9 Effective Tips To Make The Perfect T-shirt Printing Web Storefront

9 Effective Tips To Make The Perfect T-shirt Printing Web Storefront

Nov 14th, 2022

Did you know? The sales of custom t-shirt printing are expected to surge at over 9.7% CAGR between 2022 and 2032. Because of the increasing demand for customized modern t-shirts.

So, starting a T-shirt printing business is for sure a profitable idea. And with 2.14 billion digital buyers, running the business online can take your business to unexpected heights.

However, having just a normal T-shirt Printing web storefront is not enough. It has to be perfectly designed with all the required functionality for generating maximum sales.

For example, if your website doesn’t have user-friendly navigation, visitors may fail to find what they are looking for. This may not only lead to a loss of sales but also lower the returning visitor rate.

So, your print business must have a well-planned strategy to take advantage of the growing custom T-shirt industry.

If you are looking for a comprehensive plan to develop a T-shirt printing business from scratch, go through the Step-by-Step Guide for Starting An Online T-shirt Printing Business in 2022.

However, if you want to build a perfect e-commerce website for your t-shirt printing business, have a look at these 9 well-tried tips.

Visually Appealing Web Pages for Great First Impression

There are countless T-shirt printing storefronts online. So, making your website stand out from others is a must.

As Andrew Grant said, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. Hence, your website’s homepage must have a perfect visual appearance not only to attract more visitors but to make sure they come back.

To make it more visually appealing, you need to get more creative in the below attributes.


Attractive and creative photos of your own business, products, or people create a positive impression. Using your own images can add more authenticity to your website. However, each photo on your website must serve a purpose.

Have a look at this minimal yet descriptive homepage of Spreadshirt. They have mentioned everything that their business provides using only a single image.


(Image Source)


The most engaging visuals that you can add to your website are videos. As they demonstrate products and their features, they are very informative as well as fun to watch if made creatively.

Printful websites

(Image Source)

Printful has various informative videos on its websites. You can also upload such videos about how users can place orders, design T-shirts through your websites, etc., and make the buying process more convenient for them.

Right Color and Fonts

Visuals are essential but so are coordinating colors and fonts. Even if the content is great, it will not be impactful if the fonts are illegible. So, neat and color-coordinated fonts must be used to make the website more appealing.


Your website’s theme is a direct representation of your business in the eyes of visitors. So, your website needs to be personalized as per your user’s and business requirements.

The website should only contain all the necessary elements that add value to your site as including unnecessary elements can confuse your visitors. Because 50% of website users will leave a website permanently if the content is irrelevant.

Build your Ecommerce Store with great visuals tailored to your Business Needs with Brush Your Ideas. Click on The Link Below to Set Up a Personalized Ecommerce Storefront Without Any Hassle.


User-Friendly Navigation for Easy Product Discovery

Almost everyone (94%) of people considers easy navigation, the most important website feature. So, having user-friendly navigation is necessary. When the visitors are able to find exactly what they are looking for easily, they are going to visit the website again and again.

Design By Humans

The website of Design By Humans is perfectly designed as per the user’s requirements. Along with a search bar, they have also minutely categorized every product. From gender and age-based to design-based bifurcation they have included every category to make it easier for users to find what is needed. They have also included a tab for the most ordered and popular T-shirts.

Extensive Customizable T-shirts to Meet Unique Demands

Having an extensive product line will lead to more sales as you will be able to provide every kind of T-shirt in demand. Along with various sizes and types, your online T-shirt store must have multiple designs for users to select from.

You can also go one step further and let your customer integrate a T-shirt from scratch on their own. Seems interesting, doesn’t it?

3D Configurator

Adding a 3D Configurator to your website can allow your customers to change the fabric, patterns, and design of the T-shirt. With multiple design areas, they can have different colors and patterns on every part of the pullover. Along with designing, they also get a real-time 360-degree view of the product. This makes the process of buying, even more, engaging for the buyers.

T-shirt Design Tool

Even if you allow them to design the T-shirts, you can still have control over what they design. With the lock feature, you can restrict the design area.

From Fabric to Designs, allow Your Customers to Create T-shirts from Scratch. Integrate 3D Configurator to Deliver Real-Time Visualization And Personalization Without Even Compromising with Your Website’s Speed.


Descriptive Product Pages to Increase Conversion

You have listed all your products on your website. Still, you are not getting enough sales. Does this sound similar?

This is because your website does not have all the details that a buyer requires. According to Shiprocket, 98% of shoppers discontinue a purchase if the information about the product is incomplete or incorrect.

This is why your website must have genuine reviews and detailed descriptions of all the listed products.

As you are running a T-shirt printing Storefront online, you must also include print file guidelines to make sure your customer uploads the right format file.

Your customers also rely on the experience of your past buyers. As they can’t touch, taste, feel, or wear your product before purchasing it, they’ll make the purchase based on the product ratings and reviews.

So, along with a product title, your product page must include its description, review, price, call to action like add to cart, and availability details.

Mobile Responsive Site to Streamline Experience Across All Devices

The apparel and accessory industries accounted for 29.5% of all e-commerce sales in 2021. In addition, 56% of online sales in 2021 happened on mobile devices.

Hence, your website must be equally compatible with mobile devices as they are with desktops. Not only this but with varieties of devices available, your T-shirt eCommerce website must respond seamlessly on any device.

Allowing your user the convenience to select, design, customize and order the T-shirts from any device at any time can lead to more frequent and consistent sales of your products.

Responsive Web Designs Are A Simple Way to Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience Across All Devices. Boost Your Conversion Rate with A Fully Responsive Web Storefront by Brush Your Ideas.


Feature-Packed Designer Tool for Effortless Customization

Every 1 in 3 consumers interested in customization feels that standard products do not meet their expectations. This can be the reason why companies offering customized products report a 40% decrease in their returns. So, allowing your customers to customize the products has become extremely essential.

Hence, your website needs a web-to-print design tool that will allow your customers to customize the T-shirts as per their needs.

You can find every feature you need that will make customization a child’s play for your users in our Product Design Tool. The below-mentioned features of the tool are the reason that makes it one of the best web-to-print tools available.

Feature-Packed Designer Tool

  • Pre-designed templates that make designing easier even for a non-expert
  • 10000+ Clipart libraries to create more unique T-shirt designs
  • Upload and edit images to make the pullover more personalized
  • Upload or choose from existing fonts to add attractive text or numbers on the tees
  • Resolution Warnings, Bleed Cut Safe Line Manager and Canvas Resize to minimize errors in designing and printing.
  • Background remover to blend the picture perfectly with T-shirts.
  • Print ready files for an effortless prepress process
  • Add a watermark to protect your designs
  • Dynamic Live Pricing System provides a convenient and easy ordering process.

Allow your customers to customize the products to drive more customer engagement and satisfaction. To know more about our product designer tool and how it can help in delivering such tailored customer experiences click on the link below.


Customer Retention Strategy for a Loyal Customer Base

To make any E-commerce business successful, you need to develop a loyal customer base. Because increasing customer retention by 5% can lead to an increase in profits as high as 25%. Also, repeat customers spend an average of 33% or more per order.

So, you must design a website with a retention strategy. You can include user profiles, Loyalty Rewards, and Product Recommendations based on past purchases for your customers, to make the website more engaging.

Product Preview to Elevate Authenticity

Allowing customization is essential but customers today also need to have a detailed look at the product before initiating a purchase.

With the Soft proofing feature available in the Product Designer Tool, you can deliver the same. After working on the design, your customers can see how it will look on the product. This feature will give more confidence to customers to buy and can reduce the number of returns.

This feature also saves a lot of time, money, materials, and effort for both customers, and your business.

Deliver a more authentic and effortless customer experience with the Product Designer Tool. Click on the link below to book a free demo.


Additional Pages for Rich Customer Experience

It is essential to create an engaging visitor experience to make sure they don’t leave as soon as they visit your website.

So, apart from the basic e-commerce pages, your online t-shirt printing storefront also needs additional pages to keep on the engagement. These pages also lead to higher SEO rankings.

Following are some pages that you can add to your website

  • A category page with all products listed
  • A user profile page with a login option for repeat customers and a sign-up option for new customers
  • An about page consisting of information related to your business.
  • Contact Us page to improve customer relationships by becoming more accessible
  • Return Policy Page to ensure the buyers what they can expect.
  • Resources to deliver all the trending and informative content of your industry.

Leave it to Brush Your Ideas!

A website curated with the above-mentioned elements can definitely create a great impact on each of your visitors.

You can now have a great website without any hassle by allowing us to develop a personalized website for your T-shirt printing business. Even if you have an existing website you can revamp the same to generate even more engagement by integrating it with our Product Designer Tool.

So, if you have an existing website but want to make it more engaging or want to build a brand new web storefront for your T-shirt Printing Business, our Industry Expert will help and make the process hassle-free for you.

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