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Webinar Rewind: Web Printing Automation

Web Printing Automation Webinar Rewind
June 25 2020

As a part of our Monthly webinar, on 24th June 2020, we decided to spill the beans on how our fellow printers can bring automation into their printing workflow and achieve ZERO manual labor. So, in case you missed attending it, don’t worry!

Here’s a quick sneak peek:

The list of topics covered during the webinar:

- A Little about Traditional Approach

- Automation is the key: From Software to Hardware

- Overview of print-ready files and how they should be!

- Why the correct print format is necessary?

- Optimizing the labor via pre and post-print activities

- How to achieve automation using BYI with a LIVE example

- Case Study

- Q&A

We also attended questions from the attendees. Some of the questions are listed below:


- Do you have any percentage around how much labor it will reduce?

- Do I need to change my printers to adapt to this automation?

- In the Hotfolder, can you choose between RGB or CMYK for the PDF?

- Where can you select the desired CMYK ICC Profile for the print-ready file?

However, to really experience how it was, we recommend you watch the replay from here.

Future Webinars:

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