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September 11 2018

Who doesn't want to scare their nanny? Or, school teacher? Or, the neighbor? Those times are back. Why just the kids though? Don't you want to scare your Boss (for a change)?

If these are your customers, we have news for you. Halloween is back. Oh yes, you know that already. Last year you made almost 150% of regular revenue just during this season. Oh yes, you know that, too. Buyers are relying more on online shopping than they ever have. Oh yes, you know that, too. Buying from the regular suppliers and finding more innovative inventory will just get you the numbers. That ain't so.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
Mark Twain.

Search for Infinity

Honestly, the buyer mostly does not have a clue what they want. Last time, I took my kid shopping for his 4th birthday. He wanted the Spiderman Theme. I started my search for the Party-gear from there. Did I know the theme design? Or, the costume variations? Or, the face masks? We sure have the idea on the type, but not what we want until we see it. That is mostly the case for the merchandise type – such as Halloween Products.

So, we keep looking until we find something that snatches our eyeballs. Every year, you have a list of suppliers from where you get your Halloween goodies. You might have even sourced new ones to provide the idea of "fresh." But that same vendor could be sourcing many other online portals just like yours. What is it that you are really doing ahead of your time?

T-shirts with "The Nun"

I love t-shirts. Especially the ones with wicked and tacky taglines. At times, I just go online, put in my (latest) favorite tagline in the search and a word T-shirt next to it. I am mostly disappointed. "The Nun" is one of the more popular movies that just released. There are memes, tweets, WhatsApp jokes, and what not running around it. Your limitation right now that you are dependent on what your supplier or your own catalog offers.

Let your buyer add some of his own ideas using a t-shirt design software. And, why just "The Nun"? You have the Conjuring, The Black Widow, and every other Van Helsing available to you.

Monster Monster Posters

We are talking about the large posters with monsters in them. Every Halloween Party needs it. And, it is mostly the business for most local print service providers. They normally charge for the designing, and of course, they charge for Printing it. Can't someone design these Posters online? Can't you enhance the scope of your business to engage in providing custom Monster Posters? All you need is a Poster design software.

Just like the t-shirt, one designs the poster. Yes, you get to choose the areas of customizations, and all. So, if there's a frat party on Halloween and they wish to have the t-shirts, mugs, posters, and the rest of the theme items themed, you can serve that entire party with our product design software.

As We are on the Subject of Mugs

Mugs don't really seem a Halloween goodie. But it's all about how you package the goodie. I would love the product that serves the Halloween monster cookies in a designer mug with a theme of my choosing, and a wrap (again, of my choosing), with the cookies in them. Pouring red wine in a mug with grotesque structure that has vampire teeth imprinted is just so scary good.

Using a mug design software all of the above and more is possible. These are just my imaginations of what I might do given the choice. I'm sure your buyers can do better if you choose to integrate a product design software.

Nails – Check, Costume – Check, Mobile?

The smartphones these days are quite bulky, and long. Though the title is very feminine, this applies to almost every man and woman entering the Halloween Party. Stinky perfumes, bizarre outfits, witch-looking makeover, frowning eyes, and all such things. We mostly hide it in our clutch. Or, just let it stay shy in our pocket. But, then comes that selfie moment. And our beloved smartphones flash out.

Get your buyers to dress their phones with the theme of Halloween. Offer a custom themed mobile cover as a gift for their purchase. Let your buyers customize the mobile cover using the cover design software. Going a step ahead, would it not be fun to go to work having a scary laptop skin for the whole month? Find out more about our cover & skin design software now.

Brush Your Ideas – Product Design Tool

In general, any design tool is only as good as you utilize it in your marketing strategy. Just the tool isn't going to get your orders. You would need to find a way your customers can interact with that tool. Be innovative and let your buyer experience they never have.

Given all those points are in check, we have taken care of the most part where the technology is in concern. It is responsive, it does not affect your page loading speed, and users can apply templates for multiple products for a theme they made.

Seems doable? An important part is the timing. Halloween is on the 31st October, you would want to go live with the changes at least a month prior to that. Brush Your Ideas is giving 10% additional discount for our Magento Product Design tool until 25th October. Use the coupon code "HALLOWEEN" and make your store scary good.


Parth Pandya

Having served in various capacities of the marketing profile in diverse industries throughout his career, Parth has an eye for result-oriented marketing strategies. His formidable communication skills, immense interest in the printing industry and its facts, and customer engagement techniques never fail to yield outstanding results.