Case Study: How We Helped PorcelainSite Integrate Designer Tool For Their Diverse Product Range

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PorcelainSite Geschenkideen is a Germany-based online store. Its product line includes all sorts of glasses and gift sets. Beer glasses, champagne glasses, shot glasses, whiskey glasses, jars, mugs, you name it and their diverse section has it. The store owner wanted to add more value to their customers by providing customizable products. And our Product Designer Tool helped them fulfil their requirements.


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Project Highlights

  • Client wanted a Product Design Software that is compatible with their store’s diverse product range including engraved glasses, and porcelain mugs.
  • They were looking for a cutting-edge and user-friendly tool that can be directly integrated with their Magento store.
  • They partnered with us, and considering their business logic, our team suggested certain modifications in the tool for better results.
  • After they purchased the Magento Product Designer Tool, our team assisted them at every step of installation and setup.
  • Today, the customers of PorcelainSite can customize and add a personal touch to their favorite products.
  • The tool’s ease-of-use has ensured that our client’s end-customers can quickly create designs, and place their order.
  • Our tool helped streamline and automate the pre-press process by generating print-ready files including vector, non-vector, or PDF files.

Hear Directly What Our Client Has to Say!

“Thanks again for the great service and we will be back for more! We have been working with Biztech since January 2019. During the time we purchased the Brush your Ideas extension and used the customization service several times. Biztech is always so helpful, patient and professional by answering our questions. Wonderful to have a service company that you know you can trust!”

Andreas Wolframm, CEO PorcelainSite Geschenkideen GmbH


Our client has an up and running business with a massive product offering. They wished to take their online business a step ahead with product customization. To accomplish their goal, they joined hands with us by integrating our Product Design Tool. Now their customers can customize and engrave or print anything from candy jars to glass lanterns.

Project Requirement

The client wanted a customization tool with the capabilities to handle a varied product range. They were on the look out for a tool that makes customization easy for end-users, and is scalable enough to help them grow. Their search ended with Brush Your Ideas.


Once the client got in touch with us, our team of industry and technical experts handled the project in the following way.

  • Every business has different requirements and so did our client’s business of catering engraved and printed glasses. The thing with glass engraving is that unlike printing, they do not require to have colors. The outcome of a customized product with either a text or image added will be limited to grey. Therefore, for customizing engraved glasses, we suggested to disable the feature to customize colors. This made the customization process a lot simple.
  • After a simple integration process with the assistance of our team, the tool became a part of their Magento admin panel.
  • Using just one tool, they can now enable product customization for different kinds of products including engraved, and printed products.


Customizing the tool’s functionalities as per the business logic did the trick for their businesses’ success. It not just made customization easy for their customers, but also gave them more control over the tool. After integrating the tool, PorcelainSite saw an increase in satisfied customers, and generated sales.


The intuitive and responsive UI of the tool makes it super easy for end-customers to customize our client’s products from any device.

Using the text feature, they can add messages, quotes, company name, etc., use different font styles, bold, italicize, and more. Users can browse from an in-built clipart library, and also upload custom images to make a product visually appealing.

Using the dynamic pricing system of the tool, our client can set custom pricing for each customization which gets displayed in real-time on the front-end.

Our thorough support at every stage bagged us their trust and we are glad to be an all-in-one tech partner for ProcelainSite.

The tool’s scalability has enabled our client to grow with ease. They can without any worry expand their offerings to add more customizable products of different categories, because they now have a full-fledged tool to cater to all their customization needs.

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