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Stick It Right: Things to Know Before Starting a Sticker Making Business

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October 28 2018

Don't judge, don't assume, don't label. Accept people and things as they are. We often hear this. Unfortunately, for some, vulnerabilities create aversions. And external beauty seems enticing. The same applies to the products that we come across in our day to day lives. We do not like to see dull and drab form of them. A product with an attractive sticker is more likely to attract our attention as compared to the one that doesn't have any. Even during school times, we couldn't wait to adorn our books with different themed stickers, could we?

If you are into the business of selling stickers online or are thinking about venturing into one, this article is for you. Now, stickers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types. And to be able to provide your customers with the stickers of their choice, you would have to mull over a lot of things. "What if I stand out amongst my competitors by integrating a sticker design software to my website?" You might ask. Well, we will come to that. First, let us begin with some of the fundamentals you must keep in mind before starting a sticker making business.

Sincerity and Seriousness

Did you decide to delve into the sticker making business due to a friend's suggestion? Or it was it always on your mind? Would you be pursuing it part time or work full-time towards growing it? You must have clear answers to the above questions before you start with your sticker business. Although sticker business sounds like fun, there are several nuances you might have to look into including selling, distribution, marketing, profitability etc.

For example, two entrepreneurs fond of ocean lifestyle had a tattoo of "Salt Life" engraved on their necks. They gradually became popular and created a sticker and t-shirt merchandise out of it. The brand went on to become huge with more than 600 retailers worldwide. Which proves that if you have the willingness to grow your business and make it big, you definitely can.

Type of Sticker Business

As the second step, you must have clarity as to what kind of stickers you are willing to sell. Do you want to go with the regular ones available in the market? Or do you want to design unique ones? You can also provide your customers with a sticker making software and leave them to creating stickers on their own. Some start with having a vinyl sticker business and provide vinyl decal designs to their customers.

Also, you must decide what is the kind of audience you want to sell stickers to. You can choose to sell them to both; other businesses as well as individuals. The best way of making profits is to enables businesses to create customized sticker sheets and sell them at wholesale prices. If the buyers find your work consistent, they are sure to come back to you.

Buy or Outsource Equipment

Well, it is always possible to buy some papers and print die cut labels using a basic printer. However, if you want better quality of stickers, it is advisable to create a sticker design studio that sells durable and superior quality stickers. To make your online studio unique and stand out from competitors, you must consider integrating a sticker making software to your website. Make sure that it is compatible with your website platform.

Thereafter, you would need to invest into a digital print and cut printer which might cost you certain thousand dollars. You would also need to invest into special stationery, protective sprays and colors. If you find it difficult to cope with large scale production, you can choose to outsource printing to another company. But before doing so, it is advisable to check out some prototypes and digitally printed samples. The quality and style of the production will give you more idea as to whether or not you want to outsource.

Reaching the Target Audience

There are several ways in which you can let the customers know about an upcoming market place for stickers. Apart from the search engine optimization activities you would conduct to boost your website rankings, you can organize trade shows or create small retail outlets. As there are several businesses that are into selling customized stickers online, you can conduct some research and find out how you can stand out from them and be different in order to connect with your target audience.

During the initial days of your business, you can also consider creating a cost-effective sticker product and give it away for free. If people like the kind of message your stickers give or the graphics of the sticker, they are sure to approach you. Thereafter, you can know about their business and provide them with some samples. It is sure to get you more and better business.

How Do I Ensure Success of My Sticker Business?

It's a tricky question. Majorly, because it is hard to define success in a sticker making business. Some customers order for 500 stickers for a small event and some might order for thousands of them on a regular basis. In the year 2007, someone named Elliott Nachwalter designed a sticker that displayed ‘1.20.09'. – Last day of president's Bush's reign in the White House. It started selling like hot cakes and he made $1 million out of these sales.

So, you never know what might click. Sometimes, you might have to work on instincts. Be as creative as you can and keep enhancing your business as and when you grow. Research online, seek advice of experts and friends, learn more about the sticker making business, find out how designers make them. You are sure to get better results. Stickers are a lot of fun when it comes to making money. But, you must know how to go in a right way about it. We hope this write-up will help you fulfill your dreams well!

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