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7 Reasons Why Ecommerce Store Owners Should Embrace Product Customizations

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September 13 2017

Contrary to popular beliefs regarding product customization being a recently introduced trend, there is another theory claiming it to be greatly ancient. And that's quite perfect! The fashion of customized products is actually rooted from earlier times when people personally designed their products and got it crafted from local artisans. The difference lies in the time period and the market.

Now it's 21st century and the market is expanding online. And instead of mass produced goods, which was an ongoing trend for a considerable period, people now prefer a touch of personal designs into products they buy. If you are an online store owner, chances are that you already are aware of the market trends but still two minds about deciding on product customization. In that case, you need to have a look at these 7 reasons why you should embrace ecommerce product customization:

1. Higher prices for same goods

By letting your customers design their own products using custom product designer, you can charge as much as 25% more than the actual price of the product without customization. It's not unethical but completely within the knowledge of the customer and they willingly pay if the products are up to their expectations. As compared to the expenses involved in producing a customized product, the returns are manifold.

2. Market Research availability

All you need for a free and constant market research is to install a product personalization extension. When your customers design their own products, you can study the trends, their likings, and behavior while designing products. This in turn can be used as a useful analytical data to update your store's inventory/product list based on what your customers really like and buy. You can conduct a research on custom product designer in Magento available in the market and zero on the one that fulfills your needs.

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3. Increased gifting value

Personalization increases the gifting value of products. Almost every item, once customized, is fit to get into the gifting category. Personalized gifting is on the rise and offering such products on your Magento store will further increase your sales. Moreover, there isn't a rocket science behind offering this as an extra segment. Just opt for an efficient Magento product customization extension and you are good to go!

4. Less competition with retailers

The customized product market is more popular online than it is offline as compared to other businesses. Due to the ease of designing a product and placing an order online, majority of customers prefer buying custom made products. Therefore, your competition with the retailers selling the same product as you is quite rare making it profitable for your business. Moreover, once you establish a reputation amongst your customers by selling quality personalized products, the customer in all probability will prefer to buy online from you, instead of going to a brick and mortar retail store.

5. Social Media Promotion

Customers these days are addicted to social media and like to share every aspect of their lives online. Designing their own products gives them a sense of pride and as a result, they share their creation with their social media friends. This isn't only a free promotion for the business, but works both sides equally. Customer engagement and loyalty also amplifies when the customer spends more time exploring the website, designing products. Overall, more power is vested to customers gaining profits for the business in return.

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6. Direct transactions for brands

Custom products are no longer associated with just local businesses, even known businesses and big brands are now offering product customizations to their customers. If your business is an established brand already, online sales of such products can help your retailers avoid the confusion. By offering a custom product designer in your ecommerce store, you can directly sell custom-made products to your customers without going through channels and making the order process frenzied.

7. More Conversions

Ecommerce stores are unlike other websites as just gaining visitors to the site doesn't achieve much on the part of online stores. The success of online businesses lies in converting visitors to customers. Offering personalized products significantly helps in increasing the conversion rates of an ecommerce business.

How? Well, firstly a store that is keeping up with the trends is more visible and attractive to the customers. Secondly, and more importantly, when customers spend much time hovering around the website and design their own products, they are more likely to buy the product they created as compared to when they just scroll through normal products.

Are you still reading? Then you need to immediately rush off and plan a strategy on how you plan to introduce product designer in Magento for your store customers. The online customized goods business is growing rapidly and before it's too crowded to clash with competitors for visibility; it's time to make a brand out of your business already!

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