5 Reasons Personalized Products Can Double Your Sales This Christmas

5 Reasons Personalized Products Can Double Your Sales This Christmas


The snow is in the air, beautiful lights are sparkling, and bells are jingling everywhere. Do you know what it’s beginning to look like?

Yes, you guessed it right! Christmas is just around the corner!🥳

And along with all the happiness and joy, this holiday season also seems like a great dividend fortune for businesses, as holiday sales online are expected to hit an unbelievable figure of $221.8 billion globally.

This is because almost everyone around the world is in search of a special gift for their loved ones.

Imagine the amount of profit your business can generate if it is successfully able to help them find one. Huge, right?

You can transform this dream into a reality, by adding more personalized and custom products to your shelf. Because 85% of gift buyers say that personalization is one of the biggest factors that determine the perfect gift.

Why Personalized Gifts Are Popular On Christmas?

Customized gifts have become a hot favorite gifting product today. Etsy, an eCommerce site that features handmade goods, crafts, and other unique items, has witnessed a 156% increase in searches for custom or personalized gifts.

Some reasons for the increased popularity of custom-made presents include:

1. Personalization Offers A Unique Experience To The Buyer

A heartfelt gift specially designed for loved ones can nurture lasting relationships because people are more likely to remember a heartfelt and personalized gift over something generic and store-bought. Thus gifting such presents provides more satisfaction to the buyers.

And with 65% of people getting more satisfaction from giving someone a personalized gift than something generic, you must prepare your store to deliver such an experience.

And the best way you can do so is by integrating a product designer tool.

Through this tool, you can provide your customers the freedom to design the products on their own. From a simple pen to trending apparel, they can customize anything and everything easily using the simple interface and never-ending features of this tool.

They can design their gifts with Christmas-specialized themes by browsing from the huge library of clipart, and ready templates. They can even add special messages and upload their favorite images.

You can deliver a wide range of customizable products easily with the following features of the tool:

  • Pre-loaded library of 2000+ Cliparts and fonts for creating unique designs
  • Editable artwork for quick customization
  • Upload and edit images for more visually-appealing products
  • Dynamic live pricing for real-time price display as per alterations
  • Image resolution warnings for better print quality
  • Canvas resizing for setting product size
  • Watermark for protecting your designs
  • Lock elements to restrict editing on certain areas of product
  • Editable PDF even after generation of final order PDF

Deliver a Comprehensive Range of Personalized Products This Christmas, Without Adding Any Extra Resources with the Product Designer Tool. Explore the most frequently asked questions to burst myths.


2. Matches the holiday vibes perfectly

Christmas holidays are more about expressing emotions such as love and care than gifting lavish and expensive presents. This is why, 4 out of 5 Americans would give a personalized gift to a family member for the holidays.

As Christmas brings the family together, presenting them with something personal rather than some store presents can make the festival even more memorable.


(Image Source)

For example, gifting a personalized sweater with a heartfelt message on it can make the receiver feel more special than a simple Christmas-themed winter pullover.

3. Perfect present for all age groups

From their 2-year-old son waiting for a gift from Santa to their 95-year-old granny, finding a special gift for everyone is surely a challenge for your customers. But not if they get the presents personalized.

Personalized presents are a perfect fit for every age group. With the help of customization, your customers can gift a similar type of product with different messages and themes to their friends and family members of various age groups.

For example, if someone is looking for a cute present for their little one, they can select a mug from your product catalog and add their child’s favorite Christmas character to the same. They can also insert a heartfelt message to make it more special.


(Image Source)

Similarly, if they are looking for something to make their parents feel more special, they can customize the mug with their photo and a personalized message for them.


(Image Source)

Thus, just one product can become a perfect gifting alternative for all age groups. These reasons clearly indicate; you must have an intuitive designer tool that allows your customers to design the personalized products they desire.

With our gift designer tool, you can allow your customers to create heartfelt and unique presents easily from any device. Using this tool they can add their personal touch to any product present in your product catalog.

Even if you already have an up-and-running store, you can integrate this tool easily into it. Thus this tool will help you deliver a variety of personalized products this holiday season without even making any significant changes to your existing e-commerce store.

Let your customers add their personal touch to their gifts and deliver a satisfactory customer experience this Christmas with our Gift Designer Tool. Want to know more?


4. Trending Among GenZ Shoppers

Every now and then there is something new trending among Gen Z. But one trend that has remained constant is the culture of gifting personalized products on special occasions.

As, 88% of young people believe that the holiday gifts they give to loved ones are a token of their appreciation towards them—so sentimentality and specialization are popular themes for the gifts they want to give.

Also, a study conducted by CPC Strategy calls out Gen Z as a group that’s actually planning to spend more this holiday season, but the same study notes that 66% of Gen Z is limited to a budget of less than $250.

All the above stats indicate their interest in affordable personalized products. And with such higher intent to spend, it’s important to deliver, for any retail business, what this generation group is looking for.

Here is a list of gift ideas that Genz won’t hate to give or receive😜

Matching Ugly Sweaters Designed with a Trending Meme


(Image Source)

Christmas-themed stockings stuffed with heartfelt notes and chocolates


(Image Source)

Personalized Christmas mugs for family and friends


(Image Source)

Customized Christmas ornaments


(Image Source)

Christmas Greeting Cards Designed with Special Memories


(Image Source)

5. Perfect Alternative For Corporates to Gift Their Employees

Along with a much-needed break, employees also expect some appreciation gestures from their employers during the holiday season. In fact, in a workplace where recognition is highly valued, OC Tanner discovered that employees are 71% more likely to deliver exceptional work. This highlights the importance of personalized appreciation from employers instead of generic presents, as it can significantly boost employee motivation and performance. And they feel encouraged when they receive something more personalized from their employer instead of some generic present, such as Awards’ tailor-made plaques, which can make the recognition even more special and meaningful.

So, corporates are also in search of a gift that is more specific and personalized, for their employees. Moreover, giving unique gifts with the company logo printed on them is also an effective promotional strategy for corporates. This is one of the reasons why 73% of company holiday gifts are imprinted with the company’s logo.

However, gifting something personalized to every staff member can be a little challenging. And you can easily help them overcome this challenge with our promotion product tool.

They can easily add logos and personalized texts to any stationery product using this tool. Along with this, they can add the names of each employee on the presents using the variable data printing feature. Also, they can use a single design on multiple products and order all of them in one go with the add-to-cart functionality present in this tool.

Thus, you can help corporates take their gift-giving to the next level with our Promotion Product Tool – A one-stop solution for all custom corporate gifts.


Thus, selling personalized products this holiday season can be a good revenue booster for your existing business venture. However, if you are yet to start your gifting business and are thinking to start one, there is no better time than this holiday.

How to Start your eCommerce Store For Personalized Products in No Time

With 85% of consumers planning to include online shopping in their holiday plans, there is no better platform than an E-commerce store to begin your own business of personalized products.

Now, you must be thinking about all the challenges that you’ll face while starting an online business in such a short period of time. But you can easily overcome such challenges with our comprehensive web to print solutions.

All you need is to explain to us your requirements and our team of experts will build a web-to-print storefront with an inbuilt product design tool as per your specific requirements. You’ll also get access to our print ERP Software to manage every aspect of your business effectively.

To make the process even more easier you’ll also be able to effortlessly manage your entire printing process with our print ERP solution.

Thus, with a single web-to-print solution, you can start an effortless and smooth-running customizable products business immediately.

With this all-in-one solution, you can:

This is only just an introduction to this feature-rich and dynamic solution. There are a whole bunch of features awaiting that can help you start and run your business more efficiently.

Grab this opportunity and start your own successful customized product venture this holiday season, with the help of our comprehensive. guide.


Put an End to People's Perfect Christmas Gift Quest

As people don’t look for products but for a way to solve their problems, one of the best ways your business can become a favorite among people is by helping them overcome the challenges they are facing.

And the biggest challenge they face during Christmas is finding sentimental and emotional gifts for people close to them.

Thus, delivering customizable products can be the best alternative for delivering such gifts. That can eventually boost your business sales and help you generate more revenue this holiday season.

So, make use of this revenue-generation opportunity and allow your customers to customize the perfect presents by integrating a Product design tool in your existing web store. You can even start your own venture immediately to be a part of this huge holiday sales opportunity.

Learn more about our Gift Design Tool to understand its use case and the benefits you get with its rich features.

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