7 Concrete Reasons Why Advertising & Marketing Agencies need Web to Print Solution

7 Concrete Reasons Why Advertising & Marketing Agencies need Web to Print Solution

Sep 12th, 2022

Advertising & marketing businesses have become a lot more competitive than they were a few years back.

Today when your customers want instant deliveries of their exclusive banners or posters, the quality expectations are getting competitive. And when you deal with multiple clients, and want to give the best output to all of them, the road to customer satisfaction becomes a little rocky.

Because between managing all the quotations and coordination, preparing the print ready designs for marketing materials, you must invest a lot of time for smaller things than required.

With Web to Print solution you not only get the flexibility of receiving custom orders, but also an intuitive interface. With it you can design the creatives, prepare it in a print-ready file and send it to your vendor.

Here, you not only save a lot of time, but also eliminate repetitive tasks, and get your deliverables in line for higher customer satisfaction. Plus, when customers are at the helm of designing their products, you eliminate a lot of back and forth.

The result?

Happy Customers!

This article is dedicated to give you deeper insight into how Web to Print Solution for advertising agencies can do wonders. Read along for more information:

1. Reduced Dependency on Design Team

Most of the time a lot of back and forth happens on the design part. And if the client is not physically present, it sometimes becomes a never-ending process.

In the Web to print solution, there is a feature called print-ready templates. You can use these templates as pre-defined designs in your store. So, rather than having multiple discussions for deciding a design, you provide your customers with a store, where they:

  • Select a product to design
  • Choose designs from pre-defined templates
  • Place an order!

Only if there is a case of some glitches, you send this design back to your customers. Otherwise, you can send it directly to the vendor for the final printing with the print ready file.

So, you get to save a lot of time, costs, etc. with increased orders.

2. Set an easy flow to design-order-print-deliver

Working in an advertising or marketing agency can be a little difficult if you do not have a proper system which can track your order flow with multiple customers. A Web to print solution for marketing agencies comes with an intuitive interface which can help you manage the end-to-end flow from the same place from ANYWHERE ANYTIME!

  • For example, you can have a front-end (Your print store) where customers can browse through multiple products and select the one with required size and dimensions.
  • After that they design using features like templates, colors, etc. they can place the order.
  • This is where you get the print ready files from your web to print solutions that you send to your vendor.
  • If you are affiliated with shipping vendors in the drop shipping model, you can even schedule your order for shipping.

Basically, it takes you out from timing restrictions. Your customers are free to design-order products anytime and anywhere!

3. Maintain Brand Consistency for You and your Clients

How do your customers recognize you? Yes, first by your brand name, but after that it will always be about how you portray your brand online. Your website colors, social media, logos, etc. matter a lot. With a web to print solution, you can set predefined templates for creatives like posters, flyers, mugs, t-shirts, etc. If you have a B2B approach, where you provide accounts for clients, you can also enable them to follow it so the control stays with you for maintaining the branding consistency.

As a result, here you save a lot of time as you do not have to do the groundwork every time.

4. File Sharing made easy across teams

When you invest in a Web to Print solution for an advertising and marketing agency, magic happens.

Here is how – Your team can share the editable file easily and quickly with the other team members. So, if there are changes required, they can easily execute them as and when needed. Today when working remotely is still required, having this solution by your side helps your team execute the tasks efficiently. Plus, with the easy client approval flow, the productivity flow only increases.

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5. A smart way to decide budget

The best part about the web to print solution is that it helps you maintain your cost so that you can focus on the ROI factor. Here, when you can certainly design every creative from scratch, you can always rely on its extensive library of templates and images to make the execution easier and save you the cost of hiring an extra designer.

Also, the live quotation feature on the web to print solution helps you ensure that your design is as per the budget. Now you no longer need to overshoot the budget for ad campaigns. So, as per the allocated budget you can make the design ready and send it for the final printing.

6. No need to maintain inventory

The inventory management is not only a headache, but also a risk when we have our bad days of low sales. At that time, you still pay for the inventory that you bought and your ROI goes down.

With Web to Print Solution for advertising, all you need is just the raw material. Other than that, there is no need to store the inventory. As and when you receive the orders, you print them and send them for delivery. So, we can say the approach becomes more like an on demand one, where we can order inventory based on the demand. So, you not only save a lot of money, but also make profits.

7. Enjoy increased ROI

The world of advertising is getting competitive every day. It not only demands a lot of smart work from you as a business, but also that eye to grab your customers’ attention in one go. When being dependent on someone to design your marketing material might affect that element, when you have the flexibility to apply your designs and ideas, you can expect greater results.

And today people see it as something new for the eye, hence, giving you more attention, sales, resulting in increased sales!

Give your business the growth it deserves with Web to Print Solution

The business of advertising & marketing is a tough one. You apply a lot of creative work to make it work and the chances of getting succeed might be limited. In such a scenario, you need a powerful system that not only automates a lot of your manual tasks, but also helps you stay ahead of the competition with a lot of advanced features.

So, say hello to a new world of designing your marketing materials with web to print solutions for increased business growth.

Team Brush Your Ideas can take up any queries you may have and help you understand how it can help your business. Let’s chat today!

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