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Upcoming Webinar: Selling in a COVID-19 World: Ultimate Guide for Online Printing Businesses

Brush Your Ideas Webinar Series
May 17 2020

While COVID-19 came, we had no idea that how it is going to change our lives forever. --- That thought is already a cliché now.

We all are well aware of down markets, the recession being almost here, unemployment, and hundreds of thousands of other concerns that can turn any positive mindset into a negative one.

So now that you know, what’s the solution? -- an important thing. Because if you do not ACT now, then the coming recession may impact hugely and negatively on your business.

A number one advice for any online business right now is to adapt to the current demands and tweak their approach. That’s how you can still survive and sound relevant to your audience. That brings us to the purpose of these webinars.

“Selling in a COVID-19 World” -- Even during difficult times like COVID-19.

When people are mostly at home, their needs & desires are still there. They want to shop because it’s been almost 2 months now since all they have to shop nothing but groceries. Many of their family members are affected by this dire pandemic. Hence it is time to identify the right products, refine your offerings, and start selling again!

At Brush Your Ideas, after digging deeper into numbers and stats & business possibilities, our team has decided to conduct weekly webinars, focusing on how as an Online Printing Business, you make sales, deeper customer relationships, and operate normally and survive this COVID-19 wave.

So, we invite you to join us there. These are completely FREE webinars and you can register from here.



You will learn about:

  1. Current market situation, in-demand products & buying trends
  2. Opportunities for online merchandise printing businesses
  3. Importance of investing now and Catch-up to your competitors
  4. How our customers are dealing at the moment
  5. HOW you should back your business

Because if you ACT NOW, you will SURVIVE!

Chandni Pandya

With a certification in content marketing and vast experience of digital marketing, Chandni Pandya currently holds the position of Deputy Content Editor at Brush Your Ideas. She loves writing printing-related blogs and keeps reading about the printing industry from various sources. A firm believer of equality and a lover of poetry, she encourages everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. Offer her green smoothies and not coffee. Smoothies are her love!