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How to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors During Christmas Sales?

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors During Christmas Sales
December 18 2018

"What do I buy for uncle George this Christmas?" asked Patricia to her mom.

"Give him one of those Santa mugs in which he can sip his favorite beverage," said her mom.

"Naah! Those Santa mugs are just two clichéd! I would want to give him something more personalized." replied Patricia.

This kind of conversation is likely to go on in every house before Christmas. For the past few holidays, online purchases tend to start sooner than later. If you are an ecommerce store owner, we are sure that you expect jingle all the way. But let me tell you this. If you do not provide your customers with personalized Christmas gifts online, you are sure to disappoint them.

Last year, Adobe Digital Insights had reported that Black Friday sales for this year represented 4.6 % of total U.S. retail revenue. On the other hand, Cyber Monday represented 6.1% of holiday retail sales. In the year 2018 (Nov 22 to Dec 1) there were predictions that by the end of Cyber Monday week, there will be 37% of total US holiday sales. The question is, how much do you wish to contribute to these numbers?

The ecommerce store owners all over the world are into selling cards, mugs, stationaries, and other Christmas goodies. They often integrate product customization tool with their website using which the customers can create their own prototype of the product. Selling gifts having a personal touch makes the giver and receiver feel like they have put a thought behind the gift. So, how would you stay ahead of your competitors during Christmas sales? Let's find out:

Social Media Christmas Party

Well, just when you thought that Christmas parties happen in homes and family members, there's a twist! Social Media platforms are the best place when you want to connect with your current and potential customers. You can have fun with them while you sell the products they like. This way, you can display the importance of Christmas and how much it means to your brand.

Invite your customers to create unique products on your store and display them on their social media accounts. Give away prizes and free goodies for the products that are most creative. It will not only bring a smile on the face of your customers but will make your customers feel that you are not just interested in making sales but also believe in the spirit of giving.

Go Mobile Friendly

If you have attracted your customers on your social media platforms, you must also be aware that most of the social media surfing happens on mobile. People are quite keen on knowing what their friends and relatives are buying for Christmas. And there are high chances that your customers might buy a thing or two from their mobile.

In the era wherein 49% of online shopping happens on mobile, it is important to customize your website for mobile. Not just that, in case you are planning to integrate a product customization tool with your website, you should ensure that it is mobile responsive and works flawlessly while your customers design the products of their choice on mobile. Also, create a glitch-free navigation facility for them so that they can make their purchase with ease.

Sell Gifts That Speak Volumes

Christmas is all about gifts. And people are sure to buy gifts for their loved ones, colleagues, business associates, as well as family members. Now, as an ecommerce store owner, you should know that the scope of selling personalized gifts is ceaseless! Using a product designer tool, you can enable your customers to make candies with names engraved on it, cards with pictures on them, or probably, create an entire gift hamper from the scratch.

However, a tool for unique gift giving needs to be flexible enough and versatile. It should come with different font options, clipart library as well as saving for later option. If you own a Magento store, you need to buy a tool that is compatible with your platform and works seamlessly. Brush Your Ideas is one such platform independent tool.

Run an Excellent SEM Campaign

Come December and people start searching for different phrases like "Where is my Santa?" "What gifts do women like for Christmas?" Etc. By running a powerful Search Engine Marketing Campaign, you can keep on the top of search results. Create an AdWords Shopping Campaign and add keywords like unique gifts, festive spirit, Christmas etc. This will keep your ecommerce store on the first page of Google.

If the need is, seek help from a company that provides Digital Marketing Services and creates content for your company. It is sure to make a lot of difference!

Make a Difference with Brush Your Ideas

Last but not least, you can take personalization to the next level by including Brush Your Ideas to your ecommerce store. Our tool is the best gift you can give your customers this Christmas. To find out what features it entails, you can get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to share a demo with you. So, what are you waiting for, get ahead of the ecommerce game now!

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