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4 Reasons why T-shirt printing is the “To Go” Business in today’s times

T-shirt printing
August 8 2018

Did you know that T-shirt business is a 20$ billion-dollar industry? No wonder how several start-ups and aspiring ecommerce store owners are diving into this market. If you are passionate towards the staple and the most favorite attire of people named – T-shirts and want to carve your niche in the world of fashion; now is the good time! This is majorly because setting up a t-shirt store online does not ask for a lot of investment and you can start on small scale.

Now, let us say you have a Magento based ecommerce store. All you would need would be some reliable suppliers, a marketing strategy in place and a Magento t-shirt design software. Through designing software, you can enable your customers to create custom t-shirts bearing the design, logo, quotes, and colors of their choice. If you are an existing brick and mortar store owner contemplating to move online or want to start afresh, we have come up with:

Reasons why T-shirt printing is the "To Go" Business in today's times

Because T-shirts Matter

Whether one is a nerd, a vegan, a caffeine lover, a game addict, or a foodie; t-shirts become the best medium of expression. It enables people to reveal things about themselves that they would otherwise refrain from expressing. For a long time now, they have become a part of routine and culture of several people.

You must have come across several movements online and otherwise wherein people wear t-shirts with certain slogan or quote to get their point across effectively. Tií«sto – the popular Dutch DJ and record producer says "I love suits, but onstage it's too hot. So, I like a nice T-shirt!" T-shirts are an epitome of comfort and fashion. And that is the mere reason you can/should consider selling them.

A Walking Mode of Advertisement

Corporate functions, funding events or parties held to support a cause. All these gatherings have one thing in common. The t shirts that the people wear. You also must have observed that if a certain get together has more than one person adding t-shirts to support a cause, they are sure to stand out.

Customized t-shirts with a message are strong enough to advertise on behalf of a company or a cause easily. Once you have a t-shirt e-store in place, you can provide corporates, NGOs, and other bodies with ample amount of customization. And the more the number of customization options you provide, the better are the chances of people visiting your website.

Sell at Lower Prices, Earn Better

In the past, we have provided the aspiring e-store owners with a step-by-step guide to starting an online t-shirt printing business. In case you do not know how to start with setting up your e-store, it would serve as a great help. Also, if you have just started your business, you can sell t-shirts at competitive rates.

If people find the prices of your t-shirts better as compared to others, they are sure to place bulk orders from your e-store. However, selling at lower prices doesn't mean you should sell them at cheap rates. It might create a wrong impression of your e-store. Also, you would have to maintain the working of your Magento t-shirt design software on regular basis which will ask for a certain amount of investment.

Provide Personalized T-shirts

Gone are the days of selling generic t-shirts. It is time to provide ‘new' to your customers with every purchase they indulge into. Thanks to the product designing tools available today, you can offer your customers with an array of features for designing their t-shirts.

You just need to find the software compatible with your ecommerce platform and know about your customer requirements. Search for a product designer tool online and you will come across tools that work with platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and OpenCart. Once you find the right tool, you can have a demo of it and find out if it entails all the features you are looking for. Thereafter, you can go for integrating it with your ecommerce platform.

So, Which Software Do You Recommend?

When it comes to finding a Magento t-shirt design software that suffices the need of modern day customers including millennials, Brush Your Ideas is the most commonly heard name. It is an all-inclusive web-to-print software that entails an array of custom solutions that you would require for your t-shirt e store.

Using Brush Your Ideas custom t-shirt design software, you can go beyond selling plain and conventional t-shirts. It is also possible to print other attires including hoodies, caps, jackets and more. Why not have a demo of our t-shirt design software for Magento and share your thoughts with us!


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