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A Sneak Peek into General Data Protection Regulation

April 24 2018

If you are an e-business owner and often deal with European market, you must be aware about the term- General Data Protection Regulation. Abbreviated as GDPR, it will be implemented throughout Europe from 25th May 2018. If this terminology seems to be head scratchy, here is an insight into it.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new law that replaces the old Data Protection and provides for the protection and safeguarding the data related to European citizens. Through GDPR, the EU citizens will be able to know how every bit of their data is utilized. You might have a question as to, "How will the data be protected?"

How Does Data Protection Law Work?

Every bit of data related to EU citizens is safeguarded from any kind of breach via 4 main rules:

  • Forgetting Data– This rule commands the e-marketers to rub off all the data related to EU citizens that is held by them till date.
  • Monitor data safety– The e-marketers have to check all the reports and documents and see if there is still any data left to be deleted. And keep monitoring all the old and new data. They need to ensure that the new data does not contain any EU citizen information.
  • Opt-In Approach– The rule requires the e-marketers to check whether the EU citizen has agreed to getting Emails and cold calls by opting -in. If they have subscribed to the service, they must specify them about what information is needed from the customers, why and for what purpose, how is it useful, etc. A detailed report has to be provided to the citizen on how the information was utilized and ensure the deletion of the same after its usage.
  • Opt-Out Approach– This rule clearly indicates a denial on part of EU citizens that they are not interested in your services by Opting Out. Then on, by whatever means if you try to deal with them, it can invite penalty up to 4% of the global annual turnover.

To Whom Does It Apply?

It is applicable for all those e-marketers who deal with EU citizens in any manner like- Selling their products or services in Europe or having Eu employee working in their company or having EU business clients, etc.

We hope, your concepts about GDPR must have gained a little clarity through this brief insight.

Maulik Shah

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