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4 Purposes That a Mug Designing Software Must Solve

Mug Designing Software
March 20 2017

For coffee lovers, each day begins with a hot and freshly brewed cup of coffee. They love their coffee mugs as much as the dark beverage within. And it is quite obvious that they would want to have a personalized coffee mug as they are quite passionate about drinking from it.

Quite often, such people complain about the lack of right software for designing a mug. This is because each tool has some or the other drawback making it difficult for the customers to design a perfect mug. If you own a an estore of personalized products and you provide a mug design software, it must solve certain purposes or demands that clients have. What could those be? Read on to know.

Fit for every purpose

It would be wrong to assume that "The first purpose, of course, is to have coffee." It's not as easy as it sounds. For mug collectors, the purpose of owning a mug is not confined to drinking coffee. One also might be designing it for gifting purposes, for collection and display, for carrying it along, to make a pen stand out of it or just to make the most out of the coffee moments. Hence you must make sure that you offer a tool that can help them to design a mug fit for every purpose and occasion.

Fit for every functionality

What comes next is the functionality of the mug. Is it going to be put underneath the espresso maker for the coffee to be poured? Or is it going to be used to stir the mixture of coffee, sugar and milk in it? As a store owner, you can mull over these questions so that you can provide a wide range of materials to choose from. Customers also consider the type of washing (hand wash or dishwashing) they will put the mug through. And of course, the warmth around the hot steaming cuppa that they like to feel during winters.

The anatomy of the mug

Shape, size and material are the most important aspects that a mug design software should take care of. You can offer a lot of options when it comes to materials including metal, ceramic, glass, graphene etc. Also, the tool should be flexible enough to provide the size and shape that the customer wants. This is because the customers decide the shape and size of the mug based on the quantity of coffee they want the mug to hold. So make sure that the tool provides widening and narrowing options for the bottom and top of the mug. If possible, include a 3D rotator so that your customers can get an idea as to how the mug looks from every angle.

Let them be creative

Do not limit your customers while they're creating their favourite mug. Mugs that change colour according to the liquid poured, mugs with lids, artistic themed ready to provide them all. Some customers like to design different prototypes and visualize them. Provide the option of saving multiple images and files to your customers as and when they're designing the mug. There is a possibility that they will craft multiple designs before zeroing on the one they like the most.

Reading this must have given you an idea as to what functionalities your mug design tool must serve. It's time to change the way you make sales of personalized products. Let your customers be artisans. Invest into one of these tools now!

Maulik Shah

After the huge success of Biztech’s other products, founder Maulik Shah ventured out to make a web-to-print software solution, and thus, Brush Your Ideas was born. His visionary ideas and innovative power have always been the cornerstone of the success of the company at every step. Maulik enjoys bird watching, playing cricket and is an avid reader.