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T-shirt Design Software: A Holy Grail for Online T-shirt Vendors!

T-shirt Design Tool
October 25 2017

In 1959, plastisol, a durable and stretchable ink was developed. It allowed more variety in design and brought a realization that being in T-shirt business could also be a money making venture. Since then, clothing industry all around the world started to make t-shirts with varied designs and creative concepts.

Printing T-shirts involves managing several complex tasks: finding ongoing trends, designing, allocating it to printing labs etc. In addition to that, there are following hassles:

  • Unable to provide users a perfect interface to design their own products
  • Managing and creating customised clipart and fonts for each customer
  • Dependency on 3rd party software for converting canvas from PDF format to SVG
  • A perfect designer tool that is compatible with all devices

In all the above tasks, dependency on 3rd party vendors and human labour was up-to a great extent.

To avoid such difficulties, an innovative platform to create t-shirt designs was developed. T-Shirt design software helps store owners to upload products and designate a particular design area which can be personalized using a visual editor, manage library of clipart and fonts as well as offer pre-designed artwork templates making it easy for customers to personalize them.

For end customers, it bestows a clean and stress-free user interface. Using, it even a non-technical user can operate and form desired looking t-shirt design within minutes. The following concepts fulfilled by T-Shirt designing software can be a game changer for your sales figures:

Easy to Create T-shirts that feels Personalised

Store or web personalisation is the concept which is very much in demand these days. Allowing customers to personalise their products enhances the conversion rate. It is possible that a browsing habits, choices, preferences, buying habits etc. can be tracked through such software.

These statistics could be used to provide customers with some customized, personalized offers through online T-shirt designer software. So if a customer observers something in the "You May Like" section, they are more likely to check it out and in most cases close it with an order. Moreover, in stores vendor can provide them freedom to create their own designs with suggestive patterns.

T-Shirts Designs that Speak

People these days are attracted by the clothing that is attached to any motivational, promotional or awareness campaigns. For instance, GLP Advertising and Design created sweat measuring T-shirt as part of a marketing campaign for a personal trainer in Toronto.

The idea was simple. It measured the time that athlete has been working out by the sweat marks created on their grey T-shirt. However, accuracy of the timekeeping can be a question, but nonetheless, it is an interesting idea that can be implemented through custom t-shirt design program.

The program can allow users to choose desired design, text/quotes, clipart/image as well as campaign goals and preview same to store or websites before publishing.

T-Shirts Designs That Glitter

Who is not attracted by Gold, Silver or say Platinum? So why not implementing the same in your t-shirt designs and allow rich buyers to buy it?

T-Shirt customization tool enables you to add premium designs which can resemble rich colours and effects same as gold, silver or diamond. Moreover, e-commerce websites can add a unique t-shirt category on website which can be created by easily showing t-shirts with trending jewellery designs.

Such look cannot be accomplished with standard ink, instead, a special kind of foil needs to be pasted onto the garment to create the effect. Moreover, a store owner using traditional design tools cannot get a full screen or high resolution preview as it needs high-quality kind of software; but this is easily achievable with online T-shirt designing tool.

T-Shirt Design Software for Pets

T-Shirt Designs for Pets

Pets, these days are treated same as a family member. Same can be illustrated by the projected sale of $69.36 billion of pet products in U.S by the end of the year. But, designer pet product providers are often limited by creative imaginations and hence outfits related to pets are available less. T-Shirt Design Software will allow to design and sell customize pet t-shirts that are wearable at various occasions, activities and seasons. Moreover, offline appeal product designers or e-commerce websites can use variety of clipart and picture library for designing perfect and trendy pet t-shirts.

The Wrap

We do understand the significance of your customers and their needs & prerequisites. Thus, we have teamed in our superior efforts to design and develop excellent online T-shirt design software integrated with impressive aspects that can earn high volume of revenues.

It is affordable, convenient and adaptable with entire web platform.

Are you looking to purchase such tool for your physical store or E-store than we got right features!

Brush Your Ideas T-Shirt Design Tool Key Features

Brush Your Ideas T-Shirt Design Tool


  • Complete web to print e-Commerce storefront with responsive theme
  • Design studio built on HTML5 and runs on all devices and platforms
  • Pre-loaded clipart and font libraries
  • Quote Management
  • Extension support for Magento 1 and Magento 2
  • Live training by technical experts

Online Storefront Features

  • Full Responsive Store
  • Layered catalogue browsing with extensive search
  • Browse brush your ideas and personalization gallery
  • Easy payment options and shipping integrations

Try taking a demo of our online T-shirt design software. Explore all the features that we have mentioned and many more before reaching to a decision!

Maulik Shah

After the huge success of Biztech’s other products, founder Maulik Shah ventured out to make a web-to-print software solution, and thus, Brush Your Ideas was born. His visionary ideas and innovative power have always been the cornerstone of the success of the company at every step. Maulik enjoys bird watching, playing cricket and is an avid reader.