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Webinar Rewind: Transitioning to a Complete Print Automation

July 31 2020

Anddddddddd we are done with our latest free webinar which was held on 29th July, 7:30 PM IST. This was the second part of the webinar series: Web Print Automation. You can check out the recap of the first one from here. After the success of the first part, we realized this is a pain point for many of the printers out there and decided to conduct the second one which focused on the complete print transition for Apparel and Paper prints.

The webinar happened 2 days back and to be honest, we had a blast interacting with our fellow printers and talking about print automation. 

We also dived deep into the topic discussing some of the major roadblocks that printers like yourself face on a daily basis that can be easily solved with print automation.

Here’s a brief overview of the roadblocks that we talked about in the webinar:

  • The flow of multiple template list page
  • Purchase flow (Customized & Non-customized)
  • Output file in a single PDF for multiple card printing
  • Bulk import: names and images
  • Printing price setting

We are sure people who attended this webinar learned a thing or two which they will be implementing soon in their workflow to eliminate creases from their process.

This webinar was conducted by talented people from our technical team as the webinar had many technical aspects. Here’s a quick introduction of both of them:

Nitin Gupta: Product Owner & Scrum Master

A certified Magento Developer, he is currently the Tech Lead - Magento and Product Owner of Brush Your Ideas. With over 8 years of experience in development, he has a deep insight into emerging development trends and technologies in the printing industry.

Foram Shah: Customer Success Rep

Foram is a keen member of the sales team with a vision of business growth. She is inclined towards developing business strategies that give new acquaintances. Her industry experiences help her in providing the best service to her clients.

We got an amazing response from the audience when we interacted with them and got some of the intriguing questions regarding print automation:

  • What will be the scope of the web to print and gifting industry post COVID?
  • I have offline 20000 templates. How Quickly I can add those to online store via your software?
  • Do you support QRcode to show up the events data to any mobile device?

And many more.

Overall, it was a great experience for the whole Brush Your Ideas team interacting with our audience and helping them increase their productivity and outcome.

If you are interested, feel free to access the recording of our webinar and presentation from here. We’ve answered all the above-mentioned questions as well that can help you any of the roadblocks you might be facing in your daily workflow.

Future Webinars

Seeing the success of our webinars, we have a few more webinars in our pockets for our fellow printers. You can stay updated with our webinars from here. And if you have any topics in mind, feel free to share the same with us at

We will be announcing the next webinar soon. Look out for the same in this space!!

Stay home, stay safe. And don’t forget to wear a mask if you go out.

Roma Amarnani

With a combined experience of Content and Digital Marketing, Roma Amarnani is a certified Content Marketer and is at the helm of the Content department at Brush our ideas. Her flair for writing, creative insights into content designing strategies and target-oriented marketing approach pave the way for result-driven content. She has a proclivity for reading about the evolution of the printing history and knowing the latest trends. If she’s taken a leave from work, you can bet she has set out for a new destination.