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Product Design Tool Can Solve Site Conversion Issues

product design tool
July 10 2018

In my tenure of over a decade in marketing, almost every interaction with ecommerce store owners leads to two common issues: 1) Anonymous Site Traffic, and 2) Low Conversion Rates. The first requires marketing automation; this article won't share many details about that. We are going to talk about Conversion Rate issues.

In terms of the SWOT matrix, your situation is at the "Question Mark" for the BCG Analysis. There is market demand and the market is growing rapidly, too. However, your market share is at the decline. To point at one particular reason why you are not able to convert the incoming customers is superficial.

There are some basic checks you can perform using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Using the GTM, you can figure out the clicks on the page, the page depth, and whether your site's design is able to get the customer to perform certain action on the product pages. Additionally, you can use some of the paid tools such as Hotjar or Clicky to find out more about these details.

Though aesthetics play a pivotal role in conversion, it is not always the factor. There are websites with terrible design but still, perform as well as another with excellent UI & UX. Here is the million dollar question! Without question, you should have the perfect UI & UX for the customer, but assuming that it will do the job, you are not even halfway fixing your conversion woes.

Product Catalog & Page Content

Best of the theories for Product page conversions do lead to the importance of the actual page content, pricing and the competence of the product itself. There are inbound marketing funnels that point to learning how to prep the customer before landing them on the product pages. You can ensure all of that by detailed analysis based on the customer funnel from the Google Analytics.

Introducing Product Personalization

The primary focus of this article is going to be on this dimension of conversion improvement. Let's say you have ticked all or majority of the above boxes. That's where the puzzle gets really complex. The critical question you must find an answer to then is: "what next?"

Over the past 15 months, the customers (and hence the online websites) have a steep demand for product personalization. Something as simple as having the name imprinted on the birthday gift to customizations involving taglines are far too common nowadays. For Magento powered online stores, such customizations are a significant expense. And, that is where you must have strong analytics to support this requirement.

As an ecommerce consultancy, we receive a wide range of requirements for Magento print shop. The key aspect for this development we believe is the long-term investment. Magento is one of the most secure ecommerce platforms across all options. And, to integrate Magento Product Design Tool ensures that the architecture of the store presents all the future enhancements you may desire.

Why Magento Product Design Tool is the Key to Improved Conversion?

Magento Product Design Tool

It is your answer to something unique. Across every corner (practically the search results), there is an online store with branded and non-branded products. Eventually, these products demand a level of trust, right pricing, and of course the basic technological compliance to fetch orders. And, that takes time. You must have your site ranking in the search results or may choose to run Paid campaigns. Both come with a cost.

However, it is one of the trusted methods, hence you might wonder why experiment? Additionally, these costs do not go off as you just choose to provide product personalization. In the analysis for conversion issues, traffic is not really a question. So, as long as the traffic is not a concern, all you need to figure out is what more to offer to your incoming site visitors to turn your SWOT from "Question Mark" to "Cash Cow"?

If you have already landed on this question, you must have found all the aspects of this article above in line with what you have been trying for a few months. Focus on the buyer's behavior. Why the buyer goes from one website to the other. If they are looking for something branded, product personalization is not your option to improve sales for that catalog type. When it comes to non-branded merchandise, product personalization can provide sudden increase to your conversion rates.

The Magic Happens Here

The retails non-branded merchandises do not come at a global price. This is where you do not have the limitation of the brand controlling your price and how you package the product. A Magento Web to Print Store enables you to let your site visitors personalize these products and find the missing value other stores do not offer.

It is actually tiresome already for your potential buyers to see tees with R R Martin Quotes and Sheldon "nerdiness" quotes. They are good enough to make a fusion of ACDC and Metallica. Everybody has that tee with the colors of Brazil, Neymar Jr. and #10. Maybe a famous tweet, a photo from the memory lane, and may even be something really wicked. Keep all the stock products you wish to have. The Magento Product Design Tool empowers you to seamlessly let your site visitors create what they want. And, that could be your USP.

The above example is typically for t-shirts. It is applicable to mugs, gifts, Cards & Stationery, Laptop Skins, Mobile Covers, Photo Frames, and so on. Why don't you explore all the features and understand how effectively our Magento Product Design Tool can solve a number of challenges you face with site conversions.

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