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Top Trending Products to Sell in 2021

Top Trending Products
November 13 2019

New year comes with new hopes! This year with all the tough times we had amid Corona, everyone is looking forward to a better year ahead. Ways of celebration can vary - but exchanging gifts has always remained a ritual. Amid the pandemic, the worldwide “custom gifts” market forecast at 25.8 bn USD in 2020 is forecast to touch 43.3bn USD by 2027.

If you too are an e-store owner and can’t decide on the products to sell in 2021, you are at the right place. Here is the list of a few trending products to sell that you can add to your product catalogue for the year ahead.

Here are the top trending products to sell in 2021 at your e-store.

Hoodies and Sweaters

The retail sales of sweaters globally is forecast to hit 104.8 bn USD. Huge figure indeed, isn’t it? Hoodies and sweaters are already selling like pancakes. They will continue to do so in the beginning of 2021 too. You can tap into the sweater industry this entire winter season.

The nearest occasion is Ugly Sweater Day on 18th Dec. this December. There will be Christmas Eve, Christmas, Epiphany, Makar Sankranti, and different religious festivals following that. And people would love to flaunt fashionable sweaters and funky hoodies when out.

They might also look for something beyond factory-made designs. They might want a design, color, or text of their choice on a sweater or hoodie. You can let them design a sweater or hoodie by themselves. How? By integrating an online product design tool to let them customize the product by themselves.

With the right trending products to sell on your online store, you can succeed in attracting huge sales easily.

Custom T-Shirts

The spring and summer seasons will follow the summer season next. T-shirts will top the charts of top-trending products to sell.

A forecast predicts the global custom t-shirt printing market to reach 3.1 bn USD by 2025. This figure is enough to indicate how popular custom t-shirts have grown of late.

A custom t-shirt can let an individual flaunt their style and convey their personality or a message. It also can help in several other ways.

  • Businesses can use custom t-shirts to spread brand awareness.
  • Team players can wear custom logo-printed t-shirts to represent their teams.
  • Individuals can give each other custom t-shirts of their likings on birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

You can now see that dealing in custom t-shirts is a great and sales-driven idea. So, it is time you added custom t-shirts to your catalogue and attract high engagement and sales.

Looking to start a t-shirt printing business? Click here for a detailed guide.

Stationery Items

No matter how much the world goes digital, letting go of stationery sounds impossible. Stationery items have been of great value and will continue to do so for years to come. People are excited to come out of this “gloomy” year and are more than willing to welcome the new year. They are happy and want to bring the same happiness on the faces of their near and dear ones. Among different types of items people give and take, stationery items always create a buzz.

Now comes the question which stationery items can be the top trending products to sell. To start with, let’s consider New Year greeting cards and diaries. According to a survey, 60% of people would love to receive cards as gifts. Hence, you can start selling them. You can also include custom pens in your list.

You can take it up a notch. Offer the freedom of personalization. Yes - you can let customers unleash their creativity and “create” designs on their own. By doing this, you can engage customers better. Now the question is - How can you do this? With an online product design tool.

There are a plethora of online product design tools available out there. There is a need to pick the right tool.

Our Brush Your Ideas Online Product Design Tool can be the best suitable tool to offer customization. Here are the next-gen features that make it the right fit for your online business.

  • Text Features including functionalities like custom font manager, name and number, quotes, customizable text and messages.
  • Image Features including functionalities image edits and effects, personal image upload, design watermarking, image resolution warnings, etc.
  • Clipart Library including functionalities like clipart library, clipart customization, smart search, SVG support, etc.
  • Object Handling including functionalities like object handlers, clear objects, layer management, and object grouping and positioning, etc.


Picture yourself sipping coffee, shake, or any other beverage in a cup. How great would it be if you get to drink your favorite beverage in a personalized mug! People can use customized mugs as corporate gifts, birthday gifts, wedding or anniversary gifts, etc. Corporates can also use custom print mugs for brand-building and promotion.

This implies that you can consider custom-printed mugs one of the trending products to sell on your store. There are a variety of mugs like coffee mugs, pottery mugs, ceramic mugs, sports mugs, travel mugs, stainless steel mugs, etc. You can pick a variant or two or more depending on your budget and target audience. With the right custom mugs and costs, you can make it big.

For more details on mugs to sell and other aspects, you can refer to our previous blog.

Photo Calendars and Photo Albums

Today people are after everything online - products, services, snaps, even life (social media). Do you still think anyone would still pick an old-school way to view and mark dates? Yes, they would. Sounds odd, but it’s true!

Amidst a plethora of calendar apps flooding the market, people still prefer printed calendars at times. Especially if someone gives them away as freebies. However, the way of selling printed calendars has evolved. Instead of traditional calendars, online businesses are now selling personalized photo calendars. A photo calendar serves two purposes - it helps view dates and mark them easily and keep customers engaged with photos of their choice. Some businesses also give away custom calendars as promotional gifts.

Next comes photo albums. Traditional photo books of standard size, format, and design are talk of the past. If you want to stand out, you must offer something worth noticing. You can offer personalized flipbooks, hardcover photo books, layflat photo books, matte, glossy, and more. You can also let customers decide on the design and color of the cover book to suit their preferences.

You can thus consider photo calendars and photo albums among top trending products to sell in 2021.

Coasters, Tumblers, and Hats

Going ahead in the list of top-trending products to sell in 2021, next comes coasters, tumblers, and hats.

Various coasters in different colors and patterns give a cool look to your dining table. Even better are the personalized coasters that enhance dining experience further. Coasters can be of different materials like wood, marble wood, ceramic, etc. You can allow for uploading of images, photos, or designs to make them tailored to customers’ exact preferences.

Tumblers follow next. There are various types of tumblers of various materials. They can be of plastic, glass, or stainless steel, etc. They can be a perfect gift to give on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. A funny quote, a wish, or a photo of a customers’ choice is all you need to drive them to place an order.

Moving ahead, do you want to flaunt a cowboy hat with your name on it? Or do you want to show your love for a movie character’s name? Yes, don’t you? Well, this is what your customers too would be willing to. You can let them do that by selling personalized hats with designs, quotes, images, and more. Be it a golf hat, a work hat, or a sun hat, you can tailor them to your customers’ requirements and boost sales.


Wondering when your next would be? How great a bag with a memory from your previous trip would look! A small tote bag with an attractive design and a pic on top. Simply WOW! If you want to WOW your customers too, you can sell custom luggage of various types like tote, basket, barrel, baguette, etc.

Just count them in the trending products to sell. Tap into their love for memories and attract good sales!

Mobile Covers/Cases

The worldwide mobile phone market is forecast to grow to a whopping 5114.6 USD by 2024. All it means is that you have left out an untapped market if you haven’t started selling phone cases yet. Here again, the more you can customize your mobile covers, the higher are the chances of their sales. A phone cover is of various types - folio, plastic, rubber, fabric, metal, etc. So, you can add them to the list of trending products to sell and win.

Parting Words

The holiday season isn’t over yet and 2021 is just around the corner. It is high time you included the above best trending products to sell and rule the market.

You can check out our Online Product Design Tool.

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