Case Study: Factory1 Significantly Reduced Manual Workload Using Our Shopify Product Designer Tool

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Factory1 is a US-based printing company with 20-years of experience in printing a variety of products. They are proud to have built their company on steady organic growth and from customer referrals. Their offerings include t-shirts, tote bags, masks, and so on. Further, to serve their customers better and provide customized products, they integrated our online product designer tool into their website.


Shopify, PHP, Magento 2, Angular, Node, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • The client purchased Shopify Product Design Tool installation (Premium) + Addons (Manage Printing Methods, Print Job Manager)
  • After initial setup, we helped the client to set up basic products with design tool training. Our team even assisted in enhancing smaller features as per their business requirement.
  • We installed a job manager addon, which helped the client schedule print jobs more efficiently.
  • Currently, their customers can personalize t-shirts, tote bags, masks, etc., using our design tool.


Factory1 partnered with us to integrate a design tool on their Shopify store so customers can buy personalized items.

Project Requirement

Our client offers different printing methods. So, apart from having a user-friendly designer tool, they wanted a tool that helps them manage different methods easily.


  • Our team installed the designer tool on our client’s Shopify store.
  • Now, end-customers can purchase their products with personalization.
  • We also installed printing methods addon. This enabled them to create different printing methods based on color or area.
  • Further, we even enabled the print job manager addon to reduce manual work and handle printing effectively.


Our client can now easily sell products with personalization options using our design tool. With our printing methods addon, they can set up different printing methods based on area and color. Their manual workload has also been significantly reduced using our print job manager addon. All these things have helped them deliver products more efficiently.


Today, their customers can easily customize a variety of products. In turn, our tool has helped them to increase their return on investment, attract more customers, and provide better service.

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