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Overview is one of the leading websites in the Netherlands which provides unique gifts, printed textiles and photo gifts. They dominate the domain with their variety of the products at extremely competitive prices. They are also one of the leading players in the region for custom gifts and photo gifts.


Magento 2, Flash, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • Website Theme Update With Customization
  • Arc Feature For Text Customization
  • Generate SVG Output
  • Security Enhancements

From day one of working with the Brush Your Ideas (BiztechCS) team, they have been extremely helpful and professional. They worked with me from the start to ensure all my needs were met and they did a great job answering all my questions and concerns. Team Brush Your Ideas has been a constant support through the whole process of getting my website set up through to completion. I have worked with them on my training and follow up support. They have been so helpful and extremely patient. I had a lot of questions and it took me a while to get my head around the system but the team guided me via Skype and made the learning a lot easier and more enjoyable. I would highly recommend working with this team. They definitely go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

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Project Requirements is built using Magento 2 platform. Before Brush Your Ideas, they had a flash based designer tool integrated. They purchased the Ultimate version of Brush Your Ideas Designer tool. The integration required various customizations and added compatibility to their website theme and our designer tool.


  • Generate SVG Output
  • Ajax Based Product Data
  • Cart gets empty while enabling the gift options
  • Customized handles for objects
  • Arc feature for Text


  • Generated the output in vector format for all type of objects
  • Load the product data for multiple colors based on Ajax instead of first load
  • Customized the arc feature as per requirement and converted the feature arc to curve with reverse functionality

Website Maintenance - Phase 1

During the implementation of product designer tool, the client wanted a thorough analysis of the site functionalities and requested an audit report. Below are the suggestions for
Phase 1:

  • Website Theme update with customization
  • Addition of size option for Add-to-Cart
  • Custom products’ orders not reflecting in the Admin
  • Issue with New Product creation with the “Default” attribute
  • Inclusion of “Shop by Brand” and size addition in the list view of the Products in the category page
  • Security enhancements
  • Page Speed enhancements
  • Fixing issue of Session ID fetched into URL and getting cached and updating the canonicals to avoid any SEO related issues.

Website Launch

Website running on Magento 2 with Designer tool integrated and compatible with the theme was launched with Good Performance and User Experience.


The Magento services team of Brush of Ideas continues to work with the Sales & Marketing Team and the Senior Leadership. In past almost 2 years, we have had several smaller Phases for Maintenance and Site Upgrade.

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