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The Perks of Offering Product Customization through Your Shopify Store

Shopify Product Designer App
October 8 2018

Shopify e-store owners are swaggers. They are a clan of people who never had to worry about hiring developers for setting up their e-commerce store, asking them about the status of their website's progress and haggle over designs. All they had to do was to pay a certain sum to Shopify and they could build up an e-store on their own from scratch and start selling in no time!

Shopify, as we all know is one of the easiest, versatile and the most dynamic eCommerce platforms available today. However, not everyone is able to make the most out of this platform. After starting to sell for some time; which apparently is easy, they observe that their sales start plummeting. Several experts cite one of the reasons for this as a failure to offer product customization on Shopify. In a case like this, you would need a Shopify Product Designer App that can turn tables around for your business.

If you are wondering how this is going to be a good read. Take a look at the ways in which you can benefit if you offer product customization on your Shopify Store:

Personalization, Par Excellence

"Oh! I think I already offer my customers with something different as compared to the competitors." Well, the bad news is, ‘something' doesn't anymore. You need to be specific, and precisely specific. And we are not talking about customization here. Customers are more inclined toward personalization. Which means you can no longer con them by twisting certain parts and features of your already available product and deliver it. You need to give them exactly what they want and a Shopify Product Designer will help you do that.

So, let's say your customer wants to create a t-shirt for their infant that says "Daddy's little Khaleesi". They would be able to choose the color of the t-shirt, put their favorite quote, emboss the Targaryen logo, embellish it with some dragons and they're done. Now, only a product designer tool that is compatible with Shopify would be able to provide this amount of freedom to personalize. Think about it...

Designing Convenience

Personalization of products using a product designer tool is not all that your customers want. They want to be able to design their products at their convenience. Probably while chewing over daily affairs on their newspaper or while sipping a coffee on subway. Through a mobile or a device responsive software that offers personalization, you would be able to bring a lot of convenience to your customers. It will enable them to create designs on their own across different devices including laptop, tablets, and mobile.

It isn't difficult to find a Shopify Product Design Tool that is mobile responsive. All you need to do is conduct some research. Once you integrate it, your customers would be able to design any product with ease, save them on their mobiles, upload images from their device, share their creations on social media and do more. So, in case you approach a company to create your product design tool, ensure that it is mobile responsive first.

Print What They Want

Now comes the best part about integrating a tool like this one. Let's say you started off with offering stationery personalization. If your customers love and appreciate the products you provide, and you're making good sales, you can think about adding new products to your e-store. VistaPrint is a good example of this. Initially, it had just started off by providing personalized visiting cards. But now, it sells a wide range of products including attires, mugs, marketing collaterals, photo calendars, signs, posters and more. So, once your Shopify store starts garnering sales, you can add more products to it.

But before you add products, you must remember that the products you add to your e-store must have a printable surface. Also, your tool should be compatible with different types of printing styles and formats. Only then, you would be able to render your customers with what they want the way they want.

Tell Me About a Reliable Shopify Product Designer App?

If you search online, you will find many product designing apps who claim to help your customers design anything they want. But the real glitches start post-integration. Either the app is not compatible with Shopify platform or they do not accept the file/formats of the print-ready file that your customers provide. What you need is a secure and user-friendly tool.

Brush Your Ideas – A Perfect Tool for Shopify Product Customization

If you are looking for a tool that offers a solution to all the above requirements and meets your expectations of rendering uniqueness to your customers, Brush Your Ideas is the way to go. Our tool is easily integrable with your Shopify website and your customers would be able to design the products of their choice with ease and at their convenient.

Check out the features of our design tool, book a demo with us and we are sure to take your Shopify store on another level!

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