirt designer tools in the market providing great options to the client’s wholesalers and retail customers - like selecting the printing method from all the existing techniques (SilkScreen, Direct Print, Vinyl, Sublimation, Embroidery,etc.), providing different prices based on the number of colors, area design, total ordered t-shirts, customer group, tiered magento price, design in four sides of the t-shirt, the ability to add extra t-shirts in different colors using same design, etc.


As soon as BrushYourIdeas customized t-shirt designer was installed in the client’s website, they started receiving orders from their store, even without promoting their new product design feature. The client’s customers found their t-shirt designer very easy to use in all the provided features without the need to contact them for any guidance on using the design tool. Their customers also included some retail customers who ordered sports jerseys using advanced features like name/number and adding their own logos. Our design tool also helped client in simplifying the backend process as the final output images could be easily synced with their printing process.

What Next?

We currently continue providing ongoing support and maintenance to Rafasshop. As an ongoing development cycle, we continue adding more features in the existing designer tool of theirs

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