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3 Things You Didn't Know About Investing into a Shoe Designer Software

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March 21 2018

A shout out to all the online shoe vendors out there! It is lovely that you sell footwear that helps your customers walk with style. However, the customers who buy from you might be rarely communicating with you about what has pleased them and what has not. Well, just so that you know, there are times when they badly wish to have shoes in certain color, style, size, and design. And sometimes, they really want to receive real admiration and "WOW" from the onlookers who see them walking. And if you do not understand this passion for shoes, you are doing it just for the sake of business.

Well, in today's times, if you really want to enchant your customer base and retain it, you must make them fall in love with your brand for the first time. Yes, love at first-sight types. You must offer them with sneakers, boots, shoes, sandals, and heels that they like. In fact, you should enable them to design their footwear from the scratch. "But is that possible?" you may ask. Yes of course, it is. And we are not just talking about choosing from the shoe style, sizes, and accessories here. We are talking about designing the anatomy of the shoe. The way Jimmy Choo would. From the scratch.

You can offer your customers with a self-created, made-to-order shoe by letting them design it with the help of a shoe making software. Search on the internet and you will find several software options available for ecommerce vendors. However, not all of them are worth investing into. Some of them have limitations pertaining to functionalities, platforms, and type of files. So, here are

3 things you might not know about investing into a shoe designer software

1. You Can Provide Your Customers with the Shoe of Their Dreams

Square shaped boots with a silver accessory and green logo. Black, brown, and grey shoes with a chisel toe. Or round shaped shoes dazzling with glitter. You name it and your customers can design it! All, with the help of shoe designing tool. Whether you have a Magento based store or a WooCommerce one, your customers can make use of its user-friendly design interface and design their shoe from the scratch.

All you need to do is provide them with the types of colors, materials, and styles for shoes available on your store. Once they place an order with you, your shoe designer can craft the shoe exactly according the way they want. And thereafter, they can walk with a smile and style.

2. You Can Modify the Frontend of Your Tool from the Backend

There are times when you are not able to provide certain design facilities to your customers. This might be due to budget or printing constraints. To help you get over this, the web-to-print tools enable you to make changes from the backend that reflect in the frontend. By using these features, you can keep in complete control of your printing software.

Moreover, your customers will not make unnecessary demands. Whenever you invest in one of these tools, make sure that you communicate your requirements with the developers so that they can design the tool accordingly. A platform independent tool that is compatible with different print files is what you should go for.

3. You Can Give Your Customers with a 360° Preview of the Shoes

Just displaying the frontal of the shoe is not enough. After your customers design the shoe, they might want to have a preview of it from left, down, up, and underneath. And for them to be able to do that, your shoe making software must provide with a 360° preview of the shoe. Giving them a final preview before they order the product will increase their confidence in your brand. There are very few product designer tools that avail this kind of facility to their customers.

But if you can get this feature, there is nothing like that. If you want a specific company to design your software, you can also ask them to custom build it and add the 360° preview feature. Be ready to spend some extra bucks if the need be as it will work wonders for your shoe business in a long run.

Above given are the 3 features that the ecommerce shoe vendors often tend to overlook. There are several other features that come with the software. Why sell regular and mundane shoes when you can help your customers make a statement with one-of-a-kind pair? Think about it and share your thoughts.


Maulik Shah

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