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Webinar Rewind: Prepare for Tomorrow

Webinar Rewind: Prepare for Tomorrow
May 7 2020

Yesterday, we hosted a free webinar for our fellow printers; offline and online. We had named it ‘Prepare for Tomorrow’ because honestly most of the businessmen are worried about the survival of their businesses; which they’ve built with their sweat, blood, and dreams.

So, we decided to ease their anxious minds by answering some of the looming questions, in general, they might have:

- How to survive this pandemic without going under?

- What the future for the print industry looks like?

- How can they make their businesses future-proof in case anything like COVID-19 happens again?

And most importantly,

- How to make a smooth shift from offline to online during this pandemic?

This webinar was conducted by industry experts with over a decade of experience:

- Jay Jagani: Product Manager

    • With extensive experience in the industry, Jay Jagani is the Product Manager at Brush Your Ideas. He believes the success of any business depends upon a strong combination of technology and management. Staying relevant and adapting the change are his success mantras.

- Achal Chhajed: Vice President of Sales

    • As VP of Sales, Achal is responsible for driving global sales for Brush Your Ideas, with a focus on growing company’s enterprise, partners, and printing industry client bases. He brings to the position a successful track record of more than 12 years that includes leadership position and recognized sales achievements in print and eCommerce industries.

We’d kept the capacity to 100 participants but we got an overwhelming response as 111 participants showed interest in what we had to say. And we had a quite turn out as 43.1% of participants showed up and stayed till the end.

We also got a few other interesting questions from the participants which we answered in our Q&A session. Here are some of the questions we received:

- We are offline printers, so how we can compete now in this current situation, after lockdown?

- How to start a t-shirt printing business, what is required, what is the market condition, how to improve it?

- How to reach active maximum customers?

And many more.

Overall, it was a great experience for the whole Brush Your Ideas team interacting with our audience and helping them through these hard times. 

If you are interested, you can access the recording of our webinar and presentation from here. We’ve answered all the above-mentioned questions as well that can help you stir clear from this pandemic.

Future Webinars

We will be announcing the next webinar soon. Stay tuned!!

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Chandni Pandya

With a certification in content marketing and vast experience of digital marketing, Chandni Pandya currently holds the position of Deputy Content Editor at Brush Your Ideas. She loves writing printing-related blogs and keeps reading about the printing industry from various sources. A firm believer of equality and a lover of poetry, she encourages everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. Offer her green smoothies and not coffee. Smoothies are her love!