Things to Know Before Starting a Sticker Making Business

Things to Know Before Starting a Sticker Making Business


This is John Fischer, founder of StickerGiant with Saul the Sticker Ball — a 232 pound largest ball entirely made of stickers lying around the office of his company. It holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest ball of its kind.


Behind this record, lies a successful enterprise Sticker Giant. They provide custom stickers and labels for some 30,000 companies including Apple, Google, and NASA. As of now, they have more than 80 employees and a revenue of $15 million.

Looks pretty profitable right? Moreover, the rapid growth of digital print technology has led to a growth in the print label market. As per the latest research, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2022 to 2027.

So, how to start a sticker-making business and achieve milestones like StickerGiant?

Well, read on because you will get all the answers you are seeking:

Keep the Purpose Alive

For anyone in the Sticker making business, it is important to understand that “Stickers are not just for fun, they are also important for companies to label products or act as promotional items. Hence, if you see, the opportunity market is pretty wide. When Fischer decided to get serious about the business, in 2006, he pivoted his online store into a custom printing company to offer decals and labels for various organizations and products.

“Once an online sticker retailer, after pivoting to custom printing in 2008 finally opened up the business to a slew of new B2B clients. Now the whole retail part of the company is gone,” says Fischer.

Mission Matters

Did you decide to delve into the sticker-making business based on a friend’s suggestion? Or was it always on your mind? Would you be pursuing it part-time or working full-time towards growing it? You must have clear answers to the above questions before you start sticker business. Although sticker business sounds fun, there are several nuances you might have to look into including selling, distribution, marketing, profitability, etc.

For example, two entrepreneurs, fond of the ocean lifestyle, had a tattoo of “Salt Life” engraved on their necks. They gradually became popular and created stickers and t-shirt merchandise. The brand went on to become huge with more than 600 retailers worldwide. This proves that if you have the willingness to grow your business and make it big, you definitely can.


(Decals, and Stickers Sold By SaltLife)

Fischer from StickerGiant says “The idea behind StickerGiant was the ‘Amazon of stickers.’ To turn that concept a reality, he decided to source stickers from all over the internet and sell them on his site. However, after coming across the untapped potential of Custom Sticker Printing, he partnered up with drop-ship printers, brought printing equipment, built a team and after a lot of smart work, they reached the $3 million milestone.

Identify the Right Audience Before You Start Sticker Business

Do you know? The sticker has been one of the major trends on Etsy. It is the 8th most searched keyword on Etsy in September 2022. This proves the scope of the Sticker business is wide. However, when you search for them on Etsy, you’ll also get more than two million options.

Now that’s a lot of competition. So, you need to be specific. You must have a clear idea about Who are my ideal customers?

What value addition your business is providing to them?

You must decide what kind of audience you want to sell stickers to. You have to determine if you want to sell stickers to businesses or individuals or both.

To get a clear understanding, you can conduct market research or take notes from existing businesses. However, to stand out from them, you also need to deliver something unique. That takes us to the next point.

Create a Unique Selling Point

Set up your sticker store with an added USP of custom stickers for more customer engagement and great sales. With Brush Your Ideas sticker design software, your customers can create sticker designs using a variety of features.

Below are a few easy-to-use features of the tool.

  • Add Text and Upload Images to design more personalized stickers
  • Select from Existing Fonts or Upload them
  • 10,000+ Customizable Clipart for Designing Decorative Stickers
  • Multiple Design Areas
  • Layer Management to Manage Positions of all Elements
  • Object Handler to Make Changes in Position of Cliparts and Size of Texts
  • Canvas Resize to Set the Product Size
  • Bleed Cut Safety Line Manager to Make Sure the Design is Printed Perfectly.

Online Product D

(Online Sticker Designer Software)

Our sticker-making software gives you complete freedom to create a custom UI, set custom pricing, and control where your customers can design. Users can also share the watermarked designs on social media like Instagram, Snapchat and with their friends in snapchat planet order which results in better engagement.

Integrate sticker design software to enable sticker customization in your store. Check out the link below to know about the product in detail.


Type of Stickers you could offer

As the next step, you must have clarity as to what kind of stickers you are willing to sell. Do you want to go with the regular ones available in the market? Or do you want to design unique ones?

You can also provide your customers with sticker making software and let them create stickers on their own. Some start with the vinyl sticker business and provide vinyl decal designs to their customers.

Here are the most trending stickers that you can consider:

Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers usually have an additional edge around your design. It will protect your sticker well and be easy for you to peel off. Turning your sticker idea into custom kiss cut stickers will promote your business, events and brands better.

kiss cut stickers

(Image Source)

Logo Stickers:

Turn the logo into a custom sticker to make a lasting impression of the brand. These can be handed over to customers as giveaways or can be stuck over things like cars, laptops, etc. for promotion. You can cut even the most intricate patterns and internal cuts on vinyl material in any shape and size.

An example of custom logo stickers by Sticker Mule.

Logo Stickers

(Image Source)

Clear Stickers:

Water and oil resistant stickers are widely used to promote business, window signage, or big events. Mostly printed on premium weatherproof vinyl, clear stickers can be die cut in any shape and can be UV coated to give more abrasion resistance.

A sticker making brand that provides scratch- and weather-proof custom stickers and labels is Sticker App. Other than clear stickers, the company also offers vinyl stickers, mirror stickers, matte stickers, and more.

Clear Stickers

(Image Source)

Minimalist Stickers:

Minimalist or abstract sticker design is a growing trend. Businesses are considering minimalism for their logo, cards, and print labels. Minimalist stickers are simple yet powerful. These stickers are perfect for laptops, phone cases, guitars, refrigerators, journals, etc.

Minimalist Stickers

(Image Source)

Die Cut Stickers:

These are precisely cut to the shape of your design and can be adhered to any smooth surface, indoors or outside. You can offer them in any size, shape and quantity. Die cut stickers are scratch, moisture and sunlight resistant.

The stickers offer endless customization possibilities, thereby you can include them in your offerings as they are suitable for business promotions as well as for personal branding. Here’s how Die cut stickers look.

Die Cut Stickers

(Image Source)

Stickers in Vivid Colors:

Another type of sticker that you can consider is stickers with designs and bright or multiple colors. These stickers never go out of style. Here’s a sticker with a hand-horn style that creates an amazing visual effect.

Stickers in Vivid Colors

(Image Source)

Photo Stickers:

Customers can turn their favorite photos into stickers and use them for promotional activities. Most photo stickers are made with vinyl material, and can be pasted on mugs, wine bottles, lockers, laptops, the fridge, envelopes for invitations, etc. Additionally, they stick strong but remove clean, hence, can be one of the points to attract your customers.

Photo Stickers

(Image Source)

Bumper Stickers:

These are used to convey a message to a large number of people. Made of waterproof vinyl, every bumper sticker can be printed in full.

Holographic stickers:

Holographic stickers are designed on iridescent vinyl that gives a rainbow effect to the stickers. The effect makes them more visually appealing.

To make them, ink is printed on holographic vinyl and it is then layered with a laminate. This layer makes them water and sun-resistant.

Holographic stickers

Security and QR code Hologram stickers

QR Codes use digital barcodes. Mostly, brands stick them on their packaging. So, when users scan them through their mobile phones, they are directed to their websites, social media, or anywhere the brand wants them to.

Hologram stickers

Develop an E-commerce Storefront

Once you decide on your target customers, you need a place where you can sell your stickers to them. And the best way to get maximum customer reach is by having an e-commerce website of your own.

The Web-to-Print Storefront Solution by Brush Your Ideas can help you in developing your e-commerce website. You are free from the hassle of hiring a developer and designing your website. You can have a ready-to-sell website with an industry-specific template. The SEO-friendly feature also ranks your website higher and better.

So, by developing an e-commerce storefront with an integrated Product Design Tool, you can successfully set up and position your business in a matter of days.

Buy Equipment or Outsource Printing

Well, it is always possible to buy some papers and print die cut labels using a basic printer. However, if you want better quality stickers, it is advisable to create a sticker design studio that sells durable and superior quality stickers. To make your online studio unique and stand out from competitors, you must consider integrating a sticker making software to your website. Make sure that it is compatible with your website building platform.

Thereafter, aside from a dependable photo editor, you would need to invest into a digital print and cut printer which might cost you a certain thousand dollars. You would also need to invest into special stationery, protective sprays and colors. If you find it difficult to cope with large scale production, you can choose to outsource printing to another company. But before doing so, it is advisable to check out some of their prototypes and digitally printed samples. The quality and style of the production will give you more idea as to whether or not you want to outsource.

Our Web to print Solution can help you know more about how you can set up your sticker store in your budget, and without traditional development. Get the entire eCommerce flow and features as well as a product customization tool to start selling custom stickers online.


Reaching the Target Audience

There are several ways in which you can let the customers know about an upcoming market place for stickers. Apart from the search engine optimization activities to boost your website rankings, you can organize trade shows or create small retail outlets. You can also take advantage of professional internet marketing services to prompt your business and drive sales. As there are several businesses that are into selling customized stickers online, you can conduct some research and find out how you can stand out and be different in order to connect with your target audience.

During the initial days of your business, you can also consider creating a cost-effective sticker product and give it away for free. If people like the kind of message your stickers give or the graphics of the sticker, they are sure to approach you. Thereafter, you can know about their requirements and provide them with some samples. It is sure to get you more and better business.

Check out these tips that will help you market your sticker-making business.

Tips to Promote Your Sticker Business

To add more, with 4.50 billion active users, social media can be the best marketing platform in your initial days. You can collaborate with social media influencers to spread positive words about your business. As 61% of consumers trust the recommendations of social media influencers.

To build a strong follower base you can use the 80/20 rule. Sticker Giant developed a community of more than 34k followers by sticking to this method. As per the rule, you have to post 20% promotional and 80% informational content. To add more authenticity to your products, post positive customer reviews.

Marketing & Selling

Now is the time to pack your orders and send them off to your customers. Packaging plays a vital role in branding. You can also create custom packages of different sizes and shapes with a package design tool. Packaging shows the essence of your business. Boxes, tapes, shipping labels, stickers, and everything that you would use to pack your order should vibe with your brand theme.

As a sticker business owner, it is important to make sure your brand stickers used for packaging are right on point. Once the package is ready, ship it to your customers.

The other important part is marketing your products. The easiest and cost effective way of marketing your product is via social media. Social media marketing opens options for different type of marketing material like images, short videos, long videos, testimonials, influencer posts, etc. You can also opt for paid advertising if your budget permits. Also, keep an eye on the analytics and keep monitoring your growth.

You can aslo sell your stickers to stationeries or shops selling DIY products. You can either approach them by email or do door to door sales.

How do I Ensure the Success of My Sticker Business?

It’s a tricky question. Majorly, because it is hard to define success in a sticker making business. Some customers might order 500 stickers for a small event and others might order thousands of them on a regular basis. In the year 2007, someone named Elliott Nachwalter designed a sticker that displayed ‘1.20.09’. – Last day of president’s Bush’s reign in the White House. It started selling like hot cakes and he made $1 million out of these stickers.

Fischer’s strategy for snagging new customers is based on word of mouth and collecting customer feedback. “If we can keep our (net promoter) scores really high and acquire customers at a fast pace, it leads to growth,” he says. “It all feeds itself—if you produce a good product and you take care of people, then they recommend you to their friends.”

So, you never know what might click. Sometimes, you might have to work on instincts. Be as creative as you can and keep enhancing your business and products as and when you grow. Research online, seek advice from experts and friends, learn more about the sticker making business, find out how designers make them. You are sure to get better results.

Stickers are a lot of fun when it comes to making money. But, you must know the right way to go about it. We hope this article will help you fulfill your dreams well!

Do you want to learn how to start sticker business with a designer tool? Our industry experts can help you throughout with everything you will need. Check out our sticker design software to know more.

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